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  • Chef's Knife Bag With 17 Slots Can Holds13 Knives,1 Meat Cleaver, And 3 Utensil Pockets, Multi-function Knife Roll With Handle, Shoulder Strap & Zippered Mesh Pocket Holder
  • Chef Knife Roll Bag (6 slots) is Padded and Holds 5 Knives PLUS a Protected Pouch for Your Knife Steel! Our Durable Knife Carrier Includes Shoulder Strap, Handle, and Business Card Holder. (Bag Only)
  • Universal Knife Edge Guard (14") is More Durable, Non-BPA, Gentle on Your Blades, and Long-Lasting. Noble Home & Chef Knife Covers Are Non-Toxic and Abrasion Resistant!
  • Ergo Chef Universal Edge Set Knife Guard, Multicolored
  • GOMILE Knife Holder in-Drawer Knives Block Organizer 2-Tier Silverware Kitchen Storage for Utensil Flatware Drawerstore
  • Chef Knife Bag (8+ Slots) is Padded and Holds 8 Knives PLUS Your Meat Cleaver, Knife Steel, 4 Utensils, and a Zipped Pouch for Tools! Durable Knife Carrier also Includes a Name Card Holder. (Bag Only)
  • Knife Case for Pocket Knives, Displaying Storage Box and Carrying Organizer Holds up to 44+ Folding Knife for Survival, Tactical, Outdoor, EDC Mini Knife (Only A Black Case)
  • Bamboo KnifeDock
  • Knife Display Case for 64+ Pocket Knives. Folding Knife Holder, Butterfly Knives Storage Organizer, Knives Roll Collection Pouch Carrier Bag for Survival/Tactical/Outdoor/EDC Mini Knife (Box Only)
  • Pocket Knife Display Case, 40 Slots Small Folding Knife Case, Case Knife Sheath Case for Survival Pocket Knife, Tactical, Outdoor, EDC Mini Knife
  • EVERPRIDE Butcher Chef Knife Edge Guards (2-Piece Set) Wide Knives Blade Edge Protectors - Meat Cleaver Knife Sheath Set - BPA-Free Chef Knife Covers Fits Blades Up To 8” x 4” – Knives Not Included
  • 8-Piece Universal Knife Edge Guards are More Durable, Non-BPA, Gentle on Your Blades, and Long-Lasting. Noble Home & Chef Knife Covers Are Non-Toxic and Abrasion Resistant! (Knives Not Included)
  • Chef’s Knife Roll Bag, Waxed Canvas Knife Cutlery Carrier, Portable Chef Knife Cases, Knife Pouch Holders With 10 Slots Plus 1 Zipper Pockets Can Hold Home Kitchen Knife Tools Up To 18.8” (Army Green)
  • Khaki Chef’s Knife Roll Case, Waxed Canvas Cutlery Knives Holders Protectors, Home Kitchen Cooking Tools And Utensils Wrap Bag Wallet, Multi-Purpose Brush Roll Bag, Travel Tool Roll Pouch (Khaki)
  • 2-Piece Universal Knife Edge Guards (8.5” and 10.5") are More Durable, Non-BPA, Gentle on Your Blades, and Long-Lasting. Noble Home & Chef Knife Covers Are Non-Toxic and Abrasion Resistant!
  • 5-Piece Universal Knife Edge Guards are More Durable, No BPA, Gentle on Your Blades, and Long-Lasting. Noble Home & Chef Knife Covers Are Non-Toxic and Abrasion Resistant! (Knives Not Included)
  • Victorinox RH Forschner BladeSafe for 6-Inch to 8-InchKnife Blades
  • Chef’s Knife Roll Bag (14 slots) Holds 10 Knives PLUS Meat Cleaver, Utility Pocket, AND 4 Tasting Spoons! Our Durable Knife Carrier Includes Shoulder Strap and Name Card Holder. (Knives Not Included)
  • Farberware 5229614 7 Slot In Drawer Knife Organizer, 18-Inch, Black
  • Zulay Kitchen Bamboo Knife Drawer Organizer Insert - Edge-Protecting Knife Organizer Block Holds Up To 16 Knives - Smooth Finish Drawer Knife Organizer Tray Fits In Most Drawers For Kitchen
  • Mantello Modern Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block Knife Holder Storage Organizer
  • Universal Knife Block Without Knives - Kitchen Knife Holder for Kitchen Counter - Extra Large Bamboo Knife Block Holder
  • WUSTHOF Block Knife Storage, One Size, Acacia
  • Bamboo Universal Knife Block - Knife Holder with 2 Built-In Knife Sharpeners - 2-Tiered Modern Knife Storage Up to 16 Large and Small Knives Easy Clean Wooden Knife Organizer by Kitchen Seven

What Are Knife Cases & Protectors?

Knife cases have undergone numerous changes throughout the years. Traditionally, cases were made of metals such as steel, brass, and bronze, but with the advent of technology, more modern materials are used to make knife cases. A number of manufacturers now produce protective cases and holders that are water resistant and able to protect your knives from rusting. Most knife cases protectors are waterproof or at least stain proof. In addition, many knife cases holders & protectors have special features that allow them to be used as a tool box, briefcase, or purse.

Knife Cases Holders Protectors


There are two types of cases: openers and closed. Openers are used to open or close the knife, while flowers are used to lock or store your knives away. Both types of cases come in several styles, shapes, and sizes to fit your personal needs. Some of the most popular knife cases include:


Many professionals prefer knife cases that are openers. These types of cases provide ease of opening for them and they do not have to worry about damaging the knife while trying to open it. These knife cases are great for professionals who need their knives ready at all times, but they also allow them to keep their knives safe from potential harm. The primary function of openers is to open the blade to use it. Some of the more common openers include ball point, tip red creek, and nail file.


For those who travel frequently, they will benefit from knife cases that offer protection. These kinds of protectors and cases come in a variety of forms and sizes. Some feature multiple pockets for different sizes of knives. Some models feature knife sheaths that can be attached to the handle of the knife or to a pocket so that the blade of the knife can be protected even when it is not in use. These can come in very handy when travelling.


Holders & protectors are popular accessories for professional chefs. These knife cases and holders to enable them to store and transport their knives safely. This allows them to keep their knives sharp and ready for use. Some of the different types include zip lock, slip fit, and water-resistant cases. They can also come with knife pockets that can be used for storage and transportation of the blades.


When it comes to protecting a chef's knives, there are many different options. These include sheaths that can be attached to the handle of the knives or to a pocket. This allows the user to store the knives safely away from the heat or moisture of the kitchen and also to use the knives when they are in need, without having to worry about damaging them.


Sheaths for use on knives can be constructed out of various materials including leather. There are also various types of slip-on blade guards that protect the blade when the blade is open. Many of the newer models of these cases have incorporated some type of closure mechanism for added protection. These include zipper blade guards that close over the entire blade and push the opening up to the handle or down into the sheath. The same type of mechanism is also incorporated into some of the knife cases and protectors that hold the blades open.


Knife cases and protectors are great ways to maintain your knives and at the same time keep them safe and ready to use. Some people who use a knife will simply throw the knife away after use. However, if you have a knife that you use daily then you probably don't want it ending up in the garbage can. Proper care and maintenance of your knives will extend the life of the blade and also make the knife much easier to use.