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  • Defender Security U 9950 (Mixed Keys) Drawer and Cabinet Lock – Secure Important Files and Drawers, 1-3/8”, Diecast Stainless Steel, Fits on 1” Max Panel Thickness
  • Warmtree Small Metal Heart Shaped Padlock Mini Lock with Key for Jewelry Box Storage Box Diary Book,Pack of 2,Gold
  • KeyGuard Pro SL-591 Car Window Punch Button Lock Box, Black
  • TOWOKE Key Lock Box For Outside - Weatherproof Lock box For House Key, Resettable 4-Digit Combination Lockbox, Key Storage with Loop for House, Hotels, Airbnb, Schools, Large Capacity -Updated Version
  • Lion Locks Alpha Key Storage Realtor Lock Box with Set-Your-Own Combination, (12 Pack , Black)
  • 10PCS Vintage Antique Style Mini Cute Heart Padlocks Luggage Locks with Keys for Decor, Bronze
  • Master Lock 140D Padlock, 1 Pack, Brass
  • Schlage Emergency Keys for Interior Door Locksets - Set of 10
  • Uniclife 28 Key Cabinet Steel Security Lock Box with Combination Lock-Black
  • Master Lock 140T Solid Brass Padlock with Key, 2 Pack, 2 Count
  • Master Lock 141D Covered Aluminum Keyed Padlock, 1 Pack, Black
  • Master Lock 131Q Covered Aluminum Padlock with Key, Black, 4 Pack
  • Master Lock Box, Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe with Personal Use Software Platform, 3-1/4 in. Wide, 5441D
  • Igloohome Smart Lock Box 3 - Large Key Safe, Instant Remote Access via Bluetooth/Code/App, No WiFi Required - Portable/Wall Mount Outdoor Key Lockbox, for Real Estate, Airbnb, Car Share, and more
  • Key Lock Box, UPXON Large Capacity Key Storage Box with Resettable Code, 4 Digit Combination Lock Box for Spare Keys, Waterproof Wall Mount Key Box for Home, Hotels, Airbnb and Schools 1 Pack
  • Master Lock Padlock, Solid Brass Lock, 3/4 in. Wide, 120T (Pack of 2-Keyed Alike)
  • Key Lock Box for Outside - Rudy Run Wall Mount Combination Lockbox for House Keys - Key Hiders to Hide a Key Outside - Waterproof Key Safe Storage Lock Box
  • Master Lock 3TRILF Outdoor Padlock with Key, 3 Pack Keyed-Alike
  • Master Lock 1TRILJ Outdoor Padlock with Key, 3 Pack Keyed-Alike
  • Master Lock M115XDLF Magnum Heavy Duty Outdoor Padlock with Key, 1 Pack
  • Fantye 6 Pcs Suitcase Locks with Keys, Metal Padlocks Luggage Padlocks Multicolor Small Padlock Keyed Padlock for School Gym
  • 48 PC Piece Set 50MM Heavy Duty DYNAMITE LOCKS KEYED Alike PAD Locks Short Shackle Laminated Padlock Key Alike Commercial Grade Multiple PAD Locks KEYEDALIKE All The Same Padlocks …
  • Master Lock 140DLF Solid Brass Padlock with Key, 1 Pack

Keys & Locks - Offers High Security Solutions

Keys & Locks are a small but delightful, family run business located in Brisbane, Queensland. I've known Mike (Owning Keys & Locks) since he owned the now-defunct Kingstone Casino in Brisbane when I was a teenager. Mike had worked with some of the leading figures in the Australian business community during his time as an engineer. It was obvious to me from the very beginning that Keys & Locks had a special connection to the Australian industry and that he understood the need for secure & safe locksmith services in this country. He saw, as I did, the inherent value of having professional and experienced locksmiths on his team to offer the best service possible to his clients.

Keys  Locks


Keys & Locks are run as a company by managing and maintaining a large portfolio of bonded locksmiths that it services around the country. The company prides itself on being a real business and not just another door supplier. Its core values of integrity, professionalism, service, excellence in the industry are paramount in all its dealings with both customers and locksmiths. The company strives to build long-term and healthy working relationships with all its associates in the locksmiths, security industry and other related industries.


Keys & Locks work hard to maintain a strong reputation and professional image throughout the industry, especially as it applies to its own members. This is especially important when you take into account the nature of the company's operations. The main business activities involve offering commercial, residential and automotive security solutions to businesses and other organisations, with the ongoing care of their clientele and customer information.


Keys & Locks are one of the few companies in Australia that manages its own in-house lock room facility. This allows it to build a solid and durable rapport with all of its members. It is also proud to partner with various industry partners, including the most prestigious security equipment manufacturers in the world. These include global names such as Fleck, Magna Cartridge, Safco, Slazenger and Thalsen etc. As a result, the company enjoys an extensive range of global distributors across several countries.


The primary aim and responsibility of Keys & Locks are to provide their members with expert, quality and reliable emergency locksmith services. When an emergency situation occurs or a property is lost or stolen, the organisation can provide quick entry and exit services through its fully equipped security centre. These centers are located all throughout the country, in major cities as well as in remote areas. The emergency service comprises highly trained professional locksmiths who are able to enter even locked doors. The provision of key replacement services on demand also ensures that clients are always under pressure to ensure prompt entry and exit.


The primary aim and function of Keys & Locks is also to educate and train its members on the latest industry trends and developments. This ensures that they are up to date with all the emerging trends in the security industry and are capable enough to provide effective and timely services to their clients. It also ensures that they are constantly updated with the latest technology and development in the industry.


The locksmiths at Keys & Locks are also adept and trained professionals who have the knowledge and experience required for installing various types of locks and safes. Apart from providing locksmith services, the company also manufactures a wide range of high security items. This includes home safes, business safes and business card locks. It also manufactures other related products such as cam locks and dead bolt locks. As a result, the company enjoys a comprehensive range of products that can be ordered through online secure ordering options.


With the advent of modern technology and highly advanced engineering concepts, the company has also designed and produced numerous products that can be customized according to the clients' needs. In fact, the Company has proved to be very beneficial to many people. It has helped them increase their revenues by providing them with highly secure and convenient solutions to a wide variety of security issues. Thus, if you are looking for a Company that can provide you with a high quality product and services at an affordable price, then Keys & Locks are the right place for you.