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  • Kbk Japanese Gyutou Forged Kitchen Knife SUS304 Stainless Steel Blade and Hard Alloy Edge 63 HRC Super Sharp with Ebony Wooden Handle Comfort Hold
  • Suisin Inox Western-Style Knife Series, Genuine Sakai-Manufactured, Inox Steel 9.4" (240mm) Gyuto Knife
  • Misono Molybdenum Gyutou 10.5" (27cm) - Right
  • Kai (KAI) Seki Magoroku Akane Gyuto 210mm AE-2908
  • Mercer Culinary MX3 Premium San Mai VG-10 Steel Core Blade Gyuto Chef Knife, 210mm 8 3/10 Inch
  • Misono UX10 Gyutou 9.4" (24cm) - Right
  • Misono Swedish Carbon Steel Gyuto
  • Misono Molybdenum Petty 5.1" (13cm)
  • Misono Swedish steel ( dragon sculpture input ) SujiˆøNo.121M / 24cm
  • Tojiro DP Gyutou, 8.2-Inch, Black/Silver
  • Misono Molybdenum Sujihiki 9.4" (24cm) - Right
  • Masahiro MV Gyutou Knife 8.2-inch(210mm)
  • Misono UX10 Petty
  • Misono UX10 Gyutou 7.0" (18cm) - Right
  • Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife (Octagonal Ambrosia Handle) (9.5" (240mm))
  • Tojiro DP Gyutou - 9.4" (24cm)
  • Misono 440 Molybdenum Gyutou 8.2" (21cm) - Right
  • Misono Molybdenum Gyutou 8.2 (21cm) - Right
  • Chef Knife 8 Inch Professional Kitchen Knives High Carbon Steel Japanese Chef's Knife Meat and Vegetable Cooking Knife for Home Restaurant
  • Misono UX10 Gyutou 8.2" (21cm) - Right
  • Gyuto Chef’s Knife, 8 inch Japanese Style Chef Knife 3 layers 9CR18MOV Clad Steel Japanese Kitchen Knife , Alloy Steel Gyuto Knife, Sushi Knife for Kitchen/Restaurant, Octagonal Handle, Gift Box
  • Fuji Merchandise 11.75"(6.25") DEBA KNIFE, One Size, Gray
  • Tamahagane SAN Kyoto Mikarta Stainless Steel Deba Filleting Knife, 6.5-Inch
  • Kotobuki Seki 6-1/2-Inch Deba Knife

The Gyutou Knife - High Quality, Stylish and Affordable

Gyutou Knives

The Gyutou knives are very popular knives made by the Gyutou Company in Japan. They are great for using in a number of different situations from cutting and carving wood, through to opening cans and fish pots. However, what makes them great is that they are also very reliable and durable and it is for this reason that they are often used as a workhorse for professionals in their line of work.


The blade is a full size style of Japanese knife that has been designed for flexibility and strength. This makes it very quick and effective, as well as ideal for all kinds of jobs. One of the best things about it is that it has been designed so that it can handle just about any type of task that you could throw at it. This flexibility is one of its biggest selling points and it allows it to cut through just about anything. You should be aware though that the Gyutou blades tend to be on the heavier side than some other Japanese knives and this can make it harder for some people to manage.


The handle of the Gyutou knife is made from high carbon steel, which means that the knife will last for a long time without having to be put through harsh treatments. The high carbon steel means that it is very strong but it is also tougher than high carbon steel which means that it cannot rust or corrode. This is great news for anyone looking for a knife that will last them many years. The handle material is also very comfortable to hold, which helps to make the knife even more appealing.


The blade of the Gyutou knives is a very impressive one too. The blade is made from high carbon steel, but it is finished with a high polish so that it looks great. This means that the knife is both durable and attractive, making it ideal for anyone to use. However one of the downsides to the blade is that it does tend to be a little on the heavy side compared to some other Japanese knives. So if you are not heavy duty or want a knife that will feel solid and last for many years, then this could be a disappointment.


The other major difference between the Gyutou knives and many other Japanese knives is the blade quality. The blade is made using high quality Japanese forged blades that have been precision heat treated. This gives the blade higher strength, makes it sharp and increases the overall quality of the knife. The strength of the blade also helps to ensure that the blade locks into place, cutting the need for additional locking devices such as fixed pins. This quality is known to be quite uncommon in many Japanese traditional knives.


The Gyutou knives come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Each design is stand alone, which makes them great for anyone who just wants something to do basic kitchen work. They can also be used for carving, slicing and for opening fish and other seafood. They also are very popular for use as cutlery because they have a great deal of balance and strength and will slice and dice well.


The quality of the handle and the overall design of the knife to make these particular knives stand out. The handles are designed so that they sit comfortably in the hand and that the ergonomic design of the knife allows for the ergonomic positioning of the knife itself. This means that the knife is comfortable to hold for long hours at a time, as well as safe to use.


Also, the Gyutou knives are very affordable. At around $60 US, these knives are great value for money. They are also a great choice for beginners as they are relatively easy to use and have a lot of versatility. For these reasons, the Gyutou knife is a great buy. It has a high quality, a good price and is also incredibly durable, making it a great buy for anyone.