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  • Fuji Merchandise 11.75"(6.25") DEBA KNIFE, One Size, Gray
  • Tamahagane SAN Kyoto Mikarta Stainless Steel Deba Filleting Knife, 6.5-Inch
  • Kotobuki Seki 6-1/2-Inch Deba Knife
  • Misono Molybdenum Yo-Deba 6.4(16.5cm) - Right
  • Miyako Japanese 33 Layers Damascus Steel Deba Knife, 6-1/2-In, With Wooden Handle: Chefs’ Best And Favourite Knife
  • Global G Series Knives Global 7 inch Deba Knife - Left Handed, Silver
  • Seki Japan MASAMUNE, Japanese Sushi Chef Knife, Stainless Steel Wa Sashimi Deba Knife, PP Handle, 6.3 inch (160mm)
  • Hattori Japanese Chef’s Knife, FH-10L Professional Western Deba Knife, VG-10 Cobalt Steel Pro Kitchen Knife with Ergonomic Black Linen Micarta Handle, 6.4 inch
  • Sakai Ajimasa, Genuine Sakai-Manufactured, 3.34"(85mm) 17 Layers VG10 Damascus Steel Utility and Paring Knife
  • FUJI CUTLERY Narihira #9000 Deba Knife [Single-edged] 15cm (FC-72)
  • FC-84 Heisei #9000 Stainless Steel Sashimi Knife Blade Length 210mm Left-handed
  • Sakai Takayuki Japanese Knife Kasumitogi Yasuki White Steel 06036 Deba Knife 165mm
  • Japanese Sushi Deba Knife for Left Handed German steel (180mm)
  • FUJI CUTLERY Narihira #9000 Deba Knife "Left-handed" 150mm (FC-83)
  • Global GS-4-4 3/4 inch, 12cm Oriental Deba Knife
  • Shimomura Japanese Deba High Carbon Forged Steel Blade150mm Cheaf's Kitchen Knife, Total Length 275mm, Weight 150gr. (DKT-S34 Deba 150mm)
  • MSY BIGSUNNY Sashimi Sushi Knife 12 Inch Long Blade
  • Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Deba Knife, 6-inch
  • TUO Deba knife, Fish Filleting Knife 6.5 inch, High Carbon Stainless Steel Japanese Sashimi Knife, Comes with A Gift Box
  • Kai Seki Magoroku Kinju ST Japanese Deba Knife 150mm (AK-1101)
  • Global G-7-7 inch, 18cm Oriental Deba Knife
  • Kai Seki Magoroku Kinju ST Japanese Deba Knife 165mm (AK-1102)
  • Kai Seki Magoroku Kinju ST Japanese Deba Knife 180mm (AK-1103)
  • TSUBAZO Japanese Deba Kitchen Knife

Deba Knives - World Wide Recognition For Its Quality and Design

Deba Knives was originated in India. It was started by Subhas Chandra Bose and is considered to be a family business. Deba knives are known all over the world for quality and perfection. The company is committed to providing best in class Indian kitchen utility knives and Deba brand also boasts of lifetime guarantee. It has earned a great popularity in UK and USA.

Deba Knives


Deba knives are basically of two kinds namely, single knife and multi-blade knives. The single knife is ideal for regular usage. These knives can be used for slicing, carving and paring with ease. Moreover, it comes with blade guard that provides security and safety.


Multi-blade knives on the other hand are made by some of the most renowned makers in India. The multi blades come with a smoothness that makes it easy for cutting while maintaining a good grip on the handle. They are designed to make precise slices, dices and bevels and are made using quality stainless steel. Deba knives are primarily made from Indian hard wood and use good quality knives steel with precision manufacturing techniques.


Deba knives are available in different models and designs and are made using different types of knives steel such as: tungsten carbide, solid stainless steel, carbon steel etc. Deba knives come in a variety of sizes and various handle designs such as: traditional fixed heel style, belt buckle, kitchen cut style and stick style handle. Deba knives are mostly popular in the culinary professions but are widely used in different areas as cutlery, scissors, tool sharpener, nail clippers etc. The quality and usability of Deba knives are unmatched and are widely preferred among professionals and home users.


Deba knives are made using very high quality of material. The manufacturers ensure the quality and consistency through strict quality control procedures. Every single blade is precision cut using a manual hand-sharpening process. It ensures that the blades will remain sharp for a long time. Since the company ensures to meet the quality standards, Deba knives are highly valued by the customers and are one of the best selling brands in the market.


The Deba knives are highly popular in the market because it ensures the quality and reliability. The manufacturers perform a series of quality control checks before the production starts. The quality checks include a series of tests such as heat treat test, grind test, edge hold test, bevel test, wear test, and many more. Deba knives' use in the food and beverage industry also makes the knives in the international market in great demand.


Deba knives steel is of premium quality and is not prone to rusting. Deba has coated its steel with a layer of chromium to resist rusting. The blades are sharpened manually by the professionals, so you don't have to worry about the sharpening process and can ensure your cutlery will remain sharper for a long period of time. The blades are made out of hard carbonated stainless steel to give you great quality cutlery that you will be proud to use.


You can choose Deba knives to serve all kinds of purposes. Deba makes a variety of kitchen cutlery and there is a suitable knife for each purpose. These knives can be used for different purposes including steak knives, Filet Mignon knives, bread knives, boning, guttersnipe cutlery, hangers, fishing tools, pewter pot, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, cleavers and more. Moreover, the Deba brand is known worldwide for its high quality and stylish designs which make Deba knives a top choice among people who are looking for the best kitchen cutlery.