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  • Hedume 8 Pack Thick Heavy-weight Soup Spoons, Table Spoons, SUS 304 Non-magnetic Stainless Steel Spoons
  • Black Soup Spoon of 4, Berglander 7.5" Stainless Steel Titanium Plating Shiny Black Round Spoons Silverware, Black Table Spoon Table Spoon Set Sturdy Easy To Clean, Dishwasher Safe
  • 6 Pcs Stainless Steel Soup Spoons, Long Handle Spoons Rose Gold Dinner Spoon Table Spoon Set for Tableware Kitchen
  • AOOSY Wooden Soup Spoons, 6 Pieces 7.84 inches Japanese Ramen Spoons Round Nanmu Wood Long Handle Kids Rice Dessert Cooking Tasting Dinner Table Spoon for Kitchen Restaurant
  • JapanBargain 2384x4, Set of 4 Asian Japanese Chinese Wonton Soba Rice Pho Ramen Noodle Soup Spoons, Black/Red
  • Soup Spoons with Hook for Ramen Pho Asian Food, Set of 6, Made of Natural Rice Husk
  • HAPPY KIT Soup Spoons Set 18-Piece Premuim Stainless Steel Table Spoon Heavy-Weight Durable Dinner Spoons
  • Happy Sales Melamine Soba, Rice Spoons, Chinese Won Ton Soup Spoon, Asian Red and Black, 6 Pack Notch & Hook Style
  • DOWAN Porcelain Soup Spoon, Asian Soup Spoons, Ceramic Japanese Ramen Soup Spoons with 6.75" Long Hooked Handle, for Soup Ramen Noodles Wonton Cereal, Modern Bohemian Style, Set of 6, White
  • [100 Pack] Heavyweight Disposable Clear Plastic Soup Spoons
  • HISSF Soup Spoons Dinner Spoons Stainless Steel 18/0 of Dessert Spoons 6 Pcs for Home, Kitchen Restaurant, Dishwasher Safe, 7.08 Inches, Silver
  • erduoduo 10pcs Long handle with hook spoon, drop-resistant melamine two-color spoon (black + red)
  • DOWAN Soup Spoon Ceramic, Asian Soup Spoons for Wonton Pho Miso Ramen, Japanese White Small Appetizer Spoon Sets of 12, Bone China
  • Japanese Retro Soup Spoons Set of 5, Ceramic Spoon Suitable for Soup, Gravy, Cake, Oatmeal, Chaos, Dumplings,Salad
  • Asian Soup Spoons 6-Piece Ceramic Spoons Set for Ramen Dumpling Pho Wonton Miso, Porcelain Dinner Flatware Set
  • Artena Elegant White Asian Soup Spoons, Porcelain Chinese Japanese Spoons Sets of 6-6.75 Inches for Ramen Pho Wonton Deep Oval Hook Design
  • Soup Spoon Set of 6,Stainless Steel Dinner Spoon 6.3 Inches by LAIBO
  • Soup Spoons, McoMce 6 Pack Spoons, Teaspoons with Thick Stainless Steel and Durable Structure, Asian Soup Spoons Made with Material, Spoon for Soup, Rice, Tea, Milk, Coffee, Dessert
  • NJCharms Ceramic Soup Spoons Set of 6, 6.75 inch Large Asian Soup Spoon sets Suitable for Pho, Ramen, noodles, White
  • Soup Spoons, Stainless Steel Spoons Round Dinner Spoons for Soup Metal Spoons Thick Short handle Colorful Table Spoon 6.3-Inch, Modern Spoon for Soup, Grain, Dessert, Milk Tea, Coffee, Set of 5
  • Eslite Large Soup Spoons/Stainless Steel Bouillion Spoons,12-Piece,7.7 Inches
  • Black Soup Spoons, Kyraton 6 Pieces Stainless Steel Round Spoons With Black Titanium Plating, Black Dinner Spoon Table Spoon, Spoons Silverware Dishwasher Safe Set of 6
  • AmoVee Wholesale Stainless Steel Alpha Round Soup Spoons, Set of 6
  • DOWAN Asian Soup Spoons, Ceramic Chinese Japanese Soup Spoons 6 Sets for Ramen Pho Wonton Dumpling Miso, White

Choosing the Right Soup Spoon

Soup Spoons

A soup spoon is an everyday kind of spoon designed for eating soups. The word soup is either referring to the British onion soup spoon or the Chinese wooden spoon. Round bowl-like soup spoons were first a Victorian innovation. Traditional canteens of white porcelain did not have rounded soup spoons; instead, a tablespoon was utilized.


Soup spoons have been in existence for centuries and they are as varied as the types of soup, they are intended to eat. Historically, a wooden spoon was used and was held at one end while using the other hand to dip it in boiling water. Soup spoons of the times were made of metal or plastic. The handle was typically either metal or wood, and often it was decorated with brass or gold. These spoons are no longer used but many collectors value them due to their historical significance.


In modern times, soup spoons are typically made of metal. They are not as fragile as the ones used in the past and some of them can be used as food servers. They come in all sizes, shapes, designs and colors. Some of them are even made of ceramic. This makes them perfect for serving hot or cold meals and beverages such as tea and coffee.


Many different styles and designs can be found in spoons. Soup spoons can be found in different lengths, widths and heights. Some of them are long and narrow and designed for mixing and stirring soup, while others are short and wider. There are also those that are round and shaped like a heart. And some are in the shape of flowers or animals such as dogs and cats. There are even spoon shaped ones and they look more like serving bowls than the traditional spoons.


Most people use wooden spoons but there are other types of metal spoons that can be used as well. A wooden spoon is perfect for mixing and stirring the soup as its surface is smooth and does not create lumps and bumps as it can when using other metal spoons. Aside from the wooden spoon, there are other types of metal utensils that can be used in making soup.


One type of spoon commonly used in making soup is the flatware spoon. These are usually used for mixing and scraping food. It is made out of steel or bronze and is used to scoop out ingredients into bowls or into jars. Its flat surface allows for easy movement of the food so it can be stirred without much effort.


Plastic spoon fillers are also used in creating soups. Plastic spoons are usually found in plastic dishes in the kitchen and they also have a long handle. They are perfect for stirring or for giving tiny servings of soup to children. This type of spoon can also be used in soups to thicken the soup so it will not lose its flavor.


A wooden spoon can also be used to add flavor and color to the soup. It can be painted with designs to make it look beautiful. Some designs are animals or in different colors. A wooden spoon can also be decorated using a metal stick to add interest.


The plastic spoon is considered the cheapest spoons in the market. It is widely used by households and it does not go through too many processing steps. Food items can be packed more easily using these because it is easier to manage and move them around. These are also considered cheap spoons because they are readily available in most supermarkets. Although this is the ideal spoon for food preparation, some people opt to use other types of spoons that are considered more expensive.


Salt spoons are another type of spoon commonly used for food preparation. They are often used when serving seafood such as oysters or clams. They are used to salt the clam's exterior so it will retain its freshness. Salt spoons are made of wood in different colors to suit different kinds of food.


Soup spoons are essential tools for food preparation. However, different types of these are being used and they all have their own specific purposes. Each spoon has its own distinct look and style which add class and elegance to the overall look of the serving table. To choose the best type of spoon, you must know the exact purpose of using it and its particular uses when properly used.