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  • MSC International 11120 MSC Joie Hoot Owl Cup Mesh Ball Loose Leaf Tea Infuser-Random, Assorted Colors
  • Tea Infuser Large LISA ENJOYMENT Tea Ball Infuser Stainless Steel with Extra Fine Mesh Tea Strainer Ideal for Loose Tea Leaves, Herbel and Cold Brew Tea
  • Stainless Steel 3 Inch Twist-Lock Spice Ball Chained Lid Sphere Mesh Tea Strainer Herb Spice Filter
  • Happy Sales Long Handle Loose Leaf Snap Tea Infuser Spoon, Stainless Steel Mesh, 1.5-Inch
  • TBWHL Heart Shaped Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Ball, Stainless Steel Love Fine Mesh Hot Tea Infuser Tea Strainer Ball, 2-Inch, 2pc
  • Vivian Extra Large Stainless Steel Twist Lock Mesh Tea Ball Tea Strainer Filter Spice Infuser 11cm/4.3 inch
  • Reusable Tea Infuser Ball for Loose Leaf Tea, Unique Flower Shape, Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Single Serve Strainer and Steeper with Charming Drip Tray, Cute Tea Gift Set, Perfect for all Occasions
  • Fox Run Spice Infuser/Tea Ball, 3 x 3 x 3 inches, Metallic
  • Taygate Tea Strainers for Loose Tea Fine Mesh Tea Ball Full Wire Wrap Raw Stone Pendant Natural Healing Chakra Crystals Gifts for Women (Amethyst)
  • Pinky Up Tea Infuser, Gold, Heart
  • YEOSEN Tea Infuser Ball - Tea Strainer Ball for Loose Leaf Tea, Spice Infuser Stainless Steel Mesh, Fine Threaded Connection, 4.3 inch Chain with Drip Tray
  • Norpro Stainless Steel Round Tea Bag Squeezer, One Size
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Tea & Cooking Infuser
  • 2 pack Stainless Steel 3 Inch Spice Ball Tea Strainer Tea Infuser Seasoning Ball
  • Norpro Stainless Steel 2-Inch Mesh Tea Infuser Ball with Teapot Weight, One Size, Silver
  • 2Pcs Stainless Steel Tea Ball, 2.04 Inch Mesh Tea Infuser Strainers, Premium Tea Filter Tea Interval Diffuser for Loose Leaf Tea and Seasoning Spices
  • U.S. Kitchen Supply - 2 Premium Stainless Steel Tea Ball Strainer Infusers - 2.1" Size with Extra Fine Mesh - Steep Loose Leaf Tea, Herbal, Spices & Seasonings - Teapot, Tea & Coffee Cup Mug
  • Cloudyfocus Mesh Tea Ball Strainers & Tea Scoop - 2pcs, Stainless Steel Tea Filters Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Strainers Interval Diffuser for Tea - 2.1 Inch
  • U.S. Kitchen Supply - 2 Premium Stainless Steel Tea Ball Strainer Infusers - 2" Size with Micro Perforated Mesh - Steep Loose Leaf Tea, Herbal, Spices & Seasonings - Teapot, Tea & Coffee Cup Mug
  • 4 Pieces Korean Natural Hemp Cloth Herbal Medicine Decoction Infuser Herb Spice Strainer Steep Brew Bag Reusable
  • Tops PermaBrew Full Pot Tea Infuser
  • Fox Run Brands Silver Tea Infuser with Handle, 1.5 x 1.5 x 4.75 inches, Metallic
  • Cute Silicone Chicken Rooster Hen Silicone Infuser For Herbs Tea Seasoning Pot Condiment Container Spice Box Reusable Durable
  • 304 stainless steel straw filter spoon metal straw stainless steel drinking straw can be reused, coffee straw spoon, tea filter, beverage pipe, stirring spoon 6-2 cleaning brush.

How a Tea Ball Works

What are tea ball strainers? A tea ball is a cylindrical device in which dried, loose tea leaves are put into a small teapot or mug for brewing or steeping, then placed in a hot pan to steam or boil over boiling water; sometimes called a tea pot or tea lover, and occasionally a tea infuser as well. Tea ball usage has declined over time, probably because of better kitchen-style convenience ingredients such as the teacup. However, their popularity did not end there. The teapot and its utility in the kitchen are still used today. Tea infusers are also available, and there are several different styles, including those that fit on the teapot itself and those that hang on a wall or stand on a chair.


You might wonder how these modern strainers work, and how an ancient device can be modernized. In fact, the concept of using a teapot ball is not that far from the older versions. In the older days, when there was only one type of tea infuser - the clay teapot - and only two types of tea, black and green, using teapots without any infusers made for a very smooth, consistent cup of tea. When one used a bowl style teapot with leaves and without an infuser, it was much harder to create a good quality cup of tea. So in those days, infusers were created, and the teapots have been used ever since.


Because there are many different types of infusers on the market today, one can easily choose the right one for their needs. For example, there are tea ball makers, strainers, and tea infusers. A tea ball maker can be used as a serving utensil, or to brew a delicious cup of tea for yourself. Strainers are ideal for removing the solids from the infusion, as well as adding more flavor to the brew. And tea ball makers are useful because they can use tea balls to make teas even more concentrated, or hotter, or more aromatic.


Tea infusers are very convenient and come in all shapes and sizes. There is the classic cone shaped infuser, but there are also ball formers, (which can look like the traditional teapots you know so well), and even plastic infusers that fit inside the cups of tea cups. These are convenient because the infusers don't move around, and they are not heavy, and bulky. They also usually have infusers built into them, so the entire setup looks very clean and simple.


The idea of using a tea ball as opposed to a teacup is that the ball allows you to brew more tea with less mess. All you have to do is add water, pour boiling water over it, and let it steep for a bit. You then can take the ball out, drink up, brew another pot, and repeat the process. This saves you time, trouble, mess, and frustration. It also gives you the opportunity to truly enjoy your cup of Joe.


So why should you use a tea ball? Well, the biggest advantage of using a ball is consistency. With regular tea infusers, you brew one cup at a time, and it's up to you how much you want to brew. With a ball, however, you can brew as much as you want, when you want it. Plus, you can use your tea ball at any temperature, unlike an infuser where you have to wait for the ball to heat up.


Another big advantage of using a ball is the convenience. Since you won't have to strain the leaves through the cup, you will have more control when you brew your tea. You won't be spending time rolling and twisting the teas to their proper sizes. You can simply throw the ball in the microwave and you've got yourself a hot cup of tea! You'll also be able to use your ball as a serving mug, serving just like a tea pot. You won't have to worry about spilling your tea or leaving the room because you were too lazy to clean up!


In summary, using a tea ball allows you to use your teabag like a regular tea bag, except you won't have to worry about spilling the tea or leaving the room while you brew it. You'll still get the full flavor from the leaves, but with no mess to clean up afterwards. The ball even makes a great serving mug, serving the same purpose as a regular mug except you'll have a glass instead of plastic.