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Soup Lads

Soup ladles were created over one thousand years ago in the southern parts of China. There is evidence that soup was first prepared using a cast iron pot which was then coated in mud. This pot may have been an ox or a turtle shell and was a very heavy one. When preparing the soup the person who wished to make it would dip a ladle into the hot water and then throw the ladle into the fire, causing it to boil. This was a very slow process and only involved boiling water.


The first recipe for soup ladles was created around 500 years ago in China. The name for this particular soup was hulu. This type of soup has become known as tahu, which can also be a salt. It was a favorite with the Japanese, who would come and stay at the huts that dotted the island. The ingredients used were beef, radish, ginger, garlic, lots of onions, sesame seeds, rock salt, and white pepper.


Back when traveling was not easy many people had to take along their soup lads. These were tiny carts that could carry only so much food. It was also important that they had a handle on the cart so that they could easily pull it around. Soup lads would carry bowls of soup for everyone to share. They would also carry packets of rice and other foods that were needed for the journey.


During this time there was a great necessity for fuel and people turned to cooking meats in fat. There was a great demand for pork, which could be smoked. Meat of all types was used for sausage. Sausage was one of the main dishes that the soup lads brought home. They would also make a number of different types of breads that were used in the cooking of the meat. At the beginning of this century there were a great number of immigrants coming to the United States from China, Japan and other countries.


The early settlers made a great impact on the way that Americans consume food today. They brought with them a number of traditions. Many of these they adopted as their own but others they just took for granted. For instance soup is never served in public restaurants anymore. But instead they would go to a homesick neighbor's home where they would boil water for a pot of soup that was available. Soup also became part of country dinner parties.


Soup was served at the beginning of every meal. This was called hokkah. On Shavuot morning the Jewish New Year this tradition was continued with egg yolks instead of wine. In fact it was not until the Twentieth Century that Jews would begin to serve wine during the morning. Nowadays they still use the egg yolk in the past tense. But for certain feasts the liquid would be served after the cooking of the main course.


Throughout Europe soup has been a popular main course for many centuries. In much of Italy and Spain people would eat soup before and after their main meals. In England soup was often served at dinnertime (snacks are also called dinettes in this region of the world). Soup ladles are often used to accompany meals in the Middle East where soups were part of the festive fare that was prepared for Passover and Shavuot.


Soup is very versatile and very nutritious. It can be used as a main course, or even an accompaniment to meat or fish dishes. It would make a fine thing to serve at a get together with friends where everyone brings something to eat. For those watching their diet and wish to provide for their family's nutritional needs soup would make a fine change to their meal planning menu.