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  • Farberware 5229614 7 Slot In Drawer Knife Organizer, 18-Inch, Black
  • Zulay Kitchen Bamboo Knife Drawer Organizer Insert - Edge-Protecting Knife Organizer Block Holds Up To 16 Knives - Smooth Finish Drawer Knife Organizer Tray Fits In Most Drawers For Kitchen
  • Mantello Modern Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block Knife Holder Storage Organizer
  • Universal Knife Block Without Knives - Kitchen Knife Holder for Kitchen Counter - Extra Large Bamboo Knife Block Holder
  • WUSTHOF Block Knife Storage, One Size, Acacia
  • Bamboo Universal Knife Block - Knife Holder with 2 Built-In Knife Sharpeners - 2-Tiered Modern Knife Storage Up to 16 Large and Small Knives Easy Clean Wooden Knife Organizer by Kitchen Seven
  • In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block - Holds 14 Knives Plus a Slot for your Knife Sharpener, Premium Knife Drawer Organizer, Perfect Knife Organizer Drawer Insert or Drawer Knife Holder
  • 15 Slot Kitchen Knife Holder- Acacia Wood Universal Knife Block - Wooden Knife Holder for Kitchen Counter - Knife Block Universal by Coninx
  • Universal Knife Block Holder, OOU Knife Holder Without Knives,Detachable for Easy Cleaning, Round Knife Holder For Safe, Space Saver Knife Storage,Unique Design Slot to Protect Blades
  • Magnetic Knife Block, Natural Bamboo Knife Holder with Strong Magnets, Double Side Cutlery Display Stand and Storage Rack, Comes in a Gift Box
  • Mantello Wood Universal Knife Block Two-Tiered Slot-Less Wooden Knife Stand, Organizer & Holder - Convenient Safe Storage for Large & Small Knives & Utensils - Easy to Clean Removable Bristles
  • Coninx Magnetic Knife Block - Magnetic Knife Holder - Knife Magnet - Bamboo Knife Holder - Knife Block without Knives - Magnetic Knife Stand - Powerful Magnetic Knife Holder for Kitchen Counter
  • Mantello Bamboo Universal Knife Block Two-Tiered Slot-Less Wooden Knife Stand, Organizer & Holder - Convenient Safe Storage for Large & Small Knives & Utensils - Easy to Clean Removable Bristles
  • Cook N Home In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Storage Block, 11 Slot
  • Signature living Knife Drawer Organizer Insert for 16 Knives and Knife Sharpener (17” x 11.5” x 2”) In-Drawer Knife Block for Easy and Safe Storage - Durable Natural Bamboo Material
  • Shenzhen Knives Large In-Drawer Knife Block:11 Slot Empty Wooden Knife Holder for Kitchen Drawers-Bamboo Wood Storage Block for Large and Small Cooking Knives-Hidden Universal Knife Organizer Blocks
  • 20 Slot Universal Knife Block: Shenzhen Knives X-Large Bamboo Wood Knife Block without Knives - Countertop Butcher Block Knife Holder and Organizer with Wide Slots for Easy Kitchen Knife Storage
  • 10-Piece Universal Knife Edge Guards are More Durable, Non-BPA, Gentle on Your Blades, and Long-Lasting. Noble Home & Chef Knife Covers Are Non-Toxic and Abrasion Resistant! (Knives Not Included)
  • Cangshan 61741 6-Piece Knife Edge Guard Set, Black
  • Premium 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall - Professional Magnetic Knife Strip - Space-Saving Knife Rack/Knife Bar with Powerful Magnetic Pull Force (Upgraded Version)
  • Eco friendly Bamboo wood magnetic knife holder, 17 inch knife strip or bar in gift box. Premium Presents brand.
  • Cook N Home NC-00326 Bamboo Knife Storage Block, 19 SLOT
  • madesmart Small In-Drawer Knife Mat - White | CLASSIC COLLECTION | Holds up to 5 Knives | Safe | Open Design to fit Any Size Knife | Soft-grip Slots and Non-slip Mat | BPA Free
  • Cucino Magnetic Knife Strip Adhesive - No Drilling 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall

What Is a Bamboo Knife Block?

ZWILLING knife blocks provide your kitchen with an effective storage solution for your multi-functional knives. Many multi-functional knife blocks come in a variety of sizes, styles and designs. The wide array of knife blocks available also make them great gift ideas. There are different types of knife block sets to choose from, including plastic knife blocks, stainless knife blocks, and butcher block sets. There are also several sizes and styles to choose from, including thin, full-length, and compact knife blocks which protect your cutlery, slicers, or even a sharpening stone.

Knife Blocks


If you have thin blades on your knives, Zwilling offers many knife block sets that will protect those blades. They also offer many knife block sets that will provide a firm and secure home for your thin blades. These kinds of knife blocks are perfect for chopping boards, the countertop, and even over the side of your cabinets. Zwilling has a great line of upright knife blocks that are perfect for the countertop. These kinds of knife block sets include bottle and can openers, corkscrews, screwdrivers, scissors, blades, and even pins.


Another kind of excellent knife blocks is the pocket knife blocks. These types of storage solutions will help you to protect your pocket knives and sometimes even keep them inside your pocket. In some cases, these knife blocks have knife slots, or slots for additional blades.


If you are a person who uses a lot of kitchen knives, or you have a kitchen, bar, or recreation room that you regularly use, you may want to purchase a block and set it on the countertop. Zwilling offers several different kinds of stainless steel knife blocks. Some have slots, and some will hold knives securely in place, without moving around. Many of these storage solutions will hold small kitchen knives and pocket knives. The knife slots make it easy to find a specific knife when you need it.


Some people just buy plain flat blade Knives, and they don't worry about it being in a safe storage solution, or even in a dishwasher-safe solution. When a person buys a flat blade, they don't buy anything else, either. A dishwasher-safe knife block, or even a dishwasher safe knife block is an excellent knife storage solution. Zwilling carries both stainless steel and aluminum dishwasher safe knife blocks. Both of these types of material are heat resistant. When a knife is placed in a dishwasher-safe block, it usually won't rust, and it doesn't get damaged.


Not all kitchen storage solutions are made for kitchen knives. People sometimes throw cutlery in drawers, and they don't realize that there are knife blocks that can be placed over these in order to protect them. Some drawer knife blocks can be placed on top of a knife block, but some drawers can only be fitted with knife blocks. In addition, there are specially designed knife blocks that can be put on drawers that can only hold certain types of knives.


Knife blocks come in a wide variety of sizes and materials. The biggest problem that is faced by people is that they only realize how much space their block is going to take up once they've purchased it. When looking for a kitchen storage solution, take measurements of your counter space, and remember to include the space that you'll be putting your new block into. Some knife blocks will fit inside small refrigerators, and some will fit inside large ovens. There are also block options that are made to fit under counter tops, so that knives can be placed on the counter, and the space beneath the counter is covered.


While knife blocks have been used in homes for many years, they are not something new. They have been around for quite some time, and they're often used in kitchens as well. The bamboo knife block, though, is quite unique because of its material. Bamboo is one of the strongest and most durable materials in existence, so this makes bamboo a very practical material to use when building a knife block. The block is strong enough to hold a knife blade, yet it's lightweight enough that you won't feel like you're dragging anything around underneath the counter.