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  • Afloral Distressed Gold Metal Compote Bowl - 5.5" Tall
  • WGV Cylinder Vase, Open Width 10", Height 4", Clear Flat Pan Style Container, Planter Terrarium, Floral Centerpiece for Wedding Party Event, Home Office Decor, 1 Piece
  • Black Ring Dish centerpiece Jewelry Tray Key Tray Organizer for entryway, Dresser Decor Key Dish Jewelry Bowl Decorative Dish (Triangle)
  • Kate Aspen 23216NA Geometric Ceramic Planters Decorative Bowls (Set of 2) Trinket Dish, Home, Room, Desk, Table Décor, One Size, White
  • Beautiful Handmade Small Decorative Balls for Bowls - Ideal Accent Decor for Bowls, Trays & Vases, Decorative Balls Set of 3 (3” each)
  • YXCKG Wooden Bowl Key Trays Decorative, Serving Bowl Wood Jewelry Dish, Ring Dish Centerpiece Jewelry Tray Key Tray, Vintage Decoration Brass Feet (Size : Large)
  • Branches & Blooms: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Magical Centerpieces, Wreaths, Garlands, and Other Unexpected Arrangements
  • Dawhud Direct Natural Candlescape Set, 3 Decorative Candle Holders, Rocks and Tray
  • Creative Co-Op Round Hammered Metal Bowl, 14", Gold,DA7392
  • Teetookea Metal Wire Fruit Bowl, Iron Arts Fruit Storage Baskets for Kitchen Counter, Countertop, Home Decor, Table Centerpiece Decorative hold Vegetables, Bread, Snacks, Potpourris
  • Lenox Butterfly Meadow Basket Bud Vase, 7-Inch
  • A&B Home 4" Blue and White Decorative Orbs for Bowl Vase Table Centerpiece Decor Set of 6 Ceramic Sphere Balls
  • Schonwerk Diamond Lattice Decorative Bowl Table Centerpiece - Home Decor for Living Room, Centerpieces for Dining Room and Coffee Table - Best Birthday/ Anniversary Gift (Gold & White)
  • WHOLE HOUSEWARES 11.5" Glass Mosaic Decorative Tray Dish Plate Centerpiece Bowl with 3PCS 3.75" Mosaic Decorative Balls (Gold)
  • Gifts & Decor Artisan Deco Bowl and Ball Centerpiece
  • Schonwerk Decorative Bowl for Home Decor - Centerpiece for Dining Room Table - Coffee Table Decor Home Decorations for Living Room - Mantle House Decor Decorations or Key Bowl for Entryway
  • Tableclothsfactory 1 Pound Gold DIY Art & Craft Glitter Extra Fine with Shaker Bottle for Wedding Party Event Table Centerpieces Decor
  • Gold Two Tiers Tiered Jewelry Tray Organizer Vanity Stand Ring Earring Dish Holder Storage Bowl Centerpiece for Accessories Display Gift for Women Bedroom Dresser Counter
  • Hammersmith
  • The Silence: A Novel
  • Elegance Hammered 10-Inch Stainless Steel Wave Serving Bowl
  • Roosevelt Row CDC
  • We've Got Balls

Centerpieces For Wedding Receptions

Centerpiece Bowls

The centerpiece bowls and dishes are the finishing touch on any wedding reception. The amount of planning and time that goes into choosing and designing these items will be greatly appreciated by your guests and family members. If you are in the market for centerpieces for your next wedding, here are a few ideas that may interest you.


* Whether you decide to make your own centerpiece or buy one, you can find many options in regards to sizes, shapes, and colors. This is really the most popular type of centerpieces for wedding receptions today. There are also plenty of flowers and vines that can be incorporated into your design. This allows for a diversity of styles that can make your centerpiece look unique.


* Plants are always an excellent choice for centerpieces. They are easily available at most garden centers and even your local Wal-Mart. The nice thing about plants is that they can really add an outdoorsy feel to your wedding reception. They are simple to care for, require little maintenance, and can be displayed easily in any type of setting.


* Another nice centerpiece option for your wedding is fresh flowers. These can be arranged and placed around various accessories in your reception room or even in various rooms throughout the wedding venue. Flowers are very easy to care for and can be displayed with pride in almost any environment. Many florists will gladly create arrangements for you as well. Your florist will be able to tell you how many flowers and exactly how long the arrangement will last for.


* Another option for centerpieces is mini cakes. These are often sold as small "mini" cakes during wedding reception parties. These are great centerpieces for events such as weddings and baby showers. You can place several mini cakes on each table or on a dessert table. Your guests will have a variety of cake accessories to compliment their new piece of decor.


* Flower arrangements are also another wonderful option for centerpieces at wedding receptions. Your bouquet designer can create several arrangements to compliment the theme of your wedding. Choose a bouquet or centerpiece with a complimentary color or theme to match the type of wedding you are having. For example, if you are having a formal wedding reception, consider using white blossoms as your centerpiece. If you are having a beach themed wedding reception, choose tropical flowers such as palms, umbrellas, and palm trees as your floral centerpiece.


There are so many options when it comes to centerpieces for weddings and other special occasions. As long as your wedding reception looks good, your guests will enjoy being at your reception and leaving with your centerpieces as well. The important thing is that you choose the centerpieces that complement the style and atmosphere of your wedding. With the many types of centerpieces available today, there is sure to be one that will fit right into your unique wedding and give your guests a beautiful sight.


A wedding reception is a special day for you and your new family. Make sure that you spend plenty of time planning the centerpieces that will decorate your reception. Many different types of centerpieces are available so you can customize your wedding reception. With so many beautiful options available, it's easy to find the perfect centerpiece for your special day.


Flowers are by far the most popular type of centerpieces. There are many different arrangements of flowers available to use at your wedding. Tulips are an attractive way to incorporate flowers in your centerpieces. Tulips can easily be incorporated into the floral arrangement while adding an air of elegance.


Centerpieces can be used to add splashes of color or bring a bit of romance to your reception. Centerpieces have also become more versatile than they were in the past. Today's centerpieces are designed to work well with many types of themes. Traditional wedding centerpieces still work well, but you will often see other types of centerpieces that will work well with your wedding theme. One great example is to use flower leis as your centerpieces for your wedding reception.


Centerpieces are a wonderful way to dress up your wedding reception tables. There are so many choices out there for you to choose from. If you are having a beach wedding, centerpieces made of shells are very beautiful. If you are having a classy European wedding, centerpieces made of glass are very elegant. Whether you are having a beach wedding, a classy European wedding, a traditional church wedding, or even a country wedding, you will have no problem finding centerpieces that will work for your big day.