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  • TROLIR Cocktail Napkins, Black with Gold Dots, 3-ply, Pack of 50 Disposable Paper Napkins Stamped with Sparkly Gold Foil Polka Dots, Ideal for Wedding, Party, Birthday, Dinner, Lunch, Cocktail
  • Caspari Gilded Majolica Paper Cocktail Napkins in Orange, Two Packs of 20
  • GLAM Cocktail Napkins Gold Trim, 100 Pack - 5x5 Inches Wedding Napkins, Paper - 5x5 Gold Napkins, Disposable - Party Napkins, White and Gold - Beverage Napkins, Gold Rim
  • Linen-Feel Colored Cocktail Napkins - Decortive Cloth-Like DARK BLUE Dessert And Beverage Napkins - Soft And Absorbent. For Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Or Event. (Pack of 200)
  • GreenOlive White Cocktail Napkins – 70 Pack Beverage Napkins – Premium Thick Linen Feel Paper Restaurant Bar Napkins for Dessert, Cake, Appetizers, Dinner, Wedding, Birthday
  • 200 Linen-Feel Beverage Napkins - Disposable Cocktail Napkins - Soft & Absorbant Elelgant Paper Napkins For Bar, Café, Restaurant Or Event
  • Signature Napkins Drinking Cocktail Napkin, 50-Pack, 14 Unique Quotes, 4.5" x 4.5", White
  • Funny Christmas Cocktail Beverage Napkins: Bundle Includes 40 Beverage Napkins in 2 Different Spirited Holiday Designs
  • Christmas Holiday Party Supplies Paper Cocktail Napkins Bundle - 3 Ply Foil Stamped - 4 Designs - 64 Total
  • Cakewalk (Party) Pineapple Crush Cocktail Disposable Napkins, Multicolor
  • X&O Paper Goods Blue 'Just a Splash' Mermaid Beverage and Cocktail Napkins, 20pc, 5" W x 5" L
  • Boston International C811200 IHR Cocktail Beverage Paper Napkins, 5 x 5-Inches, Wine and Olives
  • Pack of 50 Cheers Cocktail Party Napkins 3-Ply - Disposable Paper Napkins Gold Foil Designs - Perfect for Birthdays, Bridal, New Years, Anniversary and Special Occasions - by Simple Glee
  • Beverage Napkins Standard Size Cocktail Napkins 500ct Natrual White Color By StockHomery – Soft and Super Absorbent – Ideal for Bars, Pubs, Birthday or Anniversary Parties, Café, Home and Dining
  • Boston International IHR Roseanne Beck Cocktail Beverage Paper Napkins, 5 x 5-Inches, Buzzed
  • Perfect Stix Paper Cocktail Beverage Napkins, 2-Ply, Black (Pack of 100)
  • Boston International IHR Marimekko Floral Cocktail Beverage Paper Napkins, 5 x 5-Inches, Unikko Dark Blue
  • American Homestead Cocktail Napkins - Disposable Beverage/Bar Napkins - White Linen-Like Square Napkins - Eco-Friendly & Compostable - Everyday Use, Party or Wedding 4.75" x 4.75" (100 Count, White)
  • Retro Cocktail Napkin for Women and Men - Humorous Ephemera Gift Box Variety Pack 40 Total Napkin
  • 100 Gold Napkins - 4 Assorted Designs l 3-Ply Cocktail Napkins Folded 5 x 5 Inches l Bar Napkins Disposable Party Napkins Paper Napkins Dinner for Wedding Baby Shower Birthday Graduation 2021 2020
  • Boston International Anne Taintor Cocktail Beverage Paper Napkins, 5 x 5-Inches, Disorderly
  • My Drap Basics Cotton Cocktail Napkin, 50 Per Roll, Cream, 4.3 x 4.3 Inch
  • Design Design Call Me Outdoorsy Cocktail Napkins, 5 x 5 Inches, Multicolor
  • Signature Napkins Quarantine Quotes Cotton Cocktail Napkins - 50 x White 4.5" x 4.5" Assorted Quotes - Single Use - Party, Events, Holiday

Cocktail Napkins Come in a Variety of Different Styles

Cocktail napkins are the napkin of choice when hosting a party or event. A cocktail napkin is one of the most functional and versatile napkins you can find. They can be used for all sorts of different occasions and serve many purposes. From serving as plates, to serving as cups, to being used as decorative centerpieces, cocktail napkins are an indispensable part of modern day events.


First, let's talk about the occasion. Different types of occasions call for different kinds of cocktail napkins. For instance, they would not make a good option for a formal dinner party if you were serving red wine, since these do not come in very many colors. On the other hand, for a more casual party, they can be a great option.


They are also commonly used as paper napkins. When using cocktail napkins as paper alternatives, it is imperative to ensure that the paper is thick enough to stand up to the heat of the cocktail party. This will ensure that your guests are not left with burnt paper and will also ensure that the paper does not melt into the drink. You should avoid using thin paper, as it will easily melt and leave behind a scorched, unsightly paper pattern on your table.


Cocktail napkins can also be used as party favors. One popular idea is to have each guest write a name on the cocktail napkin. Then, you can give out the favors at your next party. This works especially well if the names are ones that people have already printed off. This also works great for children's birthdays, or even commemorating graduations.


Cocktail napkins come in a variety of different sizes. Depending upon your party's size, you will want to choose napkins that are large enough to fit your desired number of guests. There are some cocktail napkins that are made specifically to hold larger numbers of drinks. This means that they are usually wider than the traditional napkins and will fit comfortably around six or eight cocktail glasses. These are great if you are throwing a large birthday party and need to serve enough napkins to be used for everyone.


You can find cocktail napkins in a variety of different materials. Traditional napkins are made from paper, but there are also those that are made from silk, and even fabric. These napkins are a little more expensive than the normal napkins, but they have a very stylish look, and no need to be replaced as often. Silk is also great if you have a theme in place for your party.


If you are someone who loves to use silver, gold, or other shiny materials for accessories, then you might want to purchase some cocktail napkins that use these same shiny metals for their embellishments. Napkins can easily be found in this fashion. Many online sites offer them at discount prices, because many people are choosing to go back to the more classic look for their prom night, or graduation party. Napkins in this type of color are available at more affordable prices than ever before.


There are all sorts of different designs available for cocktail napkins. They can be embossed with designs or have a simple design, or even just be very decorative in style. You can use them for more formal occasions, and for more casual parties, and all sorts of other different uses. Napkins are very affordable, and there is plenty of choice for everyone's tastes. You will easily be able to find the right kind, and the perfect look for your next party.