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  • Oneida Mascagni II Iced Tea Spoons (Set of 12)
  • FOXAS Set of 6 Long Handle Ice Cream Spoons, 304 Stainless Steel Long Spoons, 22CM Iced Teaspoons Coffee Cocktail Stirring Mixing Spoon, for Cold Drink Milkshake Sundaes Latte, 8.66 inch
  • Lawei 12 Pack Long Handle Spoon - 9 Inch Iced Tea Spoon Stainless Steel Cocktail Stirring Spoons for Mixing, Cocktail Stirring, Tea, Coffee, Milkshake, Cold Drink
  • 9.4 Inches Cocktail Spoon, Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon, Coffee Spoon, Ice Cream Spoon Long Attractive Spiral Design Perfect for Mixing and Layering Drinks
  • HISSF Iced Tea Spoon, Long Handle Spoon, Mixing Spoon, 18/10 Stainless Steel Spoon, Tea, Dessert, Cocktail Spoon, Stirring Spoon, Set of 4-7.28 Inches
  • VOVCIG Handle Iced Tea Spoon, Coffee Spoon, Ice Cream Spoon, Stainless Steel Cocktail Stirring Spoons,Mixing spoon Mug dessert spoon Set of 4
  • 9-inch Long Handle Stirring Spoon, Ice Tea Coffee Spoon, Stainless Steel Cocktail Mixing Spoons - Set of 8
  • Long Handle tea Spoon, Stainless Steel multicolored Spoon Iced Tea Spoons for Mixing Ice Cream Coffee Spoon Milkshake Dessert Spoon Cocktail Stirring Spoons set of 5.
  • Ice Cream Spoon, 8-Inch Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon, Coffee Spoon, Stainless Steel Mixing Stirring Square Spoons for Cocktail Dessert Milkshake Ice Tea, Set of 8
  • Long Handle Spoon, CUH 8 Pcs 9-Inch Stainless Steel Spoon Iced Tea Spoons for Mixing Ice Cream Coffee Spoon Milkshake Dessert Spoon Cocktail Stirring Spoons
  • Knork Original Iced Tea Spoon, 6 Piece Set, Silver Matte
  • Long Handle Iced Tea Spoons set, AnSaw 6 Pcs 7.4" Ice Cream Spoon, Creative Silver Leaf Cocktail Stirring Spoons, Premium Food Grade Stainless Steel, Mirror Finish & Dishwasher Safe (Silver, 6 Spoons)
  • Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon,Stainless Steel Teaspoons,Xamoca Cocktail Stirring spoons, Coffee Stirrers spoon,9.33 Inches Milkshake spoons ice tea spoons for Mixing Ice Cream,cold drinks,Set of 8
  • Oneida Nocha Tall Iced Teaspoons (Set of 6)
  • Oneida Flatware Flight, Iced Tea Spoons, Set of 4
  • 10 Piece Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon, Stainless Steel Coffee Mixing Spoons - Long Cream Dessert Spoons
  • QIBOORUN Iced Tea Spoon Set for 12 Coffee Spoon 7.9 -Inch Stainless Steel Spoon Set Ice Cream Spoon Long Spoon Dessert Spoon Milkshake Spoon, Silver
  • Spoons, Long Handle Spoon, IQCWOOD 7.95 Inches Stainless Steel Iced Tea Spoon for Mixing, Ice Cream, Cocktail Stirring, Tea, Coffee, Milkshake, Cold Drink, Set of 10
  • dhrbsx Long-Handled ice Tea Spoon, Cocktail stir Spoons, Stainless Steel Coffee Spoons, ice Cream Scoop Set of 8
  • Long Handle Stirring Spoon, DaKuan Set of 10 Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon for Iced Tea, Coffee, Cocktail, Milkshake, Cold Drink
  • Marco Almond Rainbow Titanium Long Handle Spoons, Colorful Plated Latte Spoon, Stainless Steel Ice Cream Spoon, Iced Tea Spoon,Cocktail Stirring,Tea, Coffee, Milkshake Spoons, Pack of 8
  • Long Handle Spoon, Coffee Stirrers, 9-inch Ice Tea Spoon, AOOSY Premium 18/10 Stainless Steel Iced Teaspoon for Mothers Milks Tea Mixing Cocktail Stirring Coffee Milkshake Cold Drink, Set of 6
  • JUCOXO Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon, Stainless Steel Coffee Mixing Spoons, Long Cream Dessert Spoons Set of 4 (Multicolor), Dishwahser Safe
  • Soup Spoons, Stainless Steel Dinner Spoons, Silver Colourful Round Head Table Spoons for Soup,5 Piece Soup Spoons Sets Used for Dinner, Soup, Grain, Dessert, Fruits,BXNWARE Spoons Dishwasher Safe

All of Your Spoon Needs Are Here! Iced Tea Spoons Can Be Youracles Choice

Iced Tea Spoons

An Iced Tea Spoon, also known as a latte spoon or an ice spoon, is a small round spoon with a long handle made of plastic. It's used mostly in the United States, for stirming sugar or other sweetener into iced tea, that is traditionally served in an elaborate, wide-mouthed glass. The spoon is normally made of wood or plastic and is usually painted white to help it blend better with the drink being served. In some homes, the porcelain spoon is painted black to show the colors of the tea being poured.


You can buy iced tea spoons at any liquor or food supply store. They are generally large and square, and made of plastic or ceramic. (cersium or cork is also used sometimes, but not often.) These days the spoons come in plastic, even when they are for regular tea. There is usually room to add a decorative touch to the spoon - a toy bottle or toy pen is an option.


A longer handled spoon will be easier to pour iced teas onto. You can use the wooden spoon for delicate desserts such as mochas or chocolate cakes, or for making meringue for pies, cream sauces and cookies. An aluminum spoon is usually best for stirring larger, thicker soups and sauces. However, if you plan on doing a lot of stirring of iced teas, then an aluminum mixing spoon may be just what you need.


Most tea spoons are made of metal, although there are some glass ones available. The metal can be polished to give a little bit of sparkle, or painted with decorations to match your decor. You can even get them in plain colors, although more ornate designs would probably look better with your iced tea blend. You can choose spoons that have a bowl at the bottom, so you can measure how much tea you need for one glass of iced. Some spoons also come with leaves to hold the liquid on top, so you don't have to worry about measuring out the exact amount.


The spoons are not the only type of tea infuser available. You can also get tea infusers that fit onto the teapot and allow you to pour hot water over ice. This is particularly useful if you are having iced teas with dessert. In fact, it is possible to get infusers so small that they can go into the iced tea itself, which eliminates a whole step from making the tea!


The spoons and tea infusers I recommend are those that are made from porcelain, as well as those that are decorated. While the latter are great for serving iced teas, you might find that they are too gaudy to be used for tea. Iced tea spoons have to be something that is actually functional, otherwise you will just be wasting money on them.


Finally, another type of iced teas spoon you may want to get are sugar cookie spoons. These are perfect for making iced tea with, as the ingredients will be included inside. You will be able to get these in just about any flavor, and the best part is that they come in all shapes and sizes. They can even be used for creating sugar cookies!


It's not very hard to find iced teas spoons. You can go to any liquor store and see what they have. Most liquor stores usually have more than one type of selection and most of the time you can get them at a really good price. If you want to try something different, and find iced tea spoons that aren't usually found in liquor stores, then you could always shop online. There are a lot of different types of spoons out there, so it shouldn't be hard to find what you are looking for!