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  • Caviar Spoon 56 Holes Handheld Durable Cookware Manual Tools Thickened Sauce Kitchen Strainer Home Food Restaurant Stainless Steel
  • Marycrafts Set of 2 Buffalo Horn Caviar Spoons with Round Handle
  • DUEBEL Set of 6 Shining Mother of Pearl MOP Sea Shell Spoons for Caviar, Egg Serving (Shining, 3.5'x0.9') (Shining, 3.5'x0.9')
  • Caviar Serving Palette, Superior Quality Mother of Pearl – 6”D (FREE Spoon)
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  • HHA 2-piece Mother of Pearl Spoon 2.75 Inches- Handmade Vietnamese Craft
  • NUOMI 4 Pack Wooden Scooper Solid Wood Spoon Mini Salt Scoop with Short Handle for Loose Tea Leaves, Coffee Beans, Candy, Milk Powder, Spice, Natural Color
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  • Marycrafts Set of 6 Buffalo Horn Caviar Spoons with Round Handle
  • Tiny Salt Condiment Spoon, 6 pc set
  • DUEBEL Set of 5 Pink Mother of Pearl MOP Caviar Spoons for Caviar, Egg, Icecream, Coffee Serving (Pink, 12.5x2.5cm)
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  • Marycrafts Set of 6 Long Light Shade Buffalo Horn Caviar Spoons 7.1"
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  • Marycrafts Set of 6 White Mother of Pearl MOP Caviar Spoons Fish shape Handle
  • Wenplus 2 Pack 3.7inch Caviar Spoons Handcraft Mother of Pearl MOP Caviar Spoon W Round Handle with One Plastic Storage Box - White
  • DUEBEL Set of 6 White Mother of Pearl MOP Caviar Spoons for Caviar, Egg, Icecream, Coffee Serving (White, 11x2.5cm)
  • B&M Handicraft premium mother of pearl caviar spoon (1 PCs, 4 inches)

Caviar Spoons

Caviar Spoons

Caviar spoons often serve as the end of a serving spoon or to hold the finial edge of a fork. They can be made from several different types of caviar. In Western Europe, caviar spoons often carry an illustration of a sheep, horse, or dolphin. These types of spoons often have an image of an ancient mystery or mythological creature carved into the spoon's surface.


Cargilina caviar comes from the Caspian and Black Sea caviar deposits. It is typically light yellow to brown in colour, with a texture that is similar to that of shellfish. Caviar spoons come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 7.5 to 13 inches.


Olive Oil Caviar Spoons Olive oil spoons also have to be hand-cranked because the oils used to season them cannot be bottled at commercial levels. Instead, they are made by boiling extra virgin olive oil until it reaches about 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Extra virgin means no chemical additives have been added. After which, it is further heated until its contents become watery. The resulting mixture is then slowly simmered for about three hours, at which point it is transferred into muslin bags and stored in a cool place. There are different varieties of olive oil caviar available.


Coconut Spoons The saponified remains of the coconut's meat (the endosperm) contains numerous enzymes. When these enzymes are combined with the milky white fluid found in the center of the saponified remains, the resulting product is coconut oil. Caviar spoons made from this type of coconut are slightly less oily than regular olive oil spoons. Their texture is that of a slightly gritty sand, hence the name "coconut" Caviar.


Safflower Spoons Safflower caviar is a cross between the sesame seed and olive oil. To make it, first soak the sesame seeds in water for about five minutes, then grind them to get rid of the skins. Afterward, they should be washed before they can be ground again. Safflower spoons made out of this mixture are usually garnished with pine nuts and served cold.


Honey Squirrel Caviar A cross between honey and caviar, this type of caviar has become very popular in the past few years. Honey Squirrel caviar is made by grinding honey and water, and heating it to about 118 degrees Fahrenheit. This mixture is then allowed to cool, which causes the honey to convert to its solid state. The resulting mixture is then strained and dehydrated, and the result is a milky white substance that can easily be molded into any shape. It is best served cold.


Ceviche A cross between the Portuguese and Peruvian caviar, ceviche is a delicious dish that is made by combining a variety of seafood flavors. Popular ingredients in ceviche include anchovies, mussels, crab meat, shrimp, and clams. They are all soaked and blended together to create a paste that can easily be stirred into a spoon. A bit of salt is added to the mixture to enhance the taste. A garnish of lemon or lime juice is often added to this kind of caviar spoon, but it is not necessary.


Other types of caviar spoons also exist, such as those that are made from buckwheat or amaranth. These types may also contain small amounts of different spices to enhance the flavor. The coating on these types of spoons, however, is usually flour. If you do not like the typical taste of caviar that is sweetened with sugar, then you might consider using alternative methods. No matter what type of caviar you decide to serve, keep in mind that your guests will surely love your choice of food.