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  • HomeVss, Stoneware Sonoma 16pc Dinnerware Set, Black + Speckled Spin Wash Purple
  • Supernal 350pcs Gold Plastic Dinnerware Set,Gold Plastic Plates,Gold Plastic Silverware,Include :50 Dinner Plates,50 Dessert Plates, 50 Per Rolled Napkins,50 Cutlerty Set,50 Gold Rim Cups
  • XYZ Boat Supplies – Navy Blue and White Nautical Design - Boat, Pool, RV - 12 Piece Dishware Set- Plates and Bowls - Perfect Boating, Sailing, The Pool, The Beach and More - Melamine Material
  • Better Homes & Gardens 16 Piece Square Porcelain Dinnerware Set, White
  • Elama Embossed Stoneware Ocean Dinnerware Dish Set, 16 Piece, Turquoise
  • Stone Lain Stoneware Dinnerware Set, Service For 4, White Speckled
  • MALACASA Porcelain Dinnerware Sets,30 Pieces Marble Grey Square Dishes Sets Dinnerware with Dinner Plates Dessert Plates and Soup Plates,Cups and Saucers Set,Service for 6,Series Flora
  • Gibson Home Soho Grayson Square Melamine Dinnerware Set, Service for Four (16pcs), Grey
  • Amazon Basics 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set - Service for 4, White Stoneware Swirl
  • Gibson Dragonstone 16 pc Dinnerware Set Grey Stoneware, Gray -
  • Melamine Dinnerware Set - 12pcs dinnerware set Indoor and Outdoor use, Bamboo Pattern Dishes Dinnerware Set for 4,Dishwasher Safe (Wood Grain)
  • Gibson Elite Soho Lounge Square Dinnerware Set, Service for Four (16pcs), Matte Black
  • Studio Nova Porcelain 18-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service For 6, Alexis
  • Corelle Livingware 32-Piece Dinnerware Set, Splendor Coupe Service for 8
  • Amazon Basics 18-Piece Kitchen Dinnerware Set, Plates, Dishes, Bowls, Service for 6, White Porcelain Coupe
  • Corelle Livingware 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Ocean Blues, Service for 4
  • TP Dinnerware Set, 18-Piece Melamine Dishes Set, Dinner Service for 6 with Bowls and Salad Dinner Plates, Gray
  • Euro Ceramica Zanzibar Collection 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Kitchen and Dining, Service for 4, Spanish Floral Design, Multicolor, Blue and Yellow
  • Gibson Elite 116870.12R Everston 12 Piece Reactive Glaze Dinnerware Set, Teal and Cream
  • Cutiset Unique Accent Elegant Natural Marbleized 16 piece dinnerware set, service for 4
  • Porlien 24-Piece Classic Square Dinnerware Set for 6, Off White
  • Euro Ceramica Essential Collection Porcelain Dinnerware and Serveware, 16 Piece Set, Service for 4, Classic White
  • Gibson Elite Tequesta Square Reactive Glaze Stoneware Dinnerware Set, Service for 4 (16pcs), Taupe
  • Corelle Livingware Piece Dinnerware Set, Winter Frost White , Service for 8 (24-Piece Set)

Find the Best Dinnerware Sets to Complement Your Decor

One of the first considerations when purchasing new dinnerware is the type of dinnerware to purchase. There are basically three types of dinnerware to consider when shopping. These three types are glassware, ceramic/ceramic, and porcelain/ceramic. The following describes the different types of dinnerware.

Dinnerware Sets


A common place setting features a bowl, soup, salad bowl, and cake plate, so a standard 16-piece dinnerware set offers standard settings for up to 4 people. More formal dinnerware sets can contain additional pieces including platters, dessert dishes, and other serving tools. The number of serving dishes included in a set will vary depending on the style of the set and meal selected.


Ceramic/ceramic dinnerware sets offer the benefit of matching the dinnerware to a specific decor or theme. Dinnerware constructed from ceramic materials, like porcelain, often come in a wide variety of colors. For those who enjoy collecting ceramics, many collections include an extensive range of red, black, cream, champagne, blue, teal, salmon, gold, silver, and other glazed ceramics.


Porcelain dinnerware sets are very durable and will not need special care instructions because they are resistant to breakage. However, they can scratch if care is not taken. The material is easy to clean because it does not absorb stains easily and will remain white through years of use. Many manufacturers recommend cleaning the porcelain with warm water and a soft cloth.


If the dinnerware is to be used during casual dinners and meals at home, then casual dinnerware sets are most suitable. These are made of less expensive materials, but still look sophisticated enough to be considered formal dinnerware sets. They come in a variety of colors and styles, with formal dinnerware sets being made of very solid materials. For casual dining, one should choose a dinnerware style that is casual in its design but can still be expected to stand up to frequent use.


Tableware can be matched with dessertware. There are various sizes, colors, designs, and even materials to match dessert sets. These dinner sets can match the salad plate or dinner plate in their colors, styles, sizes, and materials. When matched correctly, the dinnerware sets will provide an elegant, yet casual look. When purchasing dinnerware sets, one should keep in mind the number of guests that will be attending the dinner and try to match the serving dishes and tableware according to the number of guests.


When purchasing dinnerware, one should keep in mind that not all dinner plates are the same. Dinnerware that is stainless steel, porcelain, or other high quality metal is usually heavier than the rest. This heavy duty dinnerware is usually used for larger dinner plates and table settings. However, there are some lighter-weight dinner plates and table settings that one can choose from, such as those made from glass.


It is best to purchase the best dinnerware sets that will fit your needs. These may come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to suit the needs of any cook. One should always keep in mind that quality is one of the most important factors when deciding on the best dinnerware. For example, stainless steel dinnerplates and dishwashers that have an open stock dinnerware design are the best choice for anyone who needs a durable, high quality serving set.


If one needs to purchase a small dinnerware set, then one might consider purchasing porcelain dinnerware. Porcelain pieces are very attractive and look just like real porcelain pieces that are found in fine restaurants. A great advantage of using porcelain pieces is that they are break resistant and stain resistant. However, porcelain is not as attractive as stainless steel. Many people like the porcelain look of real bone China but many others prefer the look of their stainless steel dinnerware because it is cheaper.


Another popular material that has become very popular in dinnerware is earthenware. This material has its own benefits. Earthenware is strong and durable, yet it is not expensive. Earthenware dishes and plates are most often used for special occasions, but they are not limited to this use.


Dining sets are a wonderful way to enhance any kitchen. The right sets will go with any decor and they can be used for everyday use or special occasions. When buying dinnerware, take into consideration the type of foods that will be served in the set so that you can get the right size of dinnerware. There are many types of dinnerware available to choose from so shopping for one should be no problem at all.