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  • GET HUR-1-CL-EC Cheers BPA-Free Break-Resistant Plastic Hurricane Glasses, 15 Ounce, Clear (Set of 4)
  • CYS EXCEL Cylinder Clear Glass Vase (H-16" D-6") | Multiple Size Choices Glass Flower Vase Centerpieces | Hurricane Floating Candle Holder Vase
  • CYS EXCEL Various Size Hurricane Candleholders, Chimney Tube, Glass Cylinder Open Both Ends, Open Ended Hurricane, Candle Shade, Glass Shade Candleholders Set of 2 (4" Wide x 9.5" Tall)
  • Libbey 16 oz Adulting Tropical Hurricane Glass Tumblers; 6 Count
  • CYS EXCEL Glass Candle Holders, Hurricane Candle Holder, Trifle Dessert Tray, Stemmed Candle Holder (Series (1) 3.75" Wide x 6" Tall)
  • Epure Venezia Collection 12 Piece Hurricane Glass Set - Perfect for Drinking Pina Coladas, Cocktails, Full-Bodied Beer, Juice, and Water (Pina Colada (15.5 oz))
  • Light of Mine | 3 x 10" Oil Lamp Globe Replacement Lamp | Oil Lamp Chimney | Hurricane Lamp Glass Replacement | Clear Smooth Top Chimney
  • GET HUR-20-CL-EC Cheers - Break-Resistant Plastic Hurricane Glasses, 20 Ounce, Clear (Set of 4)
  • Light of Mine | 3" X 8 1/2" Oil Lamp Globe Replacement Lamp | Oil Lamp Chimney | Hurricane Lamp Glass Replacement | Clear Crimp Top Chimney
  • Tiger Chef Plastic Drinking Glasses - Acrylic Unbreakable Wine Glass Shatter-Proof Tumblers - Reusable Party Cups Drinkware (6 Pack, Hurricane 16 Oz)
  • Viski Raye: Angled, Hurricane Glasses
  • WGVI Hurricane Candle Holder Sleeve, Wide 4", Height 8", Clear Glass Cylinder Open Both Ends, Chimney Tube, Open Ended Candle Shade, 1 Piece
  • Neon Colored Hurricane Glasses (bulk set of 12) Mardi Gras and Tropical Luau Party Supplies
  • LAV Hurricane Glasses Set 6-Piece, Pina Colada Cocktail Glasses 13 Oz, Great Choice for Drinking Beer & Juice & Tropical Drinks, Lead-Free Clear Tulip Cups
  • 16 oz. Libbey Hurricane Glasses - 10 pack - Black
  • Carlisle 565007 Alibi Shatter-Resistant Plastic Hurricane Glass, 16 oz
  • Royal Imports Hurricane Pillar Candle Holder, Clear Glass Flower Vase, Terrarium Succulent Planter, Decorative Centerpiece for Home or Wedding 3 Pc Set, 6", 8" 10"
  • Bormioli Rocco (Set of 4) Cocktail Glasses Tulip Shaped - 17 Ounce Pina Colada Glass, Hurricane Glasses for Drinking Full Bodied Beer, Water, Juice, Lead-Free Bar Glass Italian Crafted Beer Glasses
  • Epure Venezia Collection 4 Piece Hurricane Glass Set - Perfect for Drinking Pina Coladas, Cocktails, Full-Bodied Beer, Juice, and Water (Pina Colada (15.5 oz))
  • Mikasa, 16.75 oz, Clear Julie Highball Drinking Glass, 16.75-Ounce, Set Of 4
  • Godinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glasses, Set of 4
  • Royalty Art Kinsley Clovelly Tall Highball Glasses Set of 8, 12 Ounce Cups, Textured Designer Glassware for Drinking Water, Beer, or Soda, Trendy and Elegant Dishware, Dishwasher Safe (Highball)
  • Jax Highball Beverage Glass Cup by Godinger - Pink - Set of 4
  • Highball Glasses [Set of 4] + 4 Stainless Steel Straws, 16 oz Lead-Free Crystal Clear Glass, Elegant Drinking Cups for Water, Wine, Beer, Cocktails and Mixed Drinks - Round Top, Square Bottom

How to Choose Hurricane Glasses

Hurricane Glasses

Hurricane Glasses from iKara is some of the most popular hurricane glasses today. These glasses have an ability to provide protection from the onslaught of wind, rain and humidity. The sturdy materials used in the making of these hurricane glasses ensure that they can resist the effects of temperature and the wind blows. As we all know, a storm can be really dangerous. That is why proper preparations should always be made and hurricane glasses from iKara are definitely one of those items you should have if you want to protect yourself from the hazards of the climate.


There are a number of reasons why people love hurricane glasses from iKara. One of them is the fact that they have an anti-ultraviolet (UV) ray protection. Since UV rays is considered one of the most dangerous elements that can damage your eyes when exposed to it, you should not expose yourself to sunlight. The sun's ultraviolet rays are found everywhere - on TV, magazines, and even at the beach. If you wish to buy a pair of these glasses, you can definitely count on iKara since they have a product line dedicated to UV ray protection.


Another reason why a lot of people are buying hurricane glasses from iKara is because the frames of their glasses are really sturdy. In fact, it is almost impossible to break a glass with this type of frame. This means that you can use these hurricane glasses anywhere without worrying about the impact it might have on your eyes. Unlike other glasses that have thin frames that easily break when they are dropped, this one has thick frames which do not shatter easily. That is why it is considered as one of the safest glasses for outdoor use.


Aside from its strength, iKara hurricane glasses also have a number of features that make them really attractive. One of those features is the fact that they have anti-scratch and anti-glare features. The anti-glare feature ensures that you will be able to see out into the distance without having to strain your eyes too much. The anti-scratch feature works similar to the idea of anti-glare, except it is more advanced in that it prevents your glasses from being scratched once they are knocked around accidentally.


There are actually a lot of different types of hurricane glasses in the market. All you have to do is to look around at stores and compare them on your own. However, before you buy any, you should first decide on what type of glasses you would like to buy. If you cannot decide yet, you can ask some of the sales assistants in the store for some advice. They are usually quite knowledgeable when it comes to such matters.


Once you have decided on what type of hurricane glasses you want to get, then it is time for you to choose where you will be purchasing them from. Naturally, you will want to get yours from an authorized dealer, as this will ensure that the quality is as high as possible. This means that the prices should be more than reasonable, but that should not necessarily mean you have to pay an outrageously inflated price. It really depends on what you are looking for.


In fact, you might end up saving money if you go with a used pair. Most people tend to discard their old hurricane glasses after just a few days or so. This is because most people become wary of the fact that these pieces of sunglasses will be prone to getting shattered every time they take a hit. However, you can ensure the safety of your vision by always keeping an eye out for them.


If you are a serious collector, then you might want to consider buying hurricane glasses that are designer. This way, you will have the best looking pair of glasses in the world. It is definitely not easy to find one of these designer glasses at a regular store, so you will certainly need to shop around in order to find one. However, once you have found one, make sure you shop with care - the last thing you would want is to get a damaged pair of glasses. By following these steps, you can ensure that you will always end up with the perfect pair of hurricane glasses.