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  • marunner Acrylic & Wood Display Stand, 4-Step Clear Display Riser Wood Shelf for Displaying Pop Figures, Cupcakes, Perfumes or Candies
  • MyGift Set of 2 Premium Clear Acrylic Display Riser Rack Stand for Collectible Figures, Retail Merchandise, & Desserts
  • MyGift Geometric Vintage White Wood & Rose Gold-Tone Metal Display Riser Stands, Set of 3
  • Mooca Wooden 6 Pcs Hexagon Risers for Display Jewelry and Accessories Display Stand, Wooden Display Risers, Wood Jewelry Risers Wood Figurine Display Risers, Brown
  • Chuangdi 2 Sets Acrylic Display Risers, Jewelry Display Riser Shelf Showcase Fixtures (Black)
  • Mooca Wooden 3 Pcs Square Risers for Display Jewelry and Accessories Display Stand, Wooden Risers for Display, Wood Display Stand Wooden Display Risers, Oak Color
  • MyGift Burnt Wood & Gold Metal Wire Square Retail Food Display Risers/Pizza Stands, Set of 4
  • Hedume Set of 9 Clear Acrylic Display Risers for Figures, Buffets, Cupcakes and Jewelry Display Stands
  • ANDGOO Display Risers, 6 Pcs Rectangular Clear Acrylic Showcase Collectibles Display Stands Suitable for Retail Shoe Showcase Jewelry Funko Pop Figures

Display Risers Are a Must For Retail Stores

Display Risers

One of the newest trends in retailing is retail displays using display risers to promote and showcase products. Display risers elevate products up to the consumer's eye level and put your items a notch above traditional retail displays. These dynamic stands are perfect for displaying specialty boutique items, fine jewelry, and perfume samples. Many companies offer these flexible stands at affordable prices that fit into any retailer's budget. They are available in a variety of configurations. The most common types are floor or table top models, depending on the stand's configuration.


Most display risers resemble modern chalkboard pedestals. The main difference is that these units do not have the bottom or base material exposed. Tabletop units utilize heavy duty plastic pedestals, while floor models are typically made from a combination of acrylic fabric and sturdy metal legs. Some models include removable shelves and other built-in features, while others are simply built to hold one or two standard sized items. An added benefit of acrylic risers is that they can easily be disassembled for easy storage and transport.


Retailers use acrylic display risers for many different reasons. One of the most common uses is product placement. Risers allow you to showcase products in the most beneficial and eye-catching manner. In shopping malls, retailers use acrylic displays to highlight the latest products and popular items, such as seasonal and ongoing sales.


In clothing boutiques, retail stores use acrylic table risers to display shorter garments. This type of display is perfect for showcasing garments that are sold in small quantities. Another retail use for acrylic risers is product placement. Long, narrow shelves are perfect for displaying clothing of varying sizes. This is often needed space for the staff to move around.


Retailers also use acrylic risers to display long, narrow items, such as blankets and towels. Long, narrow acrylic displays are perfect for offering customers additional towels or other products. They can be found as floor standing models, as well as smaller, wall-mounted versions.


As well as being perfect for product placement, acrylic table risers pedestals are perfect for showcasing promotional items. Some of these promotional items are imprinted with the name of the business or products, while others simply feature a company logo. Risers are typically between six and ten inches high, depending on the size of the table top pedestal itself.


Retail stores use acrylic table top pedestals for various purposes, including displaying promotional items, attracting customers and showing off a store's unique design or layout. If you own a store, you may already own some of these versatile displays. However, if you are in the process of constructing a new store, it is always best to have your store fixtures pre-built. You can find premade acrylic display risers online and in retail stores.


Table racks are commonly used in retail stores to display clothing, books or toys. One advantage table racks have over display risers is that they do not take up valuable floor space. They can be mounted on the ceiling or tables in a store and still remain functional. The only downside to using risers is that they may not be as durable as those used by larger retailers.


Risers are also often used in store fixtures to support display boards. For example, a retail fixture with multiple displays could use risers to hang merchandise from the top or side. Risers allow you to have different heights for each display without worrying about your overhead or wall space. If you purchase pre-made displays, you can adjust their heights as needed.


If you are not interested in buying retail fixtures, there are also non-traditional options available to you. Consider a stand. A stand, or riser, can be custom made to accommodate any type of display and to match the overall style of your store. These stands can be purchased for a variety of uses, including interior decorating, advertising, retail displays, book displays, toy displays and more.


You can buy stand risers made out of metal, wood or composite materials. Metal stands are the most common because they come in many different designs and colors. Wood risers are usually light weight and have a wood veneer finish while composite stands are durable and easy to maintain. Whatever your need, consider buying a stand or display risers to compliment your store's style.