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Egg Cups - How to Use Them For Decorating

A serving of Egg Rolls is always served when any dinner party has just been served. It is one of the easiest dishes to prepare, and it makes a good starter dish for a buffet. You can also get the traditional type of Egg Rolls that you find at Chinese, Japanese, or other restaurants. But with the wide variety available in the modern world, these days one can also find different sizes, shapes, and colors of Egg Cups. Here are few things that one should consider while buying a serving of Egg Rolls:

Egg Cups


Size: It is important to remember that while serving food in a cup, the size of the serving is determined by the size of the egg. Usually, an egg cup, also known as an egg carton, is a simple plastic tray used for holding and serving boiled eggs inside their shell. To make it easier for the guests, they are always served with a fork. This makes it much easier for them to pick up the pieces from the serving tray. Also, egg cups have a downwardly curved flat base and an upturned forward flat part to hold the egg. Its shape also ensures that the whites don't run into the yolk.


Shape: Most people serve their Egg Rolls in cups. This is because the shape of the egg cups allows for easy pouring of the batter into the tin. You can also use a microwave or a standing blender to mix the ingredients for whipping. Always make sure that the serving is already hot before you add the egg mixture or else it will curdle. It is important to stir your serving so that the yolk does not run into the cream.


Fill: The shape of the cup should be such that it should be able to hold and contain the egg whites snugly. You can use serving spoons, ice cubes or packed fruit in order to fill the rim of the cup. It is also possible to fill the rim with chocolate shavings. Do not forget to use a rubber stopper for the top of the cup as it makes it easier to remove the contents of the cup later on.


Size: Egg cups are available in various sizes. The best thing about them is that they can be used to serve any kind of egg dish. You can use them to poach eggs, scramble eggs, etc. they are also useful in making omelets and casseroles.


Material: All the Egg Cans is made from plastic. Plastic is a very good medium because it is a very flexible material. In other words, it can conform to the shape of whatever you want to serve. This is why it can also handle quite a number of servings at once. Plastic is also safe to use and it does not break into pieces.


Types: There are different types of these serving dishes. There are two handles - one for when the can is opened and another one for when it is closed. There is also some Egg Cans that is decorated with colorful decorations. The designs range from cartoon characters to zebra stripes.


Size: The size of the can vary. Some are small enough to be taken in your pocket while others are big enough to be used as dinner plates. In addition, some of them have a cover to keep the contents cool. The covers also prevent the eggs from cracking or leaking. Hence, they make a great choice for those who do not wish to spend too much time cleaning their Eggs.


Material: The color or material that the can has is also important. White Egg Cans is used by many people because they look elegant and classy. However, they are expensive. So, if you cannot afford to buy these types of Egg Cans, there are others available that are less expensive but look just as nice.


Shape: Most of these cups have a cylindrical shape. It is because it is one of the most common sizes that are used in homes. However, there are some odd ones available as well. For example, there is some Egg Cans that looks like small dainty bottles.


A great way to display your Egg Cans: Some people use their egg cups to decorate tables. They can be placed on top of cocktail glasses or side tables. Some people even use them as place card holders for their office desks. The key here is to personalize your cup and get the best from it. You can put a picture of your significant other on the cover or use any print that you want.