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  • ZHEN Japanese VG-10 67-Layer Damascus Steel Vegetable Usuba/Nakiri Hollow Ground Knife/Cleaver, 6.5-Inch
  • Crestware KN314 Nakiri Knife, 7", Silver
  • Seki Japan Vegetable Chef Kitchen Knife, Japanese Nakiri Knife, AUS-8 High Carbon Stainless Steal, Straight Edge Stamped Knife, 7 inch (180mm)
  • Yoshihiro Aoko Stain Resistant Steel Nakiri Japanese Vegetable Knife without Saya, 6.5 inches (165mm)
  • FUJI CUTLERY Narihira #8000 Usuba Knife [Double-edged] 16cm (FC-49)
  • Seki Japan MASAMUNE, Japanese Vegetable Kitchen Knife, Nashiji Stain Finish Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife, Shiraki Handle, 6.3 inch (160mm)
  • Kotobuki Seki 6-1/2-Inch Usuba Knife
  • FUJI CUTLERY Narihira #9000 Nakiri Knife [Double-edged] 16cm (FC-80)
  • Yoshihiro VG-10 Gold Stainless Steel Nakiri Japanese Vegetable Knife 6.5″ (165mm)
  • Seki Japan MASAMUNE, Japanese Vegetable Kitchen Knife, Stainless Steel Wa Nakiri Knife, PP Handle, 6.7 inch (170mm)
  • Miyabi Kaizen II 6.5-inch Nakiri Knife
  • 7 Inch Nakiri Knife Crimson Series by Ergo Chef
  • Chefs Knife 8 inch By Oxford Chef - Best Quality Damascus- Japanese- VG10 Super Steel 67 Layer High Carbon Stainless Steel-Razor Sharp, Stain & Corrosion Resistant, Awesome Edge Retention
  • Kyocera Advanced Ceramic LTD Series Nakiri Knife with Handcrafted Pakka Wood Handle, 6-Inch, Black Blade
  • Sunnecko Nakiri & Cleaver Knife-7" Kitchen Knife-Vegetable Cleaver-Japanese Damascus VG-10-Ergonomic Handle-All Purpose Chef Knife-Classic Series
  • KAI Wasabi Black Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife, 6.5 Inch
  • Happy Sales HSSR200, Japanese Nakiri Chef Knife
  • Shun Premier Nakiri Knife, 5.5 Inch Tsuchime Finished Blade, Wood Handle, TDM0742, Black
  • Hecef Upgraded Culinary Nakiri Knife, High Carbon Stainless Steel Hammered Finished Blade with Pakkawood Handle, Japanese Cooking Knife, 7 inch
  • Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Nakiri Knife with Hollow Edge,
  • TUO Nakiri Knife 6.5 inch - Vegetable Cleaver Knife Asian Usuba Knife Asian Chef Knife - German HC Stainless Steel - Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle - Osprey Series with Gift Box
  • KYOKU Samurai Series - Nakiri Japanese Vegetable Knife 7" - Full Tang - Japanese High Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives - Pakkawood Handle with Mosaic Pin - with Sheath & Case
  • Kotobuki Seki 8-3/8-Inch Yanagi Knife
  • Mercer Culinary MX3 Premium San Mai VG-10 Steel Core Blade Sujihiki Knife, 240mm 9.5 Inch

USuba & Nakiri Knives Review - 5 Reasons Why They're Great For Your Pocket

Usuba Nakiri Knives

Usuba & Nakiri Knives has been a household name for over 40 years for the best pocket and utility knife in the business. The quality of the brand is unmatched in the industry. The Usuba knives are easy to use and maintain, which is why they continue to be a best seller in their class.


The blade is made out of high carbon Japanese stainless steel, which makes it strong, yet lightweight. It's one of the strongest blades around. It's also perfect for every day use. They offer different blade shapes and designs for specific uses such as fishing, camping, sports and survival. Most of their folding knives are sold in fixed blade styles only, but there are some great pocket and drop-back styles as well.


One reason why the Usuba & Nakiri Knives are such a great brand is because of its excellent craftsmanship. Each individual blade is cut by a professional knife maker in the United States, making each blade unique. It takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail to make each blade unique and professional looking. The blade locks feature is another reason why consumers love the brand.


The blade style is extremely popular because of the steel tip and the layering ability. If you need a knife that is easy to use and will perform just about any task you throw at it, the blade style is exactly what you are looking for. This is also very handy if you want to carry more than one pocket knife. You can switch back and forth between various blade styles with ease.


This is a traditional Japanese pocket knife that was designed in haste. It is basically a small knife that has a traditional Japanese handle and blade. One great thing about this pocket knife is that it is a one-handed open design. This is good because it does not interfere with the balance of your hand. It can easily be opened and closed with just one hand.


If you like traditional Japanese knives, then this is the one for you. It comes with a traditional two-tone blade style and is made out of high carbon stainless steel. The blade is extremely light, meaning that it can be used in a number of different ways. Most people prefer the traditional two-tone blade style because of its elegant appearance.


The blades are very popular. They come in both traditional Western designs as well as more modern Japanese patterns. In spite of the differences in the designs, most users find the steel tips to be very reliable, which is good news for everyone.


This is another great knife that is ideal for every day use. Its traditional design and all purpose blade make it a perfect tool for opening cans, slicing through grass and other survival activities. This pocket knives also do a great job at puncturing tough clothing and skin. You definitely do not want to be caught without a knife in times of an emergency!


The USuba & Nakiri knives blades have a unique twist on the plain steel tip. Instead of being a straight edge, they have a serrated edge. This makes them very effective for opening cans and other objects. The Serrated edge also makes them great for carving as well as for slicing. This makes them a great choice for pocket knives.


Unlike the traditional Japanese knife, the USuba blades have a double edged blade. The blade is made from both sides of the knife, which creates an uneven edge. This unevenness adds a whole new dimension to the knife, giving it the ability to perform multiple tasks with ease. Plus, it adds an extra element of safety as well.


Both the USuba & Nakiri knives have solid steel tips. These steel tips to ensure that you don't cut yourself or lose your sharp edge. Also, the steel tips make an excellent choice for outdoor use. Plus, because these knives have solid steel tips, you don't have to worry about them rusting or getting dull.


USuba & Nakiri pocket knives are designed to be strong, yet have a beautiful blade. They use the finest wood for their construction. This allows the knives to have a sturdy, yet elegant look. Plus, the combination of wood and steel make for a great knife that can last for many years to come. Many quality manufacturers have put their own personal touch on each of these knives. As a result, you'll be able to find different custom designs that will go great with your wardrobe.