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  • Spoon Ladle Kitchen Cooking Supplies, Stainless Steel Metal, Long Handle Design, Two Colors Optional (Color : Gold)
  • CSBD Punch Bowl Set with Ladle, 2 Gallon, Modern and Decorative for Party, Holiday, or Christmas Events, Large, Elegant and Reusable, Clear Plastic, Made in USA
  • zison 12 PCS 1.7Inch Clear Plastic Punch Bowl Cup S Hooks
  • New Star Foodservice Mars Collection Stainless Steel 18/8 Hammered Hollow Handle Soup ladle, 10.2-Inch, 1.2-Ounce
  • The Punch Ladle
  • Maryland Plastics Plastic 5 oz | Clear | 1 Pc. Ladle, 5
  • New Star Foodservice 52282 Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Gravy Soup Ladle, 2-Ounce, 13.25-Inch
  • Marty Moose Punch Bowl
  • Party Essentials Hard Plastic 12-Quart Embossed Punch Bowl, Clear
  • Party Dimensions Lot of 2 Clear Plastic Punch Bowl Ladles 5 oz
  • Gold Soup Ladle, BuyGo Large Serving Soup Spoon Stainless Steel Long Handle Soup Pan Ladle for Cooking, Stirring, Dishwasher Safe, 11.81 inches
  • Badash Crystal Punch Serving Ladle - 12" Long European Mouth-Blown Lead-Free Crystal Glass Ladle - Elegant Serving Utensil for Punch, Soup, Sauce, Eggnog & More
  • Glass 10 Piece Punch Bowl Set - Includes - 1 Punch Bowl - 1 Ladle - 8 Punch Cups - By Barski - Punch Bowl is 10.25" D - 210 oz - Ladle is 14" L - Punch Cup is 12 oz. - Made in Europe
  • CreativeWare Punch/Salad Bowl 16-Piece Set
  • Party Essentials N120621L Hard Plastic Embossed Floral Serving Bowl for Punch/Salad/Snack/Treat, Clear, 12-Quart with ladle
  • Green Indiana Harvest Princess Plastic Punch Bowl Ladle & 12 Matching Hooks
  • Soup Ladle Stainless Steel Ladle Spoon Big Soup Ladle Kitchen Spatula Turner Cooking Tool Comfortable Grip (Gold Soup Ladle)
  • Godinger Monterey Punch Bowl and Ladle
  • 13.5in Clear Plastic Punch Bowl Ladle
  • Toysdone Heavyweight Clear Plastic 2 Gallon Punch Bowl With 5 OZ Plastic Serving Ladle, Embroidered Design 8 Quart Serving Bowl. (One Pack)
  • Elegance Silver Punch Ladle, 12"
  • Circleware Saucy Glass Gravy Boat Dish with Handle Kitchen Glassware Serving Utensils for Dining, Warming Sauces, Salad Dressing, Best Selling Gifts & Home Decor, 10 oz, Clear
  • Winco MSL-5S, 1/8 Tsp, 1/4 Tsp, 1/2 Tsp, 1 Tsp, 1 Tbsp Stainless Steel Mini Ladle Set, Sauce Ladle, Gravy Ladles

Punch Bowls - What is a Punch Bowl?

Punch ladles are a common tool that people use to create attractive punch bowls in their homes. When using these items instead of traditional punch bowls, a person can save money on the cost of buying punch bowls and will have more punch bowl accessories available for their home. These are the four main types of punch bowl accessories that a person can purchase.

Punch Ladles


The first type of accessory is punch ladders. A punch ladder is used to punch holes through punch bowls without having to use a spoon. They are very useful when it comes to getting the last bit of the punch bowl out of the punch cup. The best way to use punch ladders is to make sure the bottom of the ladder is touching the bottom of the punch bowl.


Another type of punch bowl accessories is a punch cup. A punch cup is used to fill the punch bowl with punches or other items that are being used in a punch bowl. There are two sizes of punch cups that a person can buy. The first size is small enough to be placed in a regular sized punch bowl and the second size is larger enough to be placed in a taller punch bowl. These items will work best when being used for small children.


The third main type of punch bowl accessories that a person can buy is a punch bowl timer. Timers allow a person to measure how long it takes to punch a hole through the punch bowl and to see how long it takes to punch all the way through to the other side. It is a good idea for a person to buy two timers because they may not get it right the first time. This is the perfect way to practice.


The fourth main type of punch bowl accessories that a person can buy is a mold. A punch bowl is normally made out of glass but sometimes other types of molds are used. These molds can be used to make punch bowls that have the same look and design as is used for glasses. These molds will usually cost more than the regular glass punch bowls. There are some molds that are resistant to rust so they will last for years.


The fifth main item that is found on punch bowls is a water tray. A person can use these trays to help them punch while wet. When punch has just been pummeled the wet ingredients will enter the punch bowl at a faster rate. This helps punch bowl ingredients to come out on the other side faster. These trays can also be used after punch has been pummeled so that it can dry off.


The sixth main item that can be used is a cloth punch bag. This item can work in a punch bowl, if one does not have one. It works similar to the cloth punch bags that a person uses when they are baking a cake. A person must place the ingredients into the bag and then throw the cloth punch bag over the ingredients. The ingredients will be pushed into the bag so that the person can punch them all into the punch bowl. A person can then shake the punch bowl and the contents will be mixed into one another.


punch bowls are commonly used by people who are in business to make items for events or for parties. These items can be used in a variety of ways. These items can be found online by just typing in the words punch bowl. A person can find the right punch bowl for their needs by just doing a search on the internet.