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  • Kessaku Premium Tea Infuser Set - Deluxe Combo Kit of 1 Single Cup, 1 Medium, 1 Large Infuser, Drip Trays and Scoop with Bag Clip - Reusable Stainless Steel Strainers and Steepers for Loose Leaf Teas
  • Cha Yuen – 2 pieces Ebony Wood Loose tea scoops, Handmade craftsmanship Very delicate and practical
  • BambooMN Chashaku Matcha Tea Scoop Spoon Organic Bamboo Ceremonial Tea Utensil - Natural - 3 Pieces
  • Hemoton Puer Tea Knife Tea Needle Kungfu Tea Tool Stainless Steel Tea Cutter Cake Ice Pick Tool Tea Ceremony Accessories for Home Office
  • Cha Yuen – Metal long handle tea scoops/tea shovel for loose leaf tea, Set of 2 ancient red and ancient Cyan
  • MATCHALUXE - Natural Bamboo Matcha Tea Scoop - Traditional Japanese Tea Accessory (Chashaku) Perfect Scoop of Green Tea and Matcha
  • JapanBargain 3700, Matcha Scoop Small Bamboo Tea Spice Salt Sugar Spoons 4 inch, Pack of 10
  • JapanBargain 1906, Wooden Tea Scoop Matcha Scoop Green Tea Spoon Spices Spoon Sugar Spoon Salt Spoon
  • Haidong 3Pcs Bamboo Tea Spoon Scoop Shovel Chinese Kung Fu Tea Fittings of Jam, Spices, Condiments, Seasoning, Sugar, Honey, Coffee, Tea, Mustard, Ice Cream, Milk Powder
  • Cucumis Natural Bamboo Tea Spoon Accessories Kung Fu Tea Spade Natural Bamboo Wood Spoons for Scooping Coffee Powder,Tea,salt,yeast, superfood powders,cacao, maca Spices and Condiments6 Pcs
  • DOCTOR KING Matcha Measuring Spoon (Matcha Tea Scoop) | Premium Stainless Steel 18/8 (AISI Grade 304)
  • UTENEW 3 Pieces Wooden Loose Tea Scoops, Natural Bamboo Wood Spoons for Scooping Coffee Powder, Spices and Condiments, Long Handle 7"
  • Apace Living Tea Scoop (Set of 3) - Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons for Loose Leaf Tea, Coffee and More (M, Rose Gold)
  • Teabloom Perfect Measure Loose Leaf Tea Spoon - Lead-Free and Heatproof Borosilicate Glass Tea Scoop
  • Matcha Green Tea Measuring Spoon/Scoop by PureChimp - 1g Serving - Metal/Stainless Steel
  • JapanBargain 2202, Bamboo Matcha Scoop Japanese Chashaku Hooked Green Tea Spoon for Tea Ceremony
  • Stainless Steel Matcha Measuring Teaspoon by Pure Matcha
  • Sweese 3705 Perfect Serve Teascoop, Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons for 1 Cup of Loose Leaf Tea, Coffee and More, Stirring Spoon
  • Teabloom Perfect Measure Loose Leaf Tea Spoon - Premium Quality Stainless Steel Tea Scoop
  • JOONOR Tea Cosy - 100% Cotton Printed Tea Cosy Kitchen Tea Pot Dust Cover Breakfast Warmer Insulation and Keep Warm 1Pack
  • Ulster Weavers Scottie Dog Shaped Tea Cosy
  • KABAKE Tea Cozy, 100% Cotton Vintage Floral Teapot Dust Cover Tea Cozies, Kitchen Home Decorative Tea Cosy with Insulation Pad for Housewife, Friend, Mom
  • Ulster Weavers Cats in Waiting Tea Cosy
  • Black Tea Cosy

Keeping Tea Clean Is Something You Can Easily Do At Home

Tea Scoops

There is no better way to enjoy the convenience and warmth of a hot cup of tea than by using Tea Scoops. If you have ever wanted to be like the English Tea Masters, or at least want to have the same experience, you will definitely want to read more about Tea Scoops. This is a wonderful new tea service that is becoming hugely popular all across the world. Basically, Tea Scoops is little tea makers that are much like the tea makers that you used to have in your home back in the old days.


All you need to do is put the loose leaf tea leaves into the little tea scoop cup, add the hot water and brew it as normal. In fact, you could do it even faster if you put the water in first and then put the tea leaves in afterwards. The great thing about the scoop is that the leaves don't go floating. They stay down and are consumed whole.


There are several different versions of the tea scoop. The most common is the stainless steel kind, which looks nice and shiny and really stands out in your kitchen. Other versions are made from plastic, glass and even paper. The best part about this tea scoops is that you can use them again without having to worry about the quality.


If you are an avid tea drinker, you probably have your own set of Tea Scoops where you store the leaves and make sure that they are fresh. Of course, there are lots of people who use them once and then never use them again. There is really no reason to do this, especially when you consider all of the time and effort you save. It's much easier and less wasteful to simply throw the leaves in a bin and collect them when you want them again.


Of course, you don't actually have to keep the tea leaves clean and dry. This isn't really necessary. In fact, there are many tea enthusiasts who prefer to just throw the leaves away after they have been used once or twice. They aren't dirty or broken and there isn't any need to preserve them at all.


For those who do continue to maintain their tea leaves, there are several options. The first one is to just leave them out for whatever reason you choose. Simply put them in the fridge to harden some more and keep them there. This will allow you to take them to dinner parties and make sure that they taste delicious before they get eaten. Of course, this is going to make them go stale rather quickly. So, if you are really into the tea making process, you might want to consider this option.


The other option is to pickle your tea leaves and store them somewhere where you will be sure to find them. You can try putting them in Tupperware containers or glass jars and then storing them in the fridge. Obviously, this is the most extreme way to retain the flavor of your tea leaves but it will allow you to enjoy fresh tasting tea all the time.


As you can see, there is no set way to make sure that your tea stays fresh. It will always depend on what you are using it for. If you are making infusions, it might be a good idea to use a funnel to pour it into a container and then drink straight from the mug. Of course, this isn't going to be practical if you want to sit down and enjoy a tea. In these cases, it's best to still throw away the leftover teas and ensure that they don't spoil.