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  • WUWEOT 6 Pack Irish Coffee Glasses, 10 OZ Clear Coffee Cups with Convenient Handle for Coffee, Tea, Juice, Water, Beer, Milk Hot And Cold Drinks
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  • History Company Set of 2 Original San Francisco 6-ounce Irish Coffee Glasses (Gift Box)
  • Red Co. Set of 4 Asda Irish Whiskey, Tea and Coffee Mugs, Dining Glasses with Handle — 10 Oz
  • Luigi Bormioli Double Walled Irish Coffee Mugs - 8½ Oz (2 Pack) Insulated Tea Glasses, Drinking Glasses, for Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino, Desert Dish, Thermal Shock Resistant, for Hot - Cold Beverages
  • Anchor Hocking 8-oz Irish Coffee Mugs, Set of 12
  • Set of 4 Thick Wall Glass Footed Irish Coffee Glass Mugs 8.25 oz. Cappuccinos, Mulled Ciders, Hot Chocolates, Ice cream and More!
  • Red Co. Original Footed Clear Glass Irish Coffee Mug, Set of 6-7.75 Ounce
  • Libbey 10.5 Oz. Irish Coffee Mug(pack of 12)
  • Irish Coffee Glass Coffee Mugs Footed Regal Shape 8 oz. Set of 6 Thick Wall Glass Cappuccinos, Mulled Ciders, Hot Chocolates, Ice cream and More!
  • Irish Coffee Mug Tall glass, Latte Cups, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate Mugs with Handle, Clear Glass, ZERO LEAD for Hot Ounces 6-piece Set (8.5 Ounces)
  • Irish Coffee Glass Coffee Mugs Footed Regal Shape 8 oz. Set of 4 Thick Wall Glass Cappuccinos, Mulled Ciders, Hot Chocolates, Ice cream and More!
  • "Irish Whiskey Museum" True Irish Coffee Glass (Gift Box Set of 2)
  • Irish Glass Coffee Mugs, Latte Cups, Set of 2 Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate Mugs with Handle, Clear Glass Mugs for Hot Beverages, 7 3/4 oz
  • Libbey 8-1/2-Ounce Irish Coffee Mug, 4-Piece Set
  • Godinger Dublin Irish Coffee Mugs - Set of 4
  • 8 Ounce Clear Glass Irish Coffee Mug Set of 4
  • Libbey 10.5-ounce Irish Coffee Mug, 4-piece Set
  • GET HUR-1-CL-EC Cheers BPA-Free Break-Resistant Plastic Hurricane Glasses, 15 Ounce, Clear (Set of 4)
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  • CYS EXCEL Glass Candle Holders, Hurricane Candle Holder, Trifle Dessert Tray, Stemmed Candle Holder (Series (1) 3.75" Wide x 6" Tall)
  • Epure Venezia Collection 12 Piece Hurricane Glass Set - Perfect for Drinking Pina Coladas, Cocktails, Full-Bodied Beer, Juice, and Water (Pina Colada (15.5 oz))

Irish Coffee Glasses

Irish Coffee Glasses

Irish coffee is simply a unique cocktail made with Irish whiskey, coffee, and cream, topped with sugar. In many cases, it is topped with a bit of milk or a little lemon. The coffee is traditionally drunk over the delicious cream known as "gallic whiskey."


There are several wonderful gift sets that include Irish coffee accessories for your next coffee party or get together. I love to give these beautiful glassware items as gifts. They will surely be appreciated by everyone who receives them as well as being a great way to serve up some cold Irish brew during those long winter months. It is also a nice idea to have an Irish set of mug and glassware to use at the office for your colleagues and clients to enjoy during business meetings.


Irish coffee glasses are available in a variety of designs and styles including the ever popular "bolder" style. Many companies offer Irish coffee glasses in many different sizes and shapes. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a very small glass for a tiny sip of your favorite beverage or a larger more elaborate design for drinking your favorite beverage from. These glassware items are a perfect addition to any decor or home and office.


You can choose from the traditional "cork-lining" coffee cups or one of the newer designs that have the metal insulated lining in the cup instead of the paper linings. Both styles will look great when paired with an Irish coffee maker. With most Irish coffee glasses, you can choose from a plain white or cream colored interior to match your coffee maker. Some have the iris symbol etched right into the glass. These particular designs are becoming very popular with collectors.


Irish glassware is often matched with other Irish glassware such as China, crystal, pewter pottery, carvings, headstone and even money clips. The use of color in Irish glassware is very common such as the use of green and red in Irish coasters. You will also see the use of amber and brown. You might also find that the interior of these glasses are painted in various different hues such as blue, green and gold. You might even come across Irish glassware that has designs etched into the glass or the use of cut glass with flowers, beads or other designs etched into them.


Irish glassware is often made from solid glasses made from brass or copper and is not created from the blown glass art that is found in many homes. The Irish coffee glasses can last for a lifetime if cared for properly. If they are stored in a glass case every time they are used, this will prolong their life. They will not begin to break or chip immediately. When storing them away from other glassware you should wrap each piece of glass with a plastic bag so that the Irish coffee glasses do not scratch each other. You should also store them in a way that they cannot fall over as this will cause the colors to wash out.


When choosing your irish glassware you have many choices. The Irish glass for use in Irish coffee mugs can be found in several different sizes and shapes. Many people choose the smaller cups for use at home, while the larger ones are better used in restaurants or at events. There are also irish items that are designed to be used only one time and then they can be destroyed, thus making them worth the money because they are only used one time.


One of the great things about the Irish glassware is that they are available in many different materials. You can find them made from crystal, amber and other materials. This will allow you to match the glassware to the type of Irish decoration you have used in your home. Glassware made from crystal can often showcase the design of your home perfectly, while amber will give you the Irish coffee glasses you are looking for but without the fragility of the glass. Keep in mind that when you go shopping for the Irish glassware you will also need Irish coffee stirrers, Irish cream tea spoons and Irish coffee mugs.