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  • Microwave Spatter Screen
  • Grease Splatter Guard, Splatter Screen for Frying Pan 13" Large Stainless Steel Mesh Hot Oil Splash Protect Cover Iron Skillet Lid Avoid Burns for Cooking Grilling BBQ
  • Fox Run Non-Stick 3 Sided Splatter Guard for Stove Top and Frying Pan, 9 x 10.25 inches, Gray Steel
  • Farberware Professional Stainless Steel Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen, 13-Inch
  • OYOHSLE Splatter Screen for Frying Pan,Frying Pan Cover Splatter Screen 3 Set(9.5",11.5",13"),Protect the Skin From Burns(Red)
  • Frywall 12 (Large) - Red - Splatter Guard, as Seen on Shark Tank
  • Frywall 10 (Medium) - Red - Splatter Guard, as Seen on Shark Tank
  • Grease Splatter Screen For Frying Pan Cooking - Stainless Steel Splatter Guard Set of 3-8", 10" and 11" inch - Super Fine Mesh Iron Skillet Lid- Hot Oil Shield to Stop Prime Burn (3, 8",10",11")
  • Oil and Grease Splatter Screen - Guard for Skillet Frying; Extra Fine Splatter Screen Mesh Stops 99% of Grease Pops and Splattering; Protective Feet, Safe Handle and Wall Hook,Pack of 2 (1-9.5" 1-13")
  • Weld-Aid Weld-Kleen Heavy Duty Anti-Spatter Liquid, 20 oz
  • K BASIX Splatter Screen for Cooking 13" - Silicone Handle - 99% Stops Hot Oil Splash - Protects Skin from Burns - Grease Guard for Frying Pan Keeps Your Kitchen Clean - Stainless Steel Ultra Fine Mesh
  • Splatter Screen for Frying Pan - Grease Splatter Guard - Set of 3 – No Cooking Oil Mess – No Burns – Ultra Fine Mesh Lids – Rust Free Stainless Steel
  • Collapsible Microwave Cover for Food Microwave splatter cover,Dishwasher Safe,BPA Free,10.5 inch,grey
  • Classic Cuisine Splatter Screen Guards, small, medium and large, Stainless Steel
  • U.S. Kitchen Supply 13" Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Splatter Screen with Resting Feet & Black Comfort Grip Handle
  • 11" Silicone Splatter Screen Pan Cover with Folding Handle, Heat Insulation Cooling Mat, Strainer, Drain Board, Oil Splash Guard for Frying Pan
  • KITCHENISTIC 13" Splatter Screen with Soft Grip TPR Handle - Stops 99% Hot Oil Splash- Protects Skin from Burns - Grease Guard for Frying Pan Keeps Your Kitchen Clean - Heavy Duty Ultra-Fine Mesh
  • Beckon Ware Silicone Splatter Screen for Frying Pan - 13 inch Multi-Use Splatter Shield, Cooling Mat, Drain Board and Strainer. Non-Stick, Food Safe & Heat Resistant Universal Pan Cover, Black
  • FRYING CAP Grease Splatter Guard - Paper Splatter Screen for Frying Pan (100pcs)
  • Homestia Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan with Fold Flat Knob Fine Mesh Guard Shield and Catcher Set Of 3 in 10"+11.5"+13"
  • Bellemain 13" Splatter Screen with TPR Grip-Tight Handle, Fine Mesh Heavy Duty Splatter Guard
  • Norpro Nonstick 3 Sided Splatter Guard
  • U.S. Kitchen Supply 13" Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Splatter Screen with Resting Feet
  • Homemade Ice Pop molds 6 Cavities, Silicone Popsicle Molds Food Grade BPA Free Frozen Ice pop Maker with cleaning brush and silicone Funnel

The Many Uses Of Splash Screens

Splatter Screens

Splatter screens can be a great way of sprucing up any wall in a child's room or your own. They are also a good way to protect your furniture when entertaining guests and adding value to your home. But, what exactly are they? What can they do and how do you fit them around your own home?


Splatter screens come in a variety of different designs and sizes. You'll be able to find the perfect splash for your home, whether it is an indoor wall outdoor splash or patio splash. They may be used for many different reasons but one thing that they have in common is that they look great.


Splashes are great to use on the outside of your home. You can get a really cute design printed on them for a small child's birthday party. Then you can have them custom made for that little special one. The colours will be bright and the message will be clear. They can also be used to add a splash of colour wherever you like as long as it fits in with the rest of your wall or furniture.


Splatter screens can be used for more practical purposes as well. Have you thought about what you might get for your next door neighbor when they come to visit? How about a nice splash screen to welcome them to your home? Splatter wall panels are also great for parties. You can attract people with your decorations and it can help to keep the noise level down, giving you and your guests the peace and quiet that they are looking for.


If you own a pool then it makes sense to have splash screens in place. These can help to deter children getting in the water by being such a deterrent. They can also help protect you from unwanted debris getting onto your pool deck. These can be custom designed to meet your exact specifications. Whether you are wanting them to say, "No swimming" or you want to emphasize how beautiful your deck is, splash screens are definitely the way to go.


With so many sizes and styles available in the world today, it is easy to find one that will fit your needs exactly. Your splash screen selection will likely depend on whether you have a smaller or larger patio. These screens will work best if you also have patio furniture surrounding it. The splash line works best if it is attached to the end of the table or the furniture near the patio. If you have these types of tables, consider having the surround area custom made to match the splash.


If you have a bar, then one of these screens will give your bar the wow factor that it needs. A good design can add to the ambience of your entire space and bring out the best in your decor. If you have a bar that has a few chairs or a bench, then a splash wall panel will add an extra touch of style to this corner of your home. If you decide to use a splash screen instead of hanging one, make sure that you have a cushion on the seat to absorb the impact.


Most of the larger sports bars use splash screens because it is a more practical option. Instead of hanging a large screen from the ceiling or the wall, which could damage the wall, these come down from above. This is one of the simplest designs to incorporate into your home. They are great for outdoor parties, bar-b-ques, or outdoor weddings. Your guests will love the fact that they never see a plain water bucket being used for splash lines.