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  • Cuisinart 13-Piece Cast Iron Fondue Set, Red
  • Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Pot, 3 Quart, Eggshell/Red
  • Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot with Temperature Control, 6 Color-Coded Forks and Removable Pot - Perfect for Chocolate, Caramel, Cheese, Sauces and More
  • Artestia Electric Chocolate & Cheese Fondue Set with Two Pots, Serve 8 persons (Stainless Steel/Ceramic Pots, Stainless Steel Base)
  • Dual Chocolate Melting Pot- Electric Chocolate or Cheese Fondue Fountain Pot with over 30 Free Accessories and 12 Recipes - Great Gift for Men/Women
  • TecUnite Stainless Steel Fondue Forks with Heat Resistant Handle for Cheese Chocolate Fondue Roast Marshmallows Meat, 9.5 Inch (18 pack)
  • Chocolate Melting Warming Fondue Set - 25W Electric Choco Melt / Warmer Machine Set w/ Keep Warm Dipping function & Removable Pot, Melts Chocolate, Candy, Butter, Cheese- NutriChef PKFNMK14,White
  • BOSKA Pro Set Fondue Party, 900ml, Black
  • Koolatron CM20 Deluxe Chocolatiere 2 Melting Pots-Fondue Set with 8.8 oz. (250 gm) Capacity-Includes Base Unit and Accessories, Red
  • Boska Holland Tealight Fondue Set, For Cheese or Chocolate, Tapas, 400 mL Black, Pro Collection
  • Starfrit 20-Piece Fondue Party Set | Includes: 1.7 qt Fondue Pot, Ceramic Bowl, (4) Ramekins, (6) Forks, (4) Spoons And More
  • BOSKA Set Fondue Party, 750ml, White
  • [Bigger Size and Improved] Zen Kitchen Fondue Pot Set, Glazed Ceramic Fondue Set for Chocolate Fondue or Cheese Fondue – Perfect Gift Idea for Housewarming or Birthday Gift (Cherry Red)
  • Starfrit T092507 Ceramic Modular Fondue Serving Dishes, 2 Sets, One Size, Silver
  • Electric Chocolate Fondue Maker Set - 1000W Warmer Machine Kit 2.1 Quart Nonstick Teflon Melting Pot w/LED Light, 8 Dipping Forks, Melts Cheese Chocolate Candy Sauce Dip - NutriChef PKFNMK26
  • Set of 12 Stainless Steel Fondue Forks 9.5" - Color Coding Cheese Fondue Forks with Heat Resistant Handle for Chocolate Fountain Cheese Fondue Roast Marshmallows by Sago Brothers
  • Kitchencraft Masterclass Cast Iron Meat/cheese/chocolate Fondue Set, 21 x 18cm
  • Swissmar Cheese Fondue Sets - Includes Ceramic Pots, Rechauds, Six (6) Fondue Forks, Fondue Burner, and Recipe Card (Swissmar Gruyere Fondue Set)
  • Artestia Electric Ceramic Fondue Set with 6 Fondue Forks (Rose Gold Color Base/White Ceramic Pot)
  • Cuisinart CF3-TP Temperature Control Probe for Fondue Set
  • Chocolate Fondue Maker- Deluxe Electric Dessert Fountain Fondue Pot Set with 4 Forks and Party Serving Tray
  • Lucerne 10-Piece Meat Fondue Set, Red Enameled Pot
  • Artestia Cast Iron Fondue Set, 11-Piece, Serve 6 Persons (Black)
  • Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker, Brushed Stainless, 6.12" x 10.50" x 7.00"

Chocolate - The Classroom Activity

Fondue Sets & Accessories are a versatile form of serving food in a festive occasion. These elegant looking sets can be made from a range of different materials and come in many different styles. Some people like to use their fondue set as an end table while other might want to make it a coffee table. In this article we will look at some of the more popular types of fondue sets and accessories that you can purchase for your Fondue Set. This way, you can have a better understanding of the items that you can choose from.

Fondue Sets Accessories


The first type of fondue sets and accessories that we will look at is the melting cheese fondue. These melted cheeses are added to a wide range of different recipes. You will find them melting in wine or champagne to add a flavor that really brings out the taste of the wine. Many people like to do this with different meats and cheeses. A cheese fondue set with several bottles of wine or champagne is a fantastic addition to any party.


Another of the fondue sets and accessories that you might like to buy is a dipping fork. These are used to dip fruits and vegetables into the fondue. The dipping fork comes in a wide range of sizes and prices. As with many fondue items, they tend to break easily so you will want to make sure you have a quality dipping fork.


Fondue sets and other containers are available in plastic and metal. I personally prefer to use the plastic containers because they are reusable and the metal ones can be reused over again. When choosing the container for your fondue set, you will need to keep a few things in mind. First, what size do you need? Second, is there an airtight lid?


If you plan on serving alcohol in your fondue then you should choose a metal fondue set with an airtight lid. Also, be sure to purchase a long wooden spoon with which to stir the fondue. Be sure not to skimp on these items. If you do, your fondue will sour quickly.


The most commonly used material in fondue sets is serving spoons. They come in a variety of materials, shapes, and colors. You will definitely want a long spoon so you can stir the fondue properly. Another item that goes into fondue sets is the dipping fork. These are used to dip the foods into the melted chocolate or to create designs on the fondue forks.


The last items that go into most fondue sets are chocolates and candies. I typically choose chocolates that are dark in color so they don't take as much time melting. Also, make sure that the chocolates you choose have no coloring added by the manufacture. Dark chocolate tends to melt faster than milk chocolate. I also suggest choosing candies that are considered low in calories and those that are produced from all natural ingredients.


Fondue sets can be used for many occasions. They are very easy to set up and are inexpensive. However, they are not appropriate for all events. Before you buy a fondue set, be sure you know when it will be used and how much will be used.


Generally speaking, fondue sets are not appropriate for children's parties. Kids like to eat all of their melted chocolate with their fingers and there is a good chance that the chocolate will melt all over the place if a fondue set is used. Also, children like to play with their melted chocolate and will most likely put it back into its original dish if it gets too dirty.


However, adults can enjoy a fondue set just as much as a child. There are even fondue kits available that come with everything you need to create wonderful fondue recipes for adult desserts. To melt the chocolate in a fondue set you need either a double boiler or a microwave. When using the double boiler, be sure to stir your chocolate thoroughly before putting it in the pot. Microwaves can melt the chocolate quite fast, so it is imperative to stir your chocolate thoroughly before it melts.


Fondue sets are available for purchase at most kitchen and cooking specialty stores. A quick search on the internet should reveal a wide selection of fondue set models from which to choose. The cost of a fondue set depends on the type of chocolate used to make the fondue, the size of the fondue set, and any other special instructions that may be included with the fondue set.