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Nut Bowls - A Versatile Option For the Kitchen

Nut Bowls

Is Nut Bowls the latest healthy food craze? Do people love filling up tiny plastic containers with glistening, gooey, healthy nuts and salsa or filling them with cake and frosting? In the last few years, they've gained in popularity. But is Nut Bowl popular enough to keep growing?


Most Nut Bowls follows the same trend as other holiday seasons: they come out of the oven and into your fridge shortly after Christmas. Mixed nuts are a popular ingredient. And a variety of cheeses and spreads can be included. If you really want to be unique, consider making mini Nut Bowls for a family's holiday party. You could serve mini versions of all the ingredients in each of the two nut bowls, or you could pair different ingredients from different holiday seasons.


Many nut bowls are larger than conventional sized serving dishes. That makes them great for mixing smoothies, whipped cream, chocolate pudding, etc. You can also serve food and drink in them, just like in conventional beverage pots. But Nut Bowls is not solely for food and drink, they are also great for condiments and side items for parties.


In addition to their practical uses, many people enjoy Nut Bowls because they make for great informal meals. You don't have to use all the food in your pantry to make a hearty snack. Just put a couple of nuts, salsa, cheese, or whatever you love, in a blender, add some water and shake until smooth. It's an easy, healthy alternative to making grilled cheese sandwiches.


Most Nut Bowls is round, although some are rectangular. The taller bowl is usually smaller than the round bowl, which helps it fit on your kitchen counter. You can get these serving bowls in any shape you like, including: heart-shaped, triangular, square, rectangular, oval, etc. You can even get them personalized with your choice of fillings: candies, honey, marshmallows, or other treats. The possibilities are almost endless.


Nut-filled bowls are a popular choice for making quick, nutritious gravy for chicken, fish, vegetables, or whatever else you'd like to top a warm bowl of soup, salad, or other fare. When you're ready to assemble your gravy, simply grab your bowl, crack an egg into it, and stir the yolk into the egg. Then use a wire whisk to whip the yolk into smooth paste. Use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl and to push out any air bubbles that might have formed. Spoon the paste into your serving bowl and serve immediately.


If you need serving bowls for preparing hot beverages, consider serving frappes or coffee--also available in nut-filled versions. These specialty serving bowls are a great option to set out for guests to sip while you chat. They make a nice addition to the buffet table, too. Some nut-filled beverage pots even come with a lid to keep hot beverages warm while you prepare them. There are a number of ways that serving bowls can be used in the kitchen.


Whether you need a small hand-held bowl to serve one or two people, or a larger, more ornate serving bowl for warming soups, hearty stews, and hot beverages, you'll find many options from which to choose. Nut compotes come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are available in materials to match most any decor. Whether they're used for formal dining or informal dinner parties, compotes are always a crowd-pleaser. The next time you're in the kitchen looking for a new way to prepare that favorite dish, look no further than the versatile nut pan.