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  • Tea Kettle - Stainless Steel Whistling Teapot - 2.5 Liters, Turquoise
  • M-MAX Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Stovetop Whistling Teakettle Teapot with Ergonomic Handle -3QT (3L)
  • Pour Over Kettle, OAMCEG 40fl oz/1.2L Stainless Steel Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Kettle with Thermometer for Exact Temperature - Insulated BPA Free Plastic Ergonomic Handle
  • Tea Kettle Stovetop Whistling Tea Pot - 2.75 Quart, Stainless Steel, Tea Maker Infuser Included, Single Handle Teapot
  • Chefbar Tea Kettle with Thermometer for Stove Top Gooseneck Kettle, Small Pour Over Coffee Kettle, Goose Neck Tea Pot Stovetop Teapot, Hot Water Heater Boiler for Camping, Home & Kitchen, Matte Black
  • Tea Kettle 3 Quart induction Modern Stainless Steel Surgical Whistling Teapot - Pot For Stove Top (Champagne-gold)
  • All-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2-Quart, Silver
  • Whistling Tea Kettle Stainless Steel Teapot, 2.5-Liter Teakettle for Stovetop Induction Stove Top, Fast Boiling Heat Water Tea Pot 2.64-Quart
  • Studio Hot Water Tea Kettle, Stainless Steel Tea Pot with Whistle, Stovetop Teakettle - 2.5L, Black
  • Bean Envy Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Kettle - 40oz/1.2L - Premium Grade Stainless Steel - Insulated BPA Free Plastic Ergonomic Handle - Glass Top With Built-In Thermometer
  • Tea Kettle, 2.7 Quart BELANKO Teapot for Stovetops Wood Pattern Handle with Loud Whistle Food Grade Stainless Steel Tea Pot Water Kettle - Gray
  • ROCKURWOK Tea Kettle Stovetop Whistling Teapot, Stainless Steel, 1.6-Quart Yellow
  • Stainless Steel Kettle Cylindrical Shape Jug Ice Beer Beverage Jug With a Spout Filter To Filter Ice Cubes Suitable For Cafe Dessert Shop Restaurant Making Beverage(2L)
  • 2QT Elec Iced Tea Maker
  • Fetco ITD-2135 D064W112 3.5 Gal Tea Dispenser, 3.5 gal, Stainless Steel
  • Wilbur Curtis Iced Tea Dispenser Remote Tea Dispenser Stand, Stackable - Designed to Preserve Flavor - TC15RS (Each)
  • Wilbur Curtis G3 Tea Brewer 3.0 Gallon Low Profile Tea Brewer with Tco308 Tea Dispenser - Commercial Tea Brewer - TBP (Each)
  • T2 Tea Jug-A-Lot Iced Tea Jug , BPA Free, with Removable Infuser, 2.0L Black (H999ZZ212)
  • Wilbur Curtis 3.5 Gallon Narrow Tea Dispenser Short - Commercial Iced Tea Dispenser - TNC14
  • Hamilton Beach 40912R Iced Coffee/Tea Maker
  • Primula Press & Go Double Wall Loose Leaf Iced Tea Brewer Tumbler With Strainer, 16 oz, Teal
  • Primula The Big Iced Tea Maker Infusion, Brewer, Large Capacity, Beverage Pitcher, 1 Gallon, Green
  • Capresso 624.02 Ice Tea Maker, White/Stainless,Black
  • Mr. Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea & Iced Coffee Maker, Black

Types of Kettles - Stovetop Tea Kettles

If you are interested in purchasing a new stovetop kettle, you should know that there are several options to choose from. A stovetop tea kettle is great for people who are trying to save space or are simply looking for a convenient way to bring hot tea to your home. You will find that most tea kettles are very affordable, which makes it easy for any budget to be taken care of. The following will help you learn more about the different types of stove top kettles on the market today.

Stovetop Tea Kettles


First, let's talk about a stovetop tea kettle made of stainless steel. These are the most common and most expensive of all the available options. There are many people who like stainless steel because it is easy to clean, however, others like the fact that they do not react to foods as much as some other materials do. This type of stove top kettle can also be used to boil water, but it takes longer to bring the water to a boil than with other types of kettles. Some people feel that this kettle might actually be better for tea as it has a small opening on the side of the kettle that allows the water to flow out.


Second, let's discuss stainless steel tea kettles that use a teapot with a spout. These are also commonly referred to as tea pots and have a small reservoir that can hold a few cups of tea. These are often the cheapest among all the various types of tea kettles, and they are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Some people find that the appearance of these kettles does not affect their ability to make good use of them. You may even find that you prefer these kinds of tea kettles to other options because the reservoir is small and not easily spotted.


The third type of stovetop kettle we are going to look at is an electric kettle. These electric kettles are very convenient for households or apartments where there is only one bathroom and everyone needs to use the bathroom at the same time. Electric kettles will sometimes have a dial that adjusts the heat to the temperature preferred by the user, but they are otherwise self-contained and work just like a standard pot with a built-in spout.


I would not recommend using a tea kettle for any type of tea brewing, hot or cold. If you need to use a kettle to brew tea, make sure you purchase an electric tea kettle, and then invest in a kettle that has removable infusers. You can use the infusers for steeping other teas, if desired.


Most electric stoves have an adjustable heating element, which is used to slowly raise the temperature of the water. This is done without having to manually turn on the burner and do the necessary water boiling. Because all you have to do is simply set the desired temperature and leave it to do its own thing, these kettles are very convenient.


You may also want to consider purchasing a stovetop teapot instead of an electric tea kettle. Stovetop kettles are a little more expensive than electric ones, but they also allow you to brew stronger teas without needing to add much water. You do need to keep in mind that some tea kettles do not allow you to brew certain types of tea, such as green tea, black tea, or oolong tea. You can find special stoves that are made especially for these types of teas. The advantage of these pots is that you do not need to add water, making them less messy to wash and more sanitary.


A word of caution: When using any type of hot water kettle, always make sure to use plenty of running water. You will not only be able to avoid scalding, but you will also be able to ensure that the tea remains steaming hot. Some tea kettles will allow you to set the temperature to hot water, which will keep the tea piping hot but not warm enough to drink. Using a tea kettle that has an automatic shut-off system, like one that automatically shuts off when the water reaches a certain temperature, is an excellent choice.