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  • Newness Fine Mesh Skimmer Spoon, Professional 304 Stainless Steel Hot Pot Fat Strainer for Oil Filter Skimming Grease and Foam, Durable Multi-Functional Kitchen Cooking Mesh Food Strainer Ladle-3 Pack

The History of Wooden Ladles

Ladles are tools by which liquids are poured from one container to another. These utensils have a long history in almost all cultures around the world. Ladles are made of metal, stone or wood and come in many shapes and sizes to meet the various needs of different consumers. There are many types of ladles in the market today. However, most of these are not practical as they are either too big or too small to be of any practical use.



Description: A ladle is an example of a wooden spoon used for cooking, soup, or other salty dishes. In some countries, it is used as an additional utensil to the meal while others are exclusively for serving food. In western countries, the ladles are made of metal. It is mostly used for stirring tea or for extracting cream from milk.


History: Ladles date back to ancient Egypt. They were used by the pharaohs to pour oil and wine. The Egyptians later changed the shape of the spoon into a spoon but retained the original name. Ladles later came into use with the Greeks, who used them to scoop soup.


Ladles later got the opportunity to spread across the other countries of the world. It became popular in Europe during the Victorian era. As the demand for such utensils increased, manufacturers took up the manufacturing of different varieties of ladles. With the passage of time, new types of ladles were designed for specific uses.


Types of Ladles: There are two main types of ladles that are used today. The first type is the plastic ladles, which is made of inexpensive plastic. These ladles are available in wide range of colors, designs and patterns. Plastic ladles are quite inexpensive and are also quite lightweight.


Another type is the stainless steel ladles which are quite durable and can also withstand high temperatures. The main benefit of using stainless steel ladles is that they do not react with the food and neither do they give any kind of unpleasant taste. Stainless steel ladles are made from alloy material, which is quite strong. They do not contain any porcelain coating, which can get stained over time. However, there is one disadvantage of using stainless steel ladles. They can get stained over time with the food and liquids.


Ladles with extension tubes are available in the market. These ladles have long handles and can be used to transfer soup from one container to another. In addition to this, they can also be used to scoop out noodles and prepare macaroni and cheese. Such ladles are usually plastic or stainless steel.


Ladles have been a part of our lives ever since. They are generally used by the cooks, especially when you are making noodles and waffles. Some people use them to transfer hot liquids from one container to another. Some of us also use them to pour soup into a serving bowl. You will get many varieties of ladles in the market and they are available in different sizes. Whatever your need is, you can definitely find that.


Wooden ladles are the oldest form of ladles. The reason for their popularity is that they are simple and cheap. If you have some wooden hampers lying around your house, then you can just remodel them into ladles. They are very easy to fix and they can work well in most kitchens.


You can find wooden hampers at your nearest home improvement store. Alternatively, you can make your own. For this, you will require a wooden paddle, some wood shavings and a few wooden nails. Once you have all these things, you can start building your own wooden paddle.


Ladles were primarily used for taking food to other places. It was not until recently that they were made to serve people at home. Most people still use wooden ladles these days to take food from their homes to guests. Wooden ladles are commonly used in the south and central parts of the United States. They are also used in Europe.


Wooden ladles make great gifts. If you want to surprise somebody special then go ahead and give him/her a wooden ladle. He/she will be impressed and will think that you care a lot about your kitchen. Also, it would be a great gift for your kids so that they can use them someday when they grow up.