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  • Mikasa, 16.75 oz, Clear Julie Highball Drinking Glass, 16.75-Ounce, Set Of 4
  • Godinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glasses, Set of 4
  • Royalty Art Kinsley Clovelly Tall Highball Glasses Set of 8, 12 Ounce Cups, Textured Designer Glassware for Drinking Water, Beer, or Soda, Trendy and Elegant Dishware, Dishwasher Safe (Highball)
  • Jax Highball Beverage Glass Cup by Godinger - Pink - Set of 4
  • Highball Glasses [Set of 4] + 4 Stainless Steel Straws, 16 oz Lead-Free Crystal Clear Glass, Elegant Drinking Cups for Water, Wine, Beer, Cocktails and Mixed Drinks - Round Top, Square Bottom
  • Riedel Drink Specific Glassware Highball Glass, 10 oz, Clear
  • JoyJolt Gwen Highball Glasses Set of 4 Tall Drinking Glasses. 18oz Cocktail Glass Set. Lead-Free Crystal Glassware. Bourbon or Whiskey Glass Cup, Bar, Iced Tea, Water, Mojito and Tom Collins Glasses
  • MITBAK 13 - OZ Highball Glasses (Set of 6) | Drinking Glasses Tumblers for Mixed Drinks, Water, Juice, beer, cocktail | Glassware Set, Excellent Gift | Glass cups Made In Slovakia
  • JoyJolt Faye Highball Glasses Set of 6 Tall Drinking Glasses. 13oz Cocktail Glass Set. Lead-Free Crystal Glassware. Bourbon or Whiskey Glass Cup, Bar, Iced Tea, Water, Mojito and Tom Collins Glasses
  • JoyJolt Highball Glasses – Set of 6 Colored Drinking Glasses – Glassware Set for Mixed Drinks, Cocktails, or Water – Elegant and Festive Design – Drink Glasses with In-Glass Coloring – 12oz
  • Highball Glasses with Heavy Base, Clear Drinking Glasses Set for Water, Juice, Cocktails, Wine, Beer, and Whiskey, 12 1/4 Ounce, Set of 6
  • Glass Cups 10 oz,QAPPDA Clear Highballl Glass Cocktail Glass Drinking Glasses For Kitchen,Heavy Base Water Cup For Juice,Cocktails,Beverages,Drinking Cups Beer Cups Set Of 12 KTY1002
  • Mikasa Cheers Highball Glass, 19.75-Ounce, Set of 4
  • Godinger Tall Beverage Glasses Collins All Purpose - Dublin Collection, SET OF 4
  • Set of 8 Highball Glasses, Cocktail Highball Glasses, Tall Drinking Glasses for Water, Juice, Cocktails, Beer and More, Elegant Bar Glasses, Italian Highball Glasses, 10 oz Highball Glasses
  • JoyJolt Stella Lead Free Crystal Highball Glasses Barware Collins Tumbler for Water, Juice, Beer, and Cocktail (Set of 4)-14.2-Ounces
  • Godinger Highball Glasses, Italian Made Glass Tall Beverage Cups - 14oz, Set of 4
  • Godinger Highball Glasses, Tall Beverage Glass Cups, European Made - 16oz, Set of 4
  • Libbey Tiki Pineapple Glasses, Set of 4
  • Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Hurricane Whisky, Cocktail Glass, 17.9-Ounce, Set of 6
  • Hosley Set of 2- 7 Inch High Clear Glass Hurricane Candle Holder or Sleeve. Wonderful Accent Piece for Coffee or Side Tables. Ideal Gift for Weddings Home and Events. O9
  • Hurricane Candle Holders for Pillar Candles, Pillar Candle Holders Set of 2, Table Centerpieces, Dining Table Decor, Ideal for 3'' Pillar Candles and LED Candles, Metal Base With Hurricane Glass Cover
  • SUNWO Borosilicate Glass, Clear Candle Holder, Glass Chimney for Candle Open Ended, Glass Hurricane Candle Holders Diameter 3.5", Height 4"
  • Serene Spaces Living Beveled Glass Gold Square Hurricane with Mirror Bottom, Glass Candle Box for Wedding Centerpieces, Party, Christmas, Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday Decor, Measures 8" Tall & 5" Sq

How To Choose Highball Glasses

Highball Glasses

Highball glass is a clear, square glass tumbler which can contain 360 to 360 milliliters of liquid. It is mainly used to serve in highball glasses with mixed drinks and other alcoholic drinks. The reason why highball glasses are called as such is because they are smaller than wine glasses. Another style of highball glasses is the tall highball glasses, which have a tall cylinder shaped glass at the top with an equally tall stem and a wide opening. Both styles of glasses can have different designs and they each serve different purposes.


There are different types of highball glasses, which are perfect for different occasions and for different uses. For example, there are plain highball glasses, which are commonly used for parties, and serving cocktails. There are also crystal highball glasses, which make the best gift to corporate people who attend conferences and meetings on a regular basis. And there are the stemless highball glasses, which can be a bit expensive but worth every single penny spent on them.


Highball glass usually has a flat base and a long stem with a wide opening. There are several designs available in the market, all of which are made with different types of glasses and materials. The most common materials are acrylicoid, polycarbonate and crystal. These glasses are clear and usually have black, red or white colors. Most of the time, these highball glasses have a single color on the top as well as a gradient on the surface of the glass.


Now you may wonder how it is possible to buy a highball glasses set. The answer is simple and straight forward. Highball glasses are available at almost any party store. However, if you want to get the perfect glasses that suit your taste and preference then you should opt for a store that specializes in highball glasses. This will ensure that you get glasses from a store that only stocks highball glasses.


However, there is one thing you should consider before you buy a highball glasses set. If you think that the price of the glasses is really high then you should opt for a set that has a lower price tag. This will ensure that you get quality for your money. Besides, in case you are buying a highball glass set for a friend then you shouldn't feel that you are spending too much.


The other option available to you is to buy a set of highball glasses which do not look too trendy. You can easily do this by opting for glasses that have a vintage design. In fact, many stores also stock vintage highball glasses set. If you are really looking to make a statement then a vintage glass design is what you need.


You should always opt for a highball glass set that comes with a nice pattern on the glass. A basic black or red design is all that you should look for. Another option available to you is to go in for silver or white colored glasses. Of course you can also go in for a black and pink set. However, if you have a friend who prefers pink then go for a pink highball glasses set.


Don't forget that when you are buying a highball glasses set there are other accessories that you should consider as well. This includes the colour of the frame as well as the design of the glasses. In fact, these days many people are opting for frames that have colourful designs. However, keep in mind that while you might like the design of the highball glasses so much you should ensure that it matches well with your outfit and shoes.