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  • Rectangle Tablecloth 60x102 inch Washable Polyester Fabric Table Cloth for Wedding Party Dining Banquet Decoration(60x102, White)
  • Stylish Square Rectangular Tablecloth/Table Cover for Kitchen Dinning Tabletop Decoration Blue Water Plant Rectangle/Oblong 55 X 86 in
  • DII CAMZ35281 Cotton Tablecloth for for Dinner Parties, Weddings & Everyday Use, 70" Round, Damask Red
  • LA Linen Polyester Poplin Rectangular Tablecloth, 60 x 90, White
  • Newbridge American Stars Patriotic Plaid Cotton Weave Fabric Tablecloth, Indoor Outdoor Red, White and Blue Star Americana Cotton Jacquard Heavy Weight Tablecloth, 60 " x 120" Oblong/Rectangle
  • DII CAMZ11288 Spring & Summer Tablecloth, Spill Proof and Waterproof for Outdoor or Indoor Use, Host Backyard Parties, BBQs, & Family Gatherings - (Seats 2 to 4), 60" Round, Lemon Bliss
  • The Tablecloth: A True Story
  • Benson Mills Fiona Spillproof Spring Tablecloth Indoor/Outdoor Use (Fiona, 60" X 104" Rectangular)
  • DII Kane Home Products Eco Vinyl Tablecloth, Blue Check, 52 by 70-Inch
  • Benson Mills Thanksgiving Printed Fabric Tablecloth, 60-Inch-by-120 Inch
  • Deep Dream Tablecloth, Embroidered Table Cloth Cotton Linen Wrinkle Free Tablecloths Washable Dust-Proof Table Cover for Kitchen Dinning Party (Rectangle/Oblong, 55 x 86 Inch, Sky Blue)
  • Benson Mills Aryah Tablecloth, 60X104-INCH, Multi
  • Benson Mills Chagall Spillproof Tablecloth, 60 X 84, Chocolate,22091
  • Sunm Boutique Watercolor Wild Flowers Tablecloth, Spring Floral Table Cloth, 60 x 84 inch, Machine Washable Waterproof Table Cover for Easter, Dining, Holiday, Parties
  • Elrene Home Fashions Caiden Elegance Damask Tablecloth, 60" x 84" Oblong/Rectangle, Ivory
  • SARO LIFESTYLE 0811 Passe-Partout Tablecloths, 90-Inch, Round, Ivory
  • 2pack 60x102 Inch White Rectangular Tablecloth in Polyester Fabric for Wedding/Banquet/Restaurant/Parties
  • SARO LIFESTYLE 731.N60S (1 Piece) Toscana Square Tablecloth, 60", Natural
  • Benson Mills Menagerie Indoor Outdoor Print Tablecloth W/Zipper Multi 60 X 84 UMB
  • Benson Mills Harmony Scroll Tablecloth (Birch, 60" X 120" Rectangular)
  • SARO LIFESTYLE Cotton Blend Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth, 70", Black
  • Rectangle Tablecloth Washable Cotton Linen Wrinkle Waterproof Fabrics Table Cover Great for Indoor & Outdoor Party (3025-Coffee, 55x86)
  • JUCFHY Soild Plaid Jacquard Table Cloth Elegance Wrinkle Resistant Contemporary Woven Decorative Tablecloths, Spillproof Soil Resistant Holiday Table Cover, 52 X 70, Turquoise
  • Obstal Rectangle Table Cloth, Oil-Proof Spill-Proof and Water Resistance Microfiber Tablecloth, Decorative Fabric Table Cover for Outdoor and Indoor Use (Navy Blue, 60 x 84 Inch)

Types of Tablecloths That Can Be Used As Dining Table Cloth


Tablecloths originated in medieval times as an item of furniture decoration. They were used in every home to add style and function. At that time, tablecloths served more as decorative coverings than for its primary purpose. The cloth was usually sewn with a pattern or design in the fabric. These table cloths were either knitted or tied together with a string or cord. There were even specially made ones for large meals and special events.


Today, a tablecloth generally is a flat fabric used to decorate a table in a dining room. However, some are primarily decorative coverings, which can also help safeguard the table against stains and scratches. Some tablecloths come in an oblong or an oval shape. Others may be square or rectangular in shape.


Tablecloths serve as accessories for the dining experience. This is the reason why tablecloths and placemats are often found in elegant homes. Aside from the use of table linens for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, tablecloths and placemats are often used as wall decorations. Tablecloths make great wall hangings because of their colorful, fresh look. They also exude a certain warmth that other wall decorations do not provide.


One good tip in choosing the right table cloth or placemat for your special occasion is to consider the size of your table setting. If you have a large table setting, you may want to get a wider tablecloth. Conversely, if you have a smaller dining area, you may want to opt for a smaller tablecloth.


The shape and color of the tablecloths will also play an important role in choosing the best one. There are many designs that complement almost all kinds of tables. You can choose from overhanging tablecloths, fitted tablecloths, napkins and dessert tablecloths. Each design has its own appeal and style. You can even find placements in different shapes such as oblong, heart-shaped, round and square.


Another option you can try is to purchase disposable covers. These can be reused especially if you have a few guests coming over to your place for lunch or dinner. With tablecloths, you can easily create an attractive display that will surely impress your guests. Disposable covers come in a wide variety of colors, styles and themes. For your casual events, you can choose from a plain white tablecloth to bright colors like red, orange and yellow.


If you want your tablecloths to last longer, then you may consider purchasing them in fabrics like silk. These fabrics are soft to touch but elegant and can easily stand up against food stains and other accidental spillages. Silk tablecloths can also withstand very high temperatures and can brave heavier meals than ordinary fabric. Linen is also the most common fabric used for tablecloths, especially in casual occasions. Linen is easy to maintain, which makes it a popular choice among busy people.


Tablecloths may come in two types: machine washable and hand-washable fabrics. With tablecloths made of machine-washable fabrics, you don't have to worry much about their cleaning since they can be spot washed with water and dry cleaned. On the other hand, if you want your tablecloths to last long enough, then you can purchase hand-washable fabric. This type is more expensive but will make up for its price by being able to use the fabrics for another time. In addition, these are durable enough to be used over again.


Nowadays, many people have their dining tablecloths professionally dry-cleaned. There are some people who would prefer that their dining tablecloths be dry-cleaned so that any residual water is removed from them. However, if you are not one of those people, you can also buy your own dry cleaner to dry clean your fabrics. There are already a lot of dry cleaners who offer their services and will dry clean your fabrics for a fee.


Tablecloths are now available in so many different designs that you will never run out of choices. You can choose from trendy printed designs or classic, elegant design to match your taste. You can purchase your tablecloths in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and fabrics. You can choose from fabrics that are thin and light to those that are thick and stronger. You can even get one that matches your seat covers and table linens.


If you are a diner, one of the most common things that you are going to use your tablecloth for is to keep your napkins clean. The most common use of napkins after all is to wipe away the tablecloth right after your meal. You do not always have to use your tablecloth to wipe off your napkins but it is still among the most common uses. Other than this, tablecloths are also used as dinnerware to serve your meal on. These days, it is no longer limited to being a serving tool for your meal but it has also become a popular decorative piece in dining establishments.