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Making Your Own Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses

A shot glass is actually a clear glass originally intended to hold or measure alcohol or spirits, that is either consumed straight from the bottle or poured into a shot. Typically, an alcoholic drink served in a shot glass is called a "shot" and usually consumed quickly, in only one shot, after which the guests are asked to take one. Although commonly used among younger drinkers, some people have developed a passion for drinking shots of alcohol or other spirits in shot glasses. For this reason, many stores now sell shot glasses made of different materials. Some shot glasses are made of plastic, vinyl, metal and even cardboard.


Shot Glasses Plastic shot glasses are most common and are used mainly for parties with young ones. These types of shot glasses are available in different sizes based on how many ounces the glass holds. The best ones to use for kids are usually those that hold at least twenty ml of liquid.


Shot Glasses Made Of Vinyl Small glass containers are made from a lightweight material, such as clear vinyl, making them easy to carry around and transport. They are also easy to clean using a small cleaning brush. Many of these containers have dividers that allow you to gauge the level of liquor you have in the bottle without opening the container. There is also a dispenser built into some small glass shot glasses to measure your dosage.


Shot Glasses Made Of Metal Shot glasses in metal containers can hold either less liquor or more depending on what you want. These types of shot glasses are used by bartenders and at bars. They are sturdy and unlike the plastic ones are heavy enough not to be blown over when a storm begins. Some look like big bells with a long handle to hold them. When it comes to measuring, one ounce is equivalent to two ounces so make sure you measure the liquids inside before buying a shot glasses with this measurement. The best metals for shot glasses are stainless steel, copper, and brass.


Shot Glasses With Holders Most shot glasses have holders built into them, often a metal frame holding an alcove-like area at the bottom of the drink cup. This area is meant for holding extra shots of alcohol, lemonade, or anything else that you might want to put into it. This area needs to be covered when not in use to avoid any streaking or staining. To add a fun element to your parties, place your drinks in the shot glasses and use the holders to pour the extra booze. You will have a blast throwing parties while having fun.


Jiggers The smallest piece of shot glasses are called jiggers. They were originally used in coin operated pool tables. Jiggers have the same measurements as regular shot glasses - they are ounces, centimeters, or even inches long. Jiggers come in many sizes, but the most popular size is one ounce. The jiggers are a good alternative to larger shot glasses because they are very portable. If you want to jazz up your party, place your jiggers around the venue, or give them to guests as souvenirs.


Brewing Your Own Bartending Shots If you enjoy creating your own drinks at home, then brewing your own bartending shots may be a good way to spend some time at home. However, since there is a limited number of bartending supplies available, it may take some effort to find the right equipment. If you plan on brewing one shot glasses at a time, then a jigger will be your best choice.


There are other types of shot glasses available, such as cocktail shooters, Margarita shooters, and mixers. Keep in mind that some mixers have different instructions on how to use them. This means that you need to make sure that you know the proper procedure when using your mixers. In most cases, these mixers are more complicated than regular shot glasses, and if you want to jazz up your drinks a bit, it would be a good idea to consider using a cocktail shooter.