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Different Features of Wine Decanters

Wine Decanters

Wine decanters have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Used for a variety of functions, from serving to drinking, wine decanters come in all shapes and sizes and can come in many different materials too. The main purpose of a wine decanters is simply to store and served wine, they enable the wine to breath naturally.


Historically, wine decanters were typically shaped like a shallow bowl with a broad base / cup, with a narrow neck (around 30cm). Decanter stoppers used to be made of gold, silver or crystal. Many decanter designs from previous centuries had a single spout; others used a two spout design. Depending on the shape of your decanter, you may need to add water; this usually comes in a decanter sleeve, similar to a champagne corker. With the introduction of aerated wine glasses (which have no spigot), some decanters came to include air slots - this is another method to prevent loss of aromas, enabling you to enjoy purer tastes of your drink.


The types of wines that most people drink tend to be red wines and white wines. A good way to store your decanters is upside down. Most wine decanters should never come in direct contact with cold tap water; the constant exposure to cold water will reduce the sediments that the sediments could otherwise accumulate in your decanter. Cold water decants allow for better aeration and bouquet absorption by your poured drink.


One of the problems with some types of decanted wine decanters is the amount of sediment that builds up inside them. A sediment chain reaction occurs when a sediment sits atop the sediments, which then get dissolved inside the bottle. If your decanter has been open for quite some time without being cleaned, there is bound to be sediment buildup. sediment can easily reduce the bouquet or flavor of your drink. If you want to enjoy your sediments, it's best to clean your wine decanters prior to use.


You will find several materials that are commonly used in making wine decanters. Glass and crystal decanters are usually very durable and can withstand very high pressures. These, however, are also very fragile, and break easily when dropped. You will also find that these materials are break resistant, but they tend to attract fingerprints very easily. Plastic is yet another common material for wine decanters and is very easy to clean.


The problem with most plastic material for wine decanters comes from the fact that they are typically not leak proof. When pouring liquid, it's necessary for a pour spout to stay below the neck of the glass. The problem is that if the pour spout is too high, it will disturb the bouquet and sometimes drop debris into the drink. If the pour spout is too low, it will catch the sediments, which will reduce the bouquet. As you might imagine, this can significantly decrease the enjoyment of your drink.


Glass and crystal wine decanters come in many shapes and designs. You can find them rectangles, squares, cylindrical, round, and even oblong. Some come with a long stem, some have a short one, and some have no handle at all. The shape of the bottle affects how the sediments fall inside the glass. It's common for decanters to be designed so that they rest gently on the table, without exerting too much pressure on the neck of the bottle.


Another popular feature of decanting wine is what is known as a stopper, which allows you to slow the process of sedation. Stoppers are usually made out of some sort of rubberized material. When you hold a bottle of wine, the sediments can easily get pushed deeper into the bottle, reducing the amount of sediments that fall into the glass. Stopping the process of decanting wine allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the wine.