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  • The Canon Cocktail Book: Recipes from the Award-Winning Bar
  • Philadelphia Flyers Official NHL 2 fl. oz. Spirit Shot Glass
  • The Alaskan Bootlegger's Bible, Second Edition: Makin' Beer, Wine, Liqueurs and Moonshine Whiskey: An old Alaskan tells how it is done.
  • The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails
  • Argon Tableware Campana Whisky Glasses - Vintage Cut Glass Liqueur Spirit Tumblers - 330ml - Pack of 6
  • Luigi Bormioli Vinoteque 5.75 oz Snifter/Liqueur Glasses, Set of 6, Clear
  • Rocks Glasses 11 oz,Snifters Round Clear Drinking Glass,Whisky Glasses,Old Fashioned Cocktails Glasses Bourbon Glasses for Restaurants,Bars,Parties,Water Cups Vodka Cups Liqueur Spirits Glasses 8 Pack
  • Whiskey Glass Set of 2 Mountain Crystal Wedge Glass Old Fashioned Tasting Tumblers Funny Gift Box for Dad
  • Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses,6 Pack ,10 OZ Scotch GlassesTumblers for Drinking Bourbon/Cocktail glasses/Bar Whiskey Glasses/ Two styles (Premium)
  • Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses 11 Ounce, Short Glasses For Camping/Party,Set Of 6
  • Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass (Set of 4) with Granite Chilling Stones - 10 oz Heavy Base Rocks Barware Glasses for Scotch, Bourbon and Cocktail Drinks

Liqueur & Spirits Glasses - Tips For Creating the Perfect Gift

Liqueur Spirits Glasses

Liqueur & Spirits Glasses is a great way to impress your date or just give your bartender an extra boost. They come in so many styles, shapes, and colors that you are sure to find one that will be just right for you. There are red wine glasses, white wine glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, wine tumblers, and much more. These fun and functional glasses can even act as party favors for special occasions! Here are some ideas for using your glassware to jazz up your beverages.


Red wine glass can be used as a complement to any red wine that you drink. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to the glass and serve with crackers or breadsticks. This will create a citrus twist on a well known drink.


Pair a shot of tequila with your next Margarita. Fill the glass with the Margarita ice cream. If you prefer, you can add a little chocolate syrup or brown sugar to the top. Swizzle it around in the glass for a few seconds and then enjoy. This will quickly get you in the mood for a really good time.


How about a Manhattan? Make a Manhattan by filling the bottom of your glass with the drink of your choice and leaving a finger or thumb imprint. (For safety reasons, do not put your drink in your mouth and have someone hold your head while you do this.) swirl the drink in the glass for a few seconds and then give it a good shake. You can now drink up and watch the faces of those around you turn to look at you in wonderment!


Need another inspiration? Try looking through your liqueur & spirits collection. You might discover something that would look smashing paired with a nice Margarita or Manhattan. There are a number of fun designs for glasses for these drinks as well and it is fun to mix and match the glasses.


Want something that's different yet still very nice? How about a Beach Glass? They are great to give out at parties because they can be used as punch bowls, serving dishes, and finger foods. They can even hold wine bottles! They make a cute wedding or shower gift and can be used as a fun conversation starter.


Celebrate Independence Day in a unique way with a Independence Glass. Fill up a tall glass with your favorite American spirit or choose from an array of red, white, and blue flavors. Lightly pour some whiskey into the glass and add a handful of granola bars to help strengthen the flavor. Shake and serve.


You don't have to celebrate every day of the year. Why not stick to Christmas and New Years? Make a fun and relaxing New Year's Eve glass by filling a tall glass with your favorite spirits of choice. Lightly pour some whiskey into the glass and add a few drops of simple flavored syrup to help enhance the whiskey flavor. Shake and serve.


Valentine's Day is close enough that you could make a Valentine's Day Liqueur & Spirits Glass. It's simple enough for you to prepare and it fits the theme of the holiday. Fill up a tall glass with red wine, grapes, champagne, or other sparkling wines and add some delicious fruit juices and raspberries. Stir and drink. It will make a delicious romantic ending to your Valentine's Day celebrations.


A fun idea for birthdays is a bottle of your favorite vintage. Purchase a bottle of whatever you want to make and fill a small glass with sparkling wine or champagne. Top with a slice of dark chocolate or a sliced fruit.


Celebrate an anniversary with a romantic Valentine's Day liqueur. Grandparents can bring their grandchild back home from school and share a bottle of their favorite vintage with them. Make it even more special by adding a personalized message. Have the children write messages for the grandparents on the back of the bottle. For example, if your grandparent loves puppies, have the kids write "Puppy Party" on the back of the bottle.


Your next birthday? Surprise someone with a liqueur & spirits glass. Buy her a bottle of her favorite vintage and make it even more special by adding a personalized message. Ask her to make a wish or just enjoy the special glass. A personalized bottle of wine is a great gift for any occasion or special day. You'll be amazed at the personalized gift you'll receive.