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  • Premium Glass Decanter Set, Whiskey Decanter Set 4 Liquor Glasses, Mens Gift 9 Cooling Whisky Stones and Funnel for Rum, Scotch, Bourbon, Whisky, Crystal Clear Liquor Decanter Drinking Set (Glass)
  • Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set for Men - 9 Design Options - Engraved Liquor Decanter Sets with Scotch Glasses - Perfect Gift Set for Him, Dad - Premium Set Includes Whiskey Stones - by Froolu
  • Hipiwe Liquor Decanter Tags for Bottles or Decanters, Set of 8 Deluxe Metal Wine Bottle Decanter Label With Adjustable Chain - Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila and Brandy
  • Amlong Plus Deluxe Set of Liquor Tags for Bottles or Decanters, Silver Color, Set of 8 With Adjustable Chain Features (Bourbon, Brandy, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Tequila, Vodka, and Whiskey)
  • GIFTS PLAZA 8-Oz Handmade Vintage Russian Liquor Decanter, Vodka Carafe Old-fashioned Glassware
  • Whiskey Decanter with Antique Ship - The Wine Savant Ship Decanter Set with 4 Globe Glasses, Drink Dispenser for Wine, Whiskey Decan, Liquor Decanter, Scotch, Rum and Liquor or Spirits 1000ml
  • Olivia & Aiden Whiskey Decanter Globe with 8 Shot Glasses (Large 850 mL) World Map Liquor Dispenser | Unique Gift Set for Men | Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka, or Wine
  • Amlong Crystal Lead-Free Crystal Liquor Decanter with Stopper, Round
  • 16-Ounce Glass Mouthwash Dispenser - Clear Glass Bottle with Pour Spout, Shot Glass, Funnel and Labels, Refillable Boston Round Bottles - 2 Pack
  • AR15 Whiskey Decanter Set 1000 ml & 4 12oz Bullet Glasses - Unique Gift - Drinking Party Accessory, Handmade Gun Liquor Decanter
  • Whiskey Decanter Diamond shaped With 2 Diamond Glasses & Mahogany Wooden Holder – Elegant Handcrafted Crafted Glass Decanter For Liquor, Scotch, Rum, Bourbon, Vodka, Tequila – Great Gift Idea – 750ml
  • KLOUD City Clear 1000ml Whiskey Wine Liquor Decanter with Stopper
  • Rifle Gun Whiskey Decanter with 2 Whiskey Glasses Set - for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon Vodka
  • MDLUU Liquor Decanter, Glass Decanter with Airtight Stopper, Decanter Bottle for Whiskey, Brandy, Scotch, Bourbon 24oz/700ml
  • James Scott 5-Piece Irish-Cut Crystal Decanter & Whiskey Glasses Set - for Liquor, Whiskey, Wine and Bourbon - Includes 1 x 24 oz. Decanter with Stopper and 4 x 11 oz. Glasses | Beautiful Gift Box
  • Bormioli Rocco Selecta Collection Whiskey Decanter – Sophisticated 33.75oz Diamond Decanter With Starburst Detailing – For Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch & Liquor
  • Godinger Whiskey Decanter and 2 Whiskey Glasses Bar Set, Italian Made Decanter for Liquor Scotch Bourbon Vodka
  • Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses - for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka - 850ml
  • Pistol Gun Liquor Decanter Bottle and Bullet Shot Glasses, Decanter Set for Scotch Whiskey Vodka Bourbon
  • James Scott Crystal Decanter for Whiskey, Liquor and Bourbon - 25 Oz. Lead Free | Irish Cut design | Gift Box
  • JoyJolt Atlas 5-Piece Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set,100% Crystal Bar Set, Crystal Decanter Set Comes With A Scotch Decanter-22 Ounces And A Set Of 4 Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses-10.8 Ounces.
  • Gun Large Decanter Set Bullet Glasses - Limited Edition Elegant Rifle Gun Whiskey Decanter 22.5" 1000ml With 4 Bullet Whiskey Glasses and Mohogany Wooden Base By The Wine Savant
  • Dublin Whiskey Bar Set - Includes Whisky Decanter, 6 Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses and Mirrored Display Tray
  • Jim Beam Figural Bottles: An Unauthorized Collector's Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Wine and Whisky Decanters

Liquor decanters are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get the absolute best taste out of your favorite liquor. They are used for all kinds of liquor and also make a beautiful presentation as well. Because they come in so many styles and sizes, there is sure to be one to fit any taste or style. But which kind would you choose for yourself?

Liquor Decanters


First off, there are two basic types of liquor decanters. You can get the kind that simply has a spout that collects the liquid and displays it, or you can get a more ornate model that also features a decorative stand or even a wine rack. The main purpose of a liquor decanter really is, quite simply, aesthetics. Some decanters will actually come with a series of glassware, which is an excellent way to build your own glassware collection.


If you are interested in collecting items and making a statement, then you will definitely want to consider getting a tequila or whiskey decanter set. These will make a great addition to your home bar or kitchen. You will first need to pick out a style of whiskey or tequila that you would like to serve. Most liquor decanters are simply made from clear glass, but some are available in colored glass for those who like to spice things up a bit. You can easily find these in tasters or regular size.


For those who prefer a fuller, richer taste in their liquor, then a bourbon or scotch decanter will be perfect. A good set of booze decanters should include at least three mugs; two for regular whiskey and one for the more rare varieties. Make sure to also get a nice big bottle to store your bottles of liquor in, so that you do not have to keep constantly running back and forth to the refrigerator to keep them stored properly.


There are many different types of alcohol decanters to choose from, but not all of them are made for storing your liquor. If you would like something a little classier, then you might want to opt for one of the new classier decanters that are made just for serving wine or other spirits. You can also find these in clear styles, but there are some that are designed to hold just about anything that you would like to serve in them.


If you are looking for a very elegant looking liquor decanter, then you may want to consider one of the new cocktail and wine decanters that are now available. They offer a very classic look and feel, but they are actually very useful for serving any kind of liquor. The great thing about them is that they have a handle on them, which makes it easier for you to pour the liquid out of the glass decanter. If you are someone who is very hard drinking, then you may want to look into the many tequila decanters that are available. If you are not a heavy drinker, then you may find that a tequila decanter will be just what you are looking for. You can choose from a small decanter, a tall decanter, and even some that sit on the table, so that people can serve themselves.


If you prefer a more solid drink to serve, then there are many options for you to choose from as well. For instance, you can go with a white wine or whiskey decanter. This will be best if you are serving whiskey, white wine, or some other type of liquor that is not going to be served in a cocktail glass. If you are planning to use your liquor decanter to serve tequila, you can find decanters that also double as serving glasses. For example, they come in tall and small sizes, and they can be used for any kind of spirits that you wish to serve.


You can even choose to go with a liquor decanter that has a pump. For many people, they like to have a way to mix the liquid with their drinks while sitting at their table. This is especially handy when mixing cocktails and wine. There are many different types of glassware for you to choose from. No matter what kind of liquors you prefer to serve, there is a glassware option for you to select.