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  • Tiger Chef Electric Food Warmer Soup Tureen Insert Kit Includes Insert, 2 7 Quart Inset Pots and Lids with Slot for Ladles, 2 Soup Ladles
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  • Nakpunar 12 pcs 3.3 oz Glass Tureen Jars with Gold Lids -100ml
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  • The Present Tense Tureen
  • Soup Passion Tureen by Villeroy & Boch - Premium Porcelain - Made in Germany - Dishwasher and Microwave Safe -Service for 1 - 7 x 5.5 x 2.7 Inches
  • Never King Crystal Gaiwan Chinese Glass Gaiwan Traditional Tea Cup Comprised of Cup, Saucer and Lid Sancai Wan Tureen 130 ml
  • Tiger Chef 5 Qt. Half Size Round Stainless Steel Soup Tureen Chafer with Gold Accent Brass Handles Chafing Dishes Hot Food Warmer Buffet Set Food Warmers for Parties Steam Table Buffet Set
  • Revol Lion's Head Soup Tureen 14 oz
  • Vagabond House Sea Food Lobster Soup Tureen with Stoneware Tray 3 pieces Covered Tureen / Lid / Tray 11 inch Tall 96 oz 13 Inch Long
  • Ceramic Soup Tureen with Lid ABHOME Porcelain Serving Tureen Soup for Restaurant Home Kitchen Decoration Cute Ceramic Covered Tureens for Soup, White Porcelain
  • Royal Albert Old Country Roses Soup Tureen
  • Lorenzo Import La Luna Collection Bone China Souptureen with Lid, Romina Pattern by Lorren Home Trends, Red
  • Double Handle Lid Pure White Ceramic BAKOUSTAR Tureen Soup BAKOUSTAR Ceramic Round White Dish Casserole/Clay Pot/Earthen Pot/Ceramic Cookware With White Lid Heat-Resistant For Gift Box (9In) …
  • Lorenzo Import La Luna Collection Bone China Souptureen with Lid, Valentina Pattern by Lorren Home Trends, Gold
  • The Tureen
  • Present Tense Tureen
  • Tureen (Original Mix)
  • Chef: Peter Rieberer - Restaurant: Schlosshotel Obermayerhofen
  • tureen
  • Trials of 1971 Bangladesh Genocide: Through a Legal Lens
  • “Sunday Morning” Full Episode 11/22

Tureens - A Pottery Handles To Match Your Dishware Collection


A tureen is an attractive serving dish for meals like stews or soups, typically shaped as a wide, deep, round vessel with a low, long, domed lid with a handle or knob. Over time, tureens have showed up in a variety of different forms, some very round, cylindrical, or shaped into fancier shapes like wildebeests or animals. Today, many choose to use a tureen as a centerpiece for a table setting, whether they are serving lunch or dinner. Here are some of the most popular ways to serve this versatile glass container.


One of the most classic ways to use a tureen is to use it as a centerpiece for a table set in an elegant room. If you choose a round-shaped porcelain tureen, it can sit on a marble or crystal table, which will pair it off with more ornate furnishings. A teardrop shape can be a good choice for smaller tables and even for those that have a "teak" appearance to them. It looks best when decorating with candles or other decorative accessories, as these will give it a rustic charm.


Tureens also come in a variety of colors, from light blues, reds, purples, and greens to gold and silver. This can be a good option if you do not want your dishes to take attention away from the food you are preparing, as many different foods can look stunning displayed in a brightly colored tureen. They can be paired with white plates, green and yellow cups, and saucers, and even go well with silverware and candles. There are many different dishes and pots that look great adorned with tureens, and there are a number of ways that you can decorate your home with these dishes.


A Tureen can look stunning without any additional decorations on top. They can stand alone and be made from crystal, porcelain, or plastic. If you do purchase a separate container, you can find a variety of dishes that can match them perfectly. For example, if you choose a blue color for your tureen, then you can choose dinnerware in a similar blue. If you buy a clear glass container, you can find dinnerware that is in shades of pink, yellow, or baby blue, which will look equally stunning.


If you have a table that already has tureens, then finding matching tableware can be easy. For example, if you currently have a set of silver or gold plated cutlery, you could just pick up another set of these handles. If you already have a gold or silver plated cutlery, then you can also easily find matching tableware that matches these handles.


If you have an interesting collection of Tureens, then you may want to consider displaying these dishes on your mantel. You can put all the pieces on top of your fireplace mantel, and then have a nice decorative centerpiece set up. These dishes would look best displayed on an antique silver easel.


Tureens would make a beautiful addition to any dining room table. You can use them on either side of the table and add other types of tableware to the mix. For example, you could use these plates along with some carved cutlery, and then set the rest of the items on top of these cups. A great idea for serving food is to serve appetizers and other finger foods on these elegant handles. After dinner, you could set the rest of the dishes down with a floral arrangement that matches the handle of the Tureens.


The availability of Tureens is almost unlimited, so you should have no problem finding something to suit your needs. You can get the handle for your Tureens from many online merchants. If you have an old ceramic tureen that you want to transform into an elegant display piece, then you should definitely shop online for the right handle and accessories. You will be surprised at how affordable these accessories are!