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  • Joie Fruit and Vegetable Wavy Chopper Knife, Stainless Steel Blade, Colors Vary 2 Pack
  • Arcos 3-1/2-Inch 85 mm Butter Curler
  • Crinkle Cut Knife set, 1 Fork Slicing Helper Stainless Steel Crinkle Cutter, Fruit And Vegetable Wavy Chopper Knife, Safe Potato Cutter Onion Cutter French Fry Cutter,Kids Kitchen Tools
  • Tovolo 5" Comfort-Grip Handle Stainless Steel Prep Knife, 5", Sun Ray
  • Crinkle Cutter, Wavy Chopper Cut Knife, Stainless Steel Wavy Slicer, Vegetable Potato Cucumber Carrot Garnishing Knife, Home Kitchen Wavy Blade Cutting Tool
  • Westmark Decorex Multipurpose Butter Curler and Food Garnishing Tool, 4.8 x 3 x 0.4 inches
  • Rosle Stainless Steel Round-Handle Vertical Cannelle, 6.5-inch
  • Penguin Carving Knives, SET 3
  • Hungry Hippo Crinkle Cutter For Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese, Potatoes - Serrated Wavy Chopper Slicer Knife - Vegetable Cutter - Potato Cutter - Waffle Fry Cutter - Veggie Cutter - Stainless Steel
  • Goodcook 10806 Veggie Spiralizer with interchangeable blades, 6", White
  • LareinaXXX Potato Wavy Edged Knife Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadget Vegetable Fruit Cutting Peeler Cooking Tool Accessories
  • Kai Luna Knife, Blade with Sheath, Citrus-4 Inch
  • Crinkle Cutter, Wavy Chopper Cut Knife, Stainless Steel Wavy Slicer, Vegetable Potato Cucumber Carrot Garnishing Knife, Home Kitchen Wavy Blade Cutting Tool
  • Crisp Wavy Decorative Prep Knife, White/Orange
  • Plai Na Crinkle Cutter Knife Wavy Zig Zag for Potatoes Chips, Vegetables , Cheese, French Fry Slicer Stainless Steel Cutter
  • Norpro Garnishing Tool Set of 5 Spiral/Slice/Curl/Crinkle Fruit and Veggies
  • Mercer Culinary Bar Knife Kit
  • Crinkle Potato Cutter - FYSW Upgraded Stainless Steel French Fries Slicer, Potato Knife, Home Kitchen Wavy Blade Cutting Tool Set, 2pcs Crinkle Cutters + 2pcs Onion Choppers + 1 Peeler
  • Joie Stainless Steel Wavy Slicer Vegetable Garnishing Crinkle Cutter (1, Green)
  • YYJXRYEF 2 Pcs Crinkle Cut Knife,Stainless Steel Wavy Slicer, Decorative Knife for Fruits and Vegetables,Household Kitchen Wave Cutting Tool,French Fries Carrot Cucumber Wave Decoration Function
  • Prince of Scots Bartender's Knife | Extra-Large Handle | Premium Steel, Multi-Purpose Blade, Bar Tool
  • ZYLISS Crinkle Cut Knife, Potato and Vegetable Cutter, Stainless Steel
  • OXO Good Grips Lettuce Knife with Kale Stripper
  • Tweedy Gadgets Bird Ceramic Green Paring Knife Small, Premium Grade Folding Kitchen Utility Knives Cutting Fruit, Vegetables, Avocados | Home, Kitchen & Dining, Outdoor, Picnic or Portable Travel Use

Tips For Buying Garnishing Knives

Garnishing Knives

Garnishing knives have been around for many years. They are a great tool to have in your kitchen for when you cook something really fragile, yet you want to ensure the food is as delicious as it can be. Some chefs prefer to use knives for garnishing instead of a garnish hook because they do not have to worry about their knives getting all over the place. Either way, it is an essential tool and one that every chef should own.


Garnishing knives come in a number of different sizes and styles. There are many different manufacturers, including Zippo Knives. You can also buy items such as cutlery and other utensils separately, which makes shopping for a set a little easier. If you want to purchase a set, it pays to shop around.


Most sets will contain the basic tools that you need to garnish your food. These include a thin knife, a tablespoon, a teaspoon, a spatula, and a kitchenaid artisan's knives set. These can be purchased at most hardware stores or from online retailers. You might find that some brands cost a little more than others, but the price you pay for a good garnishing knife set is well worth the cost. Your collection will last you a long time, and you will appreciate them as you use them. Once you get to know and love your collection, you might find that you have more than one type of garnishing knife.


The cutlery in your collection can be separated into a few different categories. Your basic cookware should always come with a knife, even if it is not a garnishing knife. You might find cutlery that you don't use much, so this would be a good way to save space. If you have more expensive cutlery, you might consider buying a special bag or box to store your cutlery in. If you choose to buy a set, there are some things you should consider.


You must make sure that the knives you buy are of high quality. Some poorly made knives can scratch and chip your food, making it unpleasant to eat. Also, a poorly built set of knives can be dangerous. Make sure that they are ergonomic and comfortable to hold.


It is important that the knives you purchase are the same size as your standard cutlery. For example, if you have a small bowl, you should purchase a set of cutlery that is the same size. Similarly, you should always get a set of cutlery that is of the same kind of wood. This will ensure that your knives stay sharp and remain usable for longer.


You also need to know what materials your cutlery set is made from. Some sets of garnishing knives are only made from a single type of wood, while others are forged from a combination of two or more types of wood. The choice of material depends on the strength and durability of the knife. However, keep in mind that forged garnishing knives are typically more expensive than those made from a single material.


You also need to know the number of knives you wish to purchase. Some sets of cutlery come with five or six knives, while others may only include two. Your choice will largely depend on your needs. Also bear in mind that certain garnishing knives come in sets that contain knives of different sizes. For example, a set that contains knives of different sizes and lengths may help you when you are carving or when you need to perform tasks such as slicing.