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  • Finest Amore Glass Wine Decanter Set - Hand Blown Lead-Free Crystal Carafe with Cork Ball Stopper, Drying Stand, Cleaning Cloth - Red Wine Decanter - Wine Gift - Wine Accessories
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  • Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter with Airtight Geometric Stopper - Whiskey Decanter for Wine, Bourbon, Brandy, Liquor, Juice, Water, Mouthwash. Italian Glass | 23.75 oz
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Types of Decanters For Wine


Decanters are one of the most important vessels in many kitchens. Not only are they used to contain the liquid for drinking, they also have a decorative role in many kitchens. The term "decanter" comes from the Greek word decanterus, which means a cup. Decanters are sometimes called "aker tables" and sometimes "ceramic-stoppers." A decanter may be used as a serving tray and as a drinking vessel.


You will find that there are many types of decanters available. There are those made to hold just alcohol, such as an alcohol-free version. There are also those that are made to hold wine, with or without sugar. You can even purchase a decanter for the purist who still prefers the traditional glass carafe for drinking wine. If you prefer alcohol with a bit more flavor, however, you may want to consider the many types of decanters that are available for other types of alcohol.


One of the most common types of decanters is the stemware-style decanter, which is one that has a narrow neck and glass-like body. A number of these types of decanters have a spout that has an aeration hole that allows the bottle to breathe while it sits on the opening. Because there is an airlock at the bottom of the aeration hole, the oxygen stays inside the bottle, which prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. Some of these decanters can also accommodate an airlock at the top of the body of the bottle for added protection against airborne odors.


One type of decanter that can be found is the standard bottle stopper. The standard stopper simply has a small hole on its side so that the cork can be removed to pour the drink. Most of these have a spout with an airlock built in, though some of the cheaper models may not. To add a bit more functionality, many of these will come with a sediment cup. This cup holds the sediment that may accumulate over time and makes it easier to pour into the decanter.


Glass carafe wine decanters are another popular option for many people. These are available in a variety of shapes, including triangle, rectangular and square. They can be purchased with or without the venting system, and many shapes have spouts that allow the bubbly to breathe as it sits on the glass. Though some people prefer this breathing process, others prefer the visual effect that the glass carafe gives a drink - it gives the drinker the opportunity to taste the flavors from the glass instead of just the taste of the liquid.


Decanters with a built in sediment collection system can be very useful for anyone serious about their wine-drinking. Simply add the desired amount of sediment and turn the stopper to fill up the decanter. With the sediment inside, the bottle or decanter will keep the bubbly and sediment from draining out through the spout. As the sediment blends with the wine, the flavor of the drink becomes deeper and richer with each sip.


Glass liquor decanters are the most traditional shape, but there are other shapes available on the market today. The traditional cylinder shape is still available, but there are now two main types of bottle stoppers: hexagonal and spindle. Both styles are made of clear glass, but the hexagonal is typically made of black glass and is designed to sit on top of the bottle. It does not have any spindle ends and is designed to sit on the counter or table top.


Carafes are a more recent innovation in the world of decanters. Rather than sit atop the standard bottle, these decanters sit on a tall stand or stool. There is no top to the carafe, which means there is no stopper to fall down and cause damage to your drink. These carafes also come in a wide variety of shapes and can be found in many of the same materials as standard bottle stoppers. There are even some decanters that fit in the standard bottle opening, meaning that a wide base for wine decanters doesn't need to be compromised due to the shape of the bottle itself.