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The Many Uses of Custom Ketubbah Plates and Plate Covers

Seder Plates

The Seder Plates is very popular, not only at Jewish gatherings but also at many other celebrations. The Seder Plate is a unique plate containing special foods or symbols usually eaten or viewed at the Seder. The traditional Seder Plate contains the Shavuot Table, the Haggadah, and a collection of special dishes associated with the Passover holiday. They are used to show guests what foods they can bring to the table for the meal. The guests then vote for their favorite foods.


Some of the most well-known Seder Plates include the traditional Haggadah, which shows two animals - a sheep and a calf - eating from the tablets of the Haggadah. The dishes in this plate include, eggs, black pepper, coriander, and olive oil. The Haggadah can be personalized by printing the guests' names on it, or it can just be a normal plate. The guests cut their own piece of the Haggadah and use it to eat at the meal.


The traditional Seder Plate can also contain other foods such as matzo (a type of unleavened bread), cheeses, and crackers. When these items are used as the center pieces on the Seder Plate, they represent the foods from the Passover holiday and the presence of God. Another popular Seder Plate is used for the dessert table. Often different shapes of food are used as the dessert in this occasion.


The main dish used for the Seder dinner is the Seder Hamentus. This is a plate that has a laments, a thin piece of unleavened bread placed under it. At the start of the meal, the guests will break one of the small loafers from the Seder plate and serve it to the other guests as a starter. These guests then eat the bread from the plate as part of their meal. This is how it becomes the Seder plate that is shared by the host and the guests at the dinner table.


As the dinner progresses, more dishes can be added to the Seder Plate. Other guests will help to hold down the plates as they eat so that the plate covers don't get messed up. Usually the plate covers are used to protect the guests from getting dirt underneath the Seder Plate.


After the guests have finished eating, the plates are removed from the Seder and the guests serve themselves. The meal is not over until the Ketubbah, or tablet of Commandment, is completed. The guests must eat a full ketubbah before the ceremonial cleaning of the vessel begins. At this point, the guests are free to remove the plates from the Seder Table. They will then place the Ketubbah on top of the plate covers to be used during the ceremony.


The guests may choose to clean their Ketubbah first before placing it on top of the Seder plates. If a single guest wishes to do this, it is important to be sure that all guests have fully read the written directions. For some families, a Ketubbah is taken to the kitchen and spread out. Many people like to eat first while others begin eating around the Seder Table. If your family decides to have this type of dinner, you should be prepared for some extra mess. Guests may even ask you to help clean up.


After the guests have had their dinner, the Ketubbah is then passed around to each family member and child. Depending on the length of the reception, this can become an exciting activity. If you are creating a Ketubbah for a family event, you can hand out the plates before the guests eat. This will help to break the ice. In order to keep everyone's attention, you should pass out paper plates to each guest after dinner. That way they will have something to hold onto until they return to the dining tables.