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Shaved Ice Desserts

Shaved Ice

Hawaiian shave ice or shaved ice as it is more commonly called, is a frozen dessert made by rapidly shaving a cube of ice from the firm ice in order to create a smooth, dense ice cream. On the Island of Hawaii, it's also known as "snow cake." Unlike other forms of ice cream, Hawaiian shave is produced on an open air griddle. This allows for a more even layer of the ice cream, which creates a more pleasurable experience for the customer. On the Big Island of Hawaiian, it's also called "snow cone." On both islands the melting ice creates enough of the dessert to be used for such desserts as "snow cones," "snow flakes" and "snow pebbles."


The exact origin of shaved ice on the Islands is uncertain. On Oahu, which has the most claims to fame as a place famous for its shaved ice, the dish was often served at "raspados" or "toro" bars. A raspado is a small Spanish kitchen sink. Often times spiced with chili, fresh garlic, onion, or pineapple juice, these are traditionally served at early morning barbecues or at celebrations of some sort. Today a wide variety of flavors and recipes have come to replace the traditional dried ice of the past.


One of the earliest accounts of the use of shaved ice in the United States can be traced back to San Francisco, California. A crowd at the legendary Fogollo Hotel happened to notice that the hotel's concession stand included a small but interesting contraption - the first "shaved ice cream bar." The vendor, Harry Warren, decided to sell the shaved ice to the restaurant's customers in addition to the traditional cream puffs.


San Diego, CA - In San Diego, the shaved ice is most commonly served in sundae-style sandwiches. The flavors are normally cream, granola, and chocolate. These toppings add an exciting new twist to a usual old sandwich. However, this flavor seems to be particularly popular at brunch time.


Las Vegas, NV - Another popular place where the shaved ice is most often served is at the signature dessert bar. Most hotels have a breakfast or brunch menu, which is where the shaved ice version of the desert comes in. This desert, like many others served at hotels around the country, often includes a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit, yogurt, fresh basil leaves, and a drizzle of some sort of sweet syrup or other rich flavor. Shaved ice can also be served instead of frozen yogurt in this desert. It can also be enjoyed on its own as an iced tea, sometimes called iced tea latte.


Salt Lake City, UT - Shaved ice is often added to coffee, tea, or chocolate beverages to give it a sweet taste. In fact, some restaurants in Salt Lake City serve hot chocolate with the shaved ice cubes, which is a very popular treat in the area. A restaurant named after the "green mountain" also markets a variety of beverages with a mix of both shaved ice and crushed ice cubes in various flavors. In addition to coffee, tea, and chocolate beverages, other drinks common to Utah include monitor, lemonade, sangria, and mocha.


Tuscan themed restaurants in Cleveland, OH offer food and drink that are similar to what one might find in Italy. Both coffee and tea are served with a variety of specialty syrups, such as chocolate or raspberry syrups. Creamy and frothy flavored desserts such as tres alles are also common, along with fruit flavored desserts including banana splits, lemonades, and peach cobbler. Cold beverages such as horchata and soda water are common, along with non-alcoholic milkshakes and cappuccinos.


The drinks listed here are just a few of the many treats available for consumption at shops and restaurants in the Beach City, UT area. A great place to visit for a break from the heat of summer is "Beach Coffee & Tea," which feature both coffee and tea, along with a wide selection of delicious frozen treats. Another favorite is the Sand Bar, which offers an array of delicacies that are shaved ice cold, including shrimp, fish, popcorn, nuts, pretzels, and cookies. The Sand Bar's menu even offers custom-made sandwiches that are created to order, depending on the customers' preference.