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  • ArtsOnDesk Modern Art Dinner Napkin Holder - st216 Stainless Steel Satin Finish Patent Applying for- Dinner Luncheon Lunch Paper Napkin Holder Dispenser Organizer Christmas Thanksgiving Gift.
  • Sunnycare #5960 V-Fold Kraft Paper Dispenser Napkin 6000/cs
  • EcoQuality Low Fold Dispenser Napkins, 1-Ply, 3 1/2 x 5 in, White 1200/pk, Dispenser Napkin Refill, Everyday Napkins, Perfect for Restaurants, Diners, Bodegas & Home
  • napkin holder (Golden), Stainless Steel Freestanding Tissue Dispenser, Kitchen Napkin Dispenser, Farmhouse Napkins Holder, for Tables, kitchen, Dining, Picnic Table, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Bellaa 28311 Butterfly Square Tissue Box Holder Cover Paper Napkin Dispenser Home Office Car Top Lid Wooden Hinged Refillable (Mix 28311)
  • LYCARESUN Car Visor Mask Holder, Tissue Box Holder for Cars, PU Leather Napkin Case for Car Sun Visor and Seat Back, Hanging Paper Towel Clip, Interior Organizer Accessories for Vehicle (Pink)
  • Tork Universal D3052B Tallfold Dispenser Napkin, 1-Ply, 6" Width x 13.5" Length, White (Case of 16 Packs, 625 per Pack, 10,000 Napkins)
  • San Jamar - H5005STBK H5005S Venue Fullfold Control Napkin Dispenser with Stand, 500 Capacity, 8" Width x 17-1/2" Height x 13" Depth, Black Pearl
  • Tork Universal D3061B Lowfold Dispenser Napkin, Overall Embossed, 1-Ply, 12" Length x 7" Width, White (Case of 24 Packs, 334 per Pack, 8,016 Napkins)
  • Guest Towel Holder Tray Bathroom Paper Hand Towels Caddy Basket Acrylic Holder Bathroom Accessories
  • Wall Mounte Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers, Stainless Steel C-Fold Multifold Hand Paper Tissue Holder with Lock,White
  • Metal Butterfly Napkin Holder Paper Bar Square Equestrian/Tack Napkins, Kitchen Napkin Dispenser, Metal Kitchen & Dining Room Decor (Black)
  • LEVIMETREE Flat Napkin Holder - Chrome Napkin Holders for Tables Modern Serviette Holder Tissue Dispenser Perfect for Outdoor Events - Dining Table Napkin Holder (7.4x7.4x2.4 Inches) for Kitchen
  • MOCOHANA Elephant Shaped Napkin Holder Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser Countertop
  • OwlGift Rustic Wood Napkin Holder, Primitive Vintage Farmhouse Paper Napkin Storage Dispenser, Charm to your Country Kitchen Table Top – Rustic Black
  • Nerien Vintage Metal Napkin Holder Collection Tabletop Paper Napkin Stand Retro Napkin Freestanding Organizer Tissue Dispenser for Home, Kitchen, Indoor & Outdoor Decor Gold Peacock1
  • Paper Plate Dispenser and Appetizers Plate, Bowl or Napkin barbecue Holder with Cup Holder Knife Fork Spoon Organizer, BBQ or Picnic Caddy (3017)
  • Antique Brass Bronze Dual Dispensing Paper Towel Holder Toilet Paper Dispenser Stainless Steel Wall Mount Bathroom Vintage Luxury Restroom Trifold Hand Tissue Napkin
  • ORLEIMI Paper Towel Dispenser Antique Brass Toilet Paper Holder Trifold Hand Towel Holder Wall Mount Napkin Dispenser Bronze Vintage with Bath Sponge
  • NIUBEE Acrylic Cocktail Napkin Holder 2 Pack,Clear U-Shape Tissue Dispenser Stand for Napkin Kitchen Dining Restaurant Home Table Decor
  • YHZONE Acrylic Paper Napkin Holder for Kitchen Dining Table,Tabletop Fancy Cocktail Napkin Holder,Modern Napkin Tray for Bathroom Restaurant Farmhouse Bar, (9"x 5.5"x 2.5")
  • Galvanized Napkin Holder with Metal Weighted Arm | Silver Color Unique Napkin Organizer | Raw Tin Tissue Dispenser for Multiple Size Paper Napkins | Modern Napkin Organizer for Table Kitchen Bathroom
  • CNQLIS Paper Towel Dispenser Countertop - Paper Towel Dispenser - Multifold Towel Dispenser Napkin Dispenser for Home and Commercial Use, Bathroom Tissue Holder(White)
  • Camco Pop-A-Napkin - Kitchen Paper Napkin Dispenser, Mounts to Walls and Cabinets, Easily Organize and Conserve Space in Your Kitchen, Perfect for RVs and Trailers, Quick Install- Almond (57051)

Global Paper Napkin Dispensers - Why They Make Good Business Sense

Paper Napkin Dispensers

A paper napkin dispenser facilitates easy dispensing of paper napkin in the dispenser without any hassle. Paper napkins are used for convenient shopping and it helps in saving time as well as effort while using it. Paper napkins are highly demanded by users around the world, especially in commercial establishments where customers are treated with great care and respect.


Paper napkins are very hygienic and easy to use, therefore; they have become a must-have for all. Paper napkins are mostly used in public bathrooms and are also an excellent alternative solution for the mini hand dryers that aids in minimizing the further spread of human faecal aerosols inside public bathrooms. To be able to serve such important users, large-sized public restroom soap dispensers are essential, but only if they can be easily managed and serve the intended target group. There are many challenges faced in dispensing paper napkin in such public areas. Some of them are discussed below:


* Coating Technology Integration: The challenge faced by manufacturers is mainly because of the coating process that is used to impart colour and design to paper napkin dispensers. It is the integration of such techniques that allow the business holders to get creative and stay ahead of their competitors. One way of achieving such integration is by ensuring that all the components of the paper napkin dispensers and accessories are manufactured in a standard production technique. This allows the manufacturers to keep up with the fast pace of the global market and provide quality products to the customers at competitive prices.


* Effective Design: A modern day dispenser can do more than just print out a sheet of paper napkin. Depending on the application, it may be required to print out customised logos, design patterns or graphics. These are to be printed on customized paper napkin dispensers manufactured by using advanced printing technology. In addition, the dispensers may also have to print out company information, advertising material and website addresses. Thus, it is necessary for a dispenser manufacturer to be able to perform such functions.


* Hygiene: The most obvious advantage of using paper napkin dispensers is that it enables the users to maintain hygiene while using public places. Many people often ignore the fact that hygiene is a major reason to avoid using paper napkin dispensers. This practice leads to several illnesses and diseases. However, this should not be the case as the use of hygienic paper napkin can help decrease the spread of several contagious diseases like Hepatitis A virus, HIV and hepatitis B and C. Additionally, it helps decrease the spread of Salmonella, Shigella and E. coli. Thus, a hygienic paper napkin dispenser increases the chance of averting the spread of several harmful bacteria.


* Cost Effectiveness: Another reason that makes using wall mounted paper napkin dispensers preferable is because it offers great cost effectiveness. This is because one does not need to purchase or construct separate dispensing units in order to maintain hygiene. Also, as the cleaning and maintenance of these units is easy, they can be replaced when they become overloaded. Furthermore, these units are often reusable, thereby eliminating the need to dispose of used paper napkin. As such, their cost effectiveness results in them being highly sustainable.


* Types of Units: The third reason why using wall mounted paper napkin dispensers can make good business sense is that there are several types of these dispensers. For example, there are countertop and undercounter models. In addition, there are also travel size dispensers. The countertop version is preferred by many businesses due to its portability and ease of use.


* Product Type, the global paper napkin dispensers market has been segmented as follows. * Undercounter: It is the smallest of all the types of units and is preferred by those who cannot or do not wish to spend much money on a dispensing device. It is especially suitable for single business establishments and those with limited space. * Wall mounted: It is the largest of the different product types, and is preferred by businesses that require dispensing devices to cover a wide area. It is preferred because it is large in size and can be transported easily.