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  • ZHANG XIAO QUAN 7 Inches Vegetable Meat Knife Stainless Steel Slice Cleaver, for Home and Restaurant JIANGYI Series
  • Cleaver Knife, Multiple Kitchen Knife, 7 Inch Stainless Steel Knife Used for Meat and Vegetable and Fruit, Light Duty Cultery
  • Winco , medium, Stainless Steel
  • ZHEN Japanese VG-10 67-Layer Damascus Steel 8-Inch Slicer Chopping Chef Butcher Knife/Cleaver, Large
  • KITORY Vegetable Cleaver 7''- Chinese Chef Knife - Sharp HC German Stainless Steel Knives - Full Tang - Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle for kitchen cooking
  • JapanBargain, Japanese Butcher Knife High Carbon Stainless Steel Chinese Chopping Knife Kitchen Cleaver chef knives with Wooden Handle for Home and Restaurant, Made in Japan
  • Dexter Russell S5197 Traditional 7" Chinese Chefs Knife
  • Cleaver Knife Type 850 - 8 Inch (Pack of 1)
  • 6" Ceramic Vegetable Cleaver (Nakiri Knife) by Shenzhen Knives
  • WALLOP Meat Cleaver Knife - Combines 67 Layers Japanese Damascus Blade & German HC Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife, Chinese Chef Chopping Knife,Non-Slip Ergonomic Wenge Wood Handle - Rock Series - 7.5''
  • TUO Santoku Knife - Asian Granton Chef Knife - Hollow Ground High Carbon German Steel Kitchen Cutlery - Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle - Gift Box Included - 7 inch - Fiery Phoenix Series
  • Winco , 12.541.25, Stainless Steel
  • TUO 8-pcs Kitchen Knife Set - Forged German X50CrMoV15 Steel - Rust Resistant - Full Tang Pakkawood Ergonomic Handle - Kitchen Knives Set with Wooden Block - Fiery Phoenix Series
  • TUO Bread Knife- Razor Sharp Serrated Slicing Knife - High Carbon German Stainless Steel Kitchen Cutlery - Pakkawood Handle - Luxurious Gift Box Included - 9 inch - Fiery Phoenix Series
  • TUO Chef Knife- Kitchen Chef’s Knife - High Carbon German Stainless Steel Cutlery - Rust Resistant - Pakkawood Handle - Luxurious Gift Box Included - 8” - Fiery Phoenix Series
  • TUO Kiritsuke Knife - Chinese Chef’s Knife - High Carbon German Stainless Steel Asian Kitchen Knife- Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle Cutlery - 8.5 inch - Fiery Phoenix Series
  • Mac Knife Japanese Series Vegetable Cleaver, 6-1/2-Inch, 6.5 Inch, Silver
  • Sushi Making Kit - AYA Bamboo Kit 2 - Complete with Sushi Chef Knife - Online Video Tutorials - 2 Rolling Mats - Paddle & Spreader - 5 Pairs of Fiberglass Chopsticks & DIY Nigiri Maker
  • GSI Outdoors, Santoku Knife Set
  • imarku Chef Knife 10 inch, Pro Kitchen Chopping Sharp Knife, High Carbon German Steel Chef's Meat Cutting Knives with Ergonomic Handle and Gift Box for Professional Use
  • TUO Slicing Knife - Granton Carving Knife - Hollow Ground High Carbon German Stainless Steel Kitchen Cutlery - Pakkawood Handle - Luxurious Gift Box Included - 12” - Fiery Phoenix Series
  • Tojiro DP Santoku 6.7" (17cm)
  • TUO Boning Knife - Razor Sharp Fillet Knife - High Carbon German Stainless Steel Kitchen Cutlery - Pakkawood Handle - Luxurious Gift Box Included - 7 inch - Fiery Phoenix Series
  • Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 5-1/2-inch Santoku Knife, Black Handle, White Blade

Chinese Chef's Knives

Chinese Chefs Knives Cleavers

Did you know that Chinese chefs had knives that were so well designed and balanced that they could chop wood and fish with ease? They did not have the same tools as we do today, but they knew how to use tools and were a far cry from the primitive caveman or cavewoman. In fact, they are still using the same knives and tools that our ancestors used a thousand years ago. Here are some interesting facts on Chinese chef's knives and cleavers, things that you might not know.


The basic design of Chinese knives is based on the flat leaf knife. It was a simple design that worked very well in the environment. The flat leaf design was very good for chopping into small pieces. However, it did not have a groove to help the knife glide when cutting and it did not lock in place, allowing it to be used with a much smaller blade. As a result, the knives could be much sharper and easier to use than the modern version of cleavers.


The flat leaf design has been copied many times since the ancient Chinese time period. Some of the cleavers developed were very rudimentary. They often were not balanced in any way. They also had no groove to help with gripping and they were not designed to work well with small, sharp items. Most of these knives would break easily even after a few hits.


The scissor like cleavers were never popular. The reason was because they were heavy. The Chinese chef's knives were designed to be much lighter, in order to be used effectively and efficiently in a variety of tasks. However, they still needed to have a strong grip in order to hold them properly.


The original Chinese chef's knives were made from alligator skin. This gave them the strength and flexibility necessary to create the cleavers that were so popular in the Far East. The Chinese would often use two different knives when creating the various cuts and dishes that they were preparing. One of the knives was called a man long and the other was called a machete. These knives were similar in size to cleavers but were much longer and stronger.


Many Chinese chefs loved their knives so much that they would use them for everything from simple chopping to intricate dishes. In fact, some of the early Chinese invented foods that would not have been possible without their knives. These experts would use their cleavers to chop onions, ginger, garlic and fish. Without the use of this specialized knife the dishes that they prepared would not have been as delectable.


Chinese chef's knives are designed to withstand the many chopping and handling tasks that a chef may need to perform. They are generally made from stainless steel, which is one of the toughest and most durable materials available. For this reason, they can last a lifetime. However, they are also an extremely sharp knife, so care must be used when handling them. They should never be dulled and sharpening them is done differently than in traditional types of knives. A professional must sharpen them because if the blade is dull it cannot cut effectively.


There are many different styles of Chinese chef's knives available. However, it is not just the type of knife that makes a knife good. It is also how it is crafted, what it is made of and what it has been through. If you are going to purchase any kind of chef cutlery, chef ware or knives you should make sure that they are of the best quality and will last a lifetime.