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  • 4 Pieces Cocktail Spoon Bar Stirring Spoon Long Handle Stainless Steel Spiral Pattern Cocktail Mixing Shaker Spoon, 12 Inch, 4 Colors (Multicolor, Blue, Purple, Champagne)
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  • GENLGE Snuff Spoon Mini Shovel Laboratory Medicine Spoons Pendants Necklace Vials, Set of 4 Multicolor
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  • Knork Specialty spoon, Soup, 6 Piece Set, Matte Black
  • 4PCS Hot Chocolate Molds, Silicone Molds for Chocolate Resin Molds Baking Tools with Chocolate Shapes, Hot Chocolate Spoons DIY Specialty Bakeware for Cake(3.9X5.7X0.4 inch)
  • DAZAIGE 6 Pieces Mini Coffee Stirring Spoons Creative Stainless Steel Love Heart Shape Bowknot Hanging Specialty Spoon for Tea Cake Dessert Ice Cream Drink Milkshake Jam
  • Electronic Specialties 616 Spoon Probe Backprober
  • Winco High Heat Nylon Spoon, Kitchen Cooking Mixing Stirring Spoon (14-3/4 Inch, Red)
  • Mini Espresso Coffee Spoons, 4.9 Inches Stainless Steel Small Dessert Teaspoons, Specialty Demitasse Tiny Stirring Spoon Set of 8
  • Spoons, 2 Pieces Decorating Spoons, Stainless Steel Saucier Spoons, 8.98 Inches Saucier Drizzle Spoons with Tapered Spout, Deco Spoon Drop for Precision Drawing
  • Knork Original Bouillon Stainless Steel Soup, Specialty Spoons, 6 Piece Set, matte
  • Lovfri 9.25 inch Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon, Ice Cream Spoon 18/8 Stainless Steel Jam Spoons, Stirring Spoon, Teaspoons, Specialty Spoons(4 Pcs)
  • JUCOXO Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon, Stainless Steel Coffee Mixing Spoons, Long Cream Dessert Spoons Set of 4 (Rainbow), Dishwahser Safe
  • 6 Pieces Chef Art Pencil Spoon Precision Drawing Spoon Culinary Drawing Decorating Spoon Set Stainless Steel Non-slip Cooking Painting Spoon Filter Spoons Cake Baking Tool for Plate Cake Coffee Decor
  • 12packStainless Steel Creative Coffee Spoon Soup Spoons Sugar Spoons, Ice-Cream Tea Stirring Spoons 4.8 Inches Retro Dessert Demitasse Espresso Spoons Cutlery Kitchen Tableware (Sliver,Style 4)
  • Culinary Precision Drawing Decorating Spoon Set, 2Pcs Saucier Drizzle Spoons,Professional DIY Chocolate Spoon Filter Spoons,Plating Decorating Pencil Spoon for Decorative Plates, Cake, Coffee

Specialty Spoons - What They Can Do For Your Cooking

Specialty Spoons

There are a wide range of spoons that are known to the public as Specialty Spoons. These are small spoons that are specifically used for specific purposes, although there are some that are commonly used to serve soup. The soup spoon is one of these spoons. They are very popular, mostly due to their versatility as well as their size. The soup spoon is used to scoop out and stir-fry food, as well as in soups and stews.


One notable distinction between a soup spoon and a Chinese or Korean spoon is the handle. The handles of the two types of spoons differ in shape. The Korean spoon has a roundish shaped handle while the Chinese one has a square shaped handle. These spoons can be purchased in a number of different colors such as blue, cream, dark green, ivory, or stainless steel. Each color has its own distinct characteristic which makes them a choice to use on certain dishes.


A soup spoon is a vital part of the kitchen utensil set. This spoon can be used in a number of ways. To begin with, they are used to scoop out the food from the soup pot or directly into the serving plate or dish. Soup spoons also come in sizes to match the serving plate or dish. Some of the most common sizes of soup spoons include:


Size: Small in size, soup spoons are usually used to scoop out and serve soup. Their long handles may cause the handle to slip when it comes into contact with something. Therefore, this is the type of spoon that should be used to prevent the danger of losing the handle. Another advantage of using a smaller spoon is that it is lighter weight. This makes it easier to move around the kitchen. This type of spoon is also preferred by some cook because they tend to have more thickness than the large and scrawny soup spoons.


Shape: Since the use of a spoon for food preparation comes with different shape, there are more shapes available for them. The most common shapes include the square, round, heart-shaped, and oblong. They are also made in various designs such as the letter "C", the number "E" and the butterfly. In general, the round and square spoon is the most preferred due to their ability to fit perfectly into any type of sauce used for cooking. The heart-shaped spoon is good for sauces that need to retain their shape after they are cooked. These can be made from a number of materials including plastic, glass and ceramic.


Size: It is often hard for individuals to choose the right size of spoon for themselves. As a matter of fact, choosing the right size is not an easy task. If you are purchasing food in jars, then you will need to purchase a spoon that matches the size of the jars. However, if you are purchasing the spoons separately, it is essential to know the diameter of your food to avoid having the food to go down the drain or splash across the room. The diameter of the food also depends on the amount of liquid that you wish to include.


Colors: Aside from the material and size of the spoon, the color is also important for different types of foods. There are those which have glossy and metallic appearance while others have a matte and wooden look. These spoons are used for mixing liquids or chutneys and these are usually used when making chutney for tea and coffee. The spoon with a matte and wood look is ideal for mixing sauces or marmalades.


Quality: Quality spoons should be able to perform their function well and should not cause any harm to the health of the user. When shopping for spoons, it is important to choose one that is made of high quality material. It should also be able to withstand the heat when being used in the kitchen. Moreover, you can choose to buy those with fine hairs for cleaning the food. These speciality spoons are not only helpful for the cooking process but they are also very practical and useful.