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  • Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho Bowls, 2.1 Oz, 9Count,, 18.9 Oz ()
  • DOWAN Deep Cereal Bowls, 30 Ounce Salad Serving Bowls, Ceramic Soup Bowls for Oatmeal, Ramen Bowls for Kitchen, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, Set of 4, White with Rainbow Stripes
  • Farielyn-X 8.3" Large Salad Soup Ramen Bowls, 68 OZ Super Stackable Round Fine Porcelain Cereal Pasta Serving Bowl Sets, 2 Pack - Microwavable Ceramic Bowls - Heat and Cold Resistant Porcelain
  • DOWAN Soup Bowls for Kitchen, White Deep Cereal Bowls, 18 Ounces Classic Round Style Ceramic Bowls Set For Cereal Soup Oatmeal Dessert, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Set of 6
  • Corelle Livingware 1032595 28-Ounce Super Soup/Cereal Bowl, Winter Frost White - Set of 6
  • VanEnjoy 30oz Ceramic Bowl with Lid & Handle,Cherry Blossoms Among Snow Flake Pattern,Microwave for Instant Noodle Sara, Cereal Bowl
  • LIFVER Cereal Bowls Set of 6, Soup Bowls 24 Ounces Porcelain, Extra Deep Cereal Bowls, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, Ceramic Ramen Bowl, Bowl Set Assortment for Salad, 5.75 Inches, Multicolour
  • DGYB High-Temp Porcelain Soup Bowl Set 55 Ounces Large Stackable Chip-Resistant Round Salad Bowls Set of 2 White
  • DOWAN Soup Bowls, Pasta Bowls Plates, White Salad Bowls Set of 4, Porcelain Wide Rim Bowls, 20 Ounces, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
  • AnBnCn Salad Soup 3-Pack-60 Oz Super Large Stackable Round White Fine Porcelain Cereal Pasta Bowl-Sets
  • DOWAN 39 Ounce Serving Bowls, Salad Bowls, Porcelain Pasta Bowl Set, Chip Resistant Ceramic, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, Stackable, 2 Packs, 7 Inches, White
  • Shila Bowl Huggers, Colorful Set of Microwave-Safe Hot Bowl Holder to Keep Your Hands Cool and Your Food Warm, Polyester & Sponge Heat Resistant Dish Pads for Soup, Rice and Pasta Bowls (4, Blue)
  • TOPZEA Set of 4 French Onion Soup Bowls with Handles, 15 Ounce Ceramic Serving Bowl Set Soup Crocks for Soup, Stew, Chilli, Cereal, Microwave and Oven safe, White
  • LIFVER Soup Bowls, 48 Ounces Large Pasta Serving Bowls, Porcelain Salad/Cereal Bowls, White Bowls set of 4 for Kitchen, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe,9 Inch
  • amHomel Round Bowl Set - Durable Porcelain Bowls for Soup, Salad, Pasta, or Rice, 5.5 Inch Diameter, 24 Ounces - Set of 6, White
  • Bruntmor 20 Ounce Set Of 4 Ceramic Matte Glaze Bowl with Handle French Onion Soup Bowl Bakeware, Oven Safe, 6" Diameter, Black
  • Corelle Coordinates Wh Corelle Livingware Super Soup/Cereal Bowl, 28 oz, Winter Frost White, Set of 3
  • Vumdua French Onion Soup Bowls with Handles, 16 Oz Ceramic Soup Serving Bowl Crocks - Oven Safe Bowls for Chili, Beef Stew, Cereal, Pot Pies, Set of 4
  • Hompiks Salad Bowl Salad Soup Bowls Porcelain Bowl Set for Kitchen Cereal Soup 38 oz Dishwasher and Oven Safe Dark Green
  • Ceramic Large Ramen Bowls Set, 20oz Porcelain Multi Purpose Bowl for Soup, Noodle, Pho, Udon and Soba, 2 Sets (6 Pieces) Noodle Bowl
  • Delling Ultra-Strong 22 Ounces Soup Bowls - White Porcelain Cereal Bowls with Study Sides, Wide Base - White Large Bowls for Kitchen, Snack, Rice Pasta Salad Oatmeal, Set of 6, Microwave Safe
  • 32 Ounce Soup Bowls, Salad Bowls, Cereal Bowls, Pasta Bowls, Pho Bowls, Chunni Durable Porcelain Off White Bowls Set of 4, 7 Inch
  • Rapid Noodle/Soup Bowl| Microwave Soup & Noodles in Minutes | Perfect for Dorm, Small Kitchen, or Office | Dishwasher-Safe, Microwaveable, & BPA-Free
  • Stock Your Home French Onion Soup Crocks (4 Count) - 10 Ounce Oven Safe French Onion Soup Bowls - Two-Toned Brown & Ivory Ceramic Porcelain Soup Bowls - Stoneware Crocks for Soup, Chowder, Chili, Stew

Soup Bowls Brings Comfort to the Table

Soup Bowls

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how the immaculately coiled shapes of the soups themselves came about? While it seems improbable that soup-making had anything to do with origami, the shape has a long and fascinating history. In fact, in many ways the bowl works as a very fine model for the kitchen itself. In this article we'll explore its origin and what it can do for your kitchen today.


Most people associate origami with Japanese culture, and their bowls are very small and intricate. Origami also traditionally belongs to the Chinese world, and like Chinese calligraphy, the patterns in Chinese soups are often very restrained and elegant. However, these bowls are not what they appear to be. They are actually a very common kitchen item which was originally used as part of a system to collect money or during certain religious rites.


So how did the bowl become the soup bowl? The first bowls were simple bowls made out of porcelain or earthen material. They were not particularly deep or wide, so they could only hold a few bits of food. But as people started adding spices and different foods to their soups, they began to find that they could put enough food into the bowl to make larger meals. Soon these became the standard kitchen items we associate with the word soup!


One of the earliest models of a soup bowl is the Liddlebell model, which was developed in the late 1800s. It was a much-improved over the older version known as the 'Bourbon Platter'. This time, the bowl was made from steel and could hold more than one serving. Though it had no handle, it was still quite a comfortable size to eat in. In fact, a soup bowl may have been the first one to use a handle, though this is unlikely.


Soup bowls became a lot larger during the next century. During the industrial revolution, they began to be used for commercial use, though they were still simple in their design. These large soup bowls became very popular in restaurants. Many of these restaurant owners would place a huge sign above their door announcing that they had soup bowls for sale. This soup bowls could then be seen all over the city, making the public take notice.


Soup bowls came back into fashion in the 20th Century, and can be found in most modern kitchens. Soup bowls are typically large and have a wide base to hold a great variety of soups and stews. They also have a long handle, to which one can grasp the bowl lovingly and use it to stir their soup in the safest possible way. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors and can be made of a variety of materials, such as stainless steel and cast iron.


A soup bowl serves a number of useful purposes. Above all else, it is the perfect vessel to use when cooking a meal that must remain hot. Soup bowls prevent scorching from food getting too hot on the stovetop or in a slow cooker. They also give one the opportunity to add a little bit of extra flavor by incorporating vegetables or herbs into their soup. When one finds a good bowl, they will wonder how they ever lived without it before!


The price of a soup bowl can vary depending upon what one is looking for. There are those that are quite cheap, but they do not usually offer much in the way of extra features. For those that want bells and whistles, however, it is generally recommended to spend some extra money and get a soup bowl that is well made and truly one of a kind. It should be made out of a thick heavy glass bowl, with a wide rim to keep hot soup from splashing all over the rest of the table. One should also find a bowl that has a wide rim to ensure easy removal of hot liquids. Finally, it is recommended to get a soup bowl that has a long handle, as this allows one to reach it lovingly and put it down without reaching his or her feet.