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Variations On The Traditional Butter Dish

A butter dish is defined simply as "an ornamental round dish usually with a lid for holding butter on a table". In prehistoric times, this dish would be lined with a mixture of fat from wild boar or goat, and spices to enhance its flavor. Before refrigeration, a large covered dish prepared of animal fat, wood, or bone housed the butter in place to prevent it from melting while it sat on the table. This type of dish would typically only have one dish of butter, perhaps two or three depending on the size of the meal.

Butter Dishes


Although we now use butter dishes for cooking purposes, this dish does not refer to dishes that contain butter, but instead to those that contain cream. We use butter dishes instead because the cream is more visually appealing when served in a bowl rather than being spread on a plate or other surface. Cream goes better in a glass jar than in a wooden dish, for example. As such, when discussing butter dishes with other food experts, we will use the word butter to refer to any cream-based dish that does not already contain butter or that is designed to replace butter in the cooking situation.


Many different kinds of herbs, roots, and flowers are used to create butter dishes. Vanilla, lemon, and lavender are some of the most common herbs used. Other herbs that may be used include Rosemary, thyme, ginger, basil, and oregano. The oils from these herbs can be diluted or used in butter recipes to produce a smoother consistency. Some cooks use white distilled vinegar for their "butter dishes", which are similar to the vinegar used to make tomato sauce.


There are literally hundreds of different recipes for butter dishes. One recipe for fried potatoes calls for eggs, salt, butter, and lemon juice. Another recipe uses garlic, oil, and lemon juice. Lemon is often added to make the dish taste less sour. Using lemons to make a butter dish can be an excellent idea because lemon juice adds a bright flavor to the butter, making it a good accompaniment to many dishes.


Buttermilk is sometimes used in place of buttermilk in recipes. It can help to make dishes retain more of their original flavor, especially when added at the end. Some people even like to dip their bread in buttermilk as part of their dessert. Using buttermilk to make lemonseed cookies is simple.


Another common butter dish that people like to eat is potato dumplings. A standard recipe calls for flour, butter, and salt, and also for some kind of seasoning, such as pepper or chili powder. You can change up the flavor of dumplings by adding additional vegetables or herbs. You can make your own seasonings by combining dried thyme, black pepper, Cayenne, chopped onions, and celery. The buttermilk makes it easier to combine all of these ingredients because it retains its shape.


One thing you might not have tried is cream cheese in a butter dish. This makes a delicious dessert. If you have trouble finding the right recipe for this dish, search online for "cream cheese sage". You will find several websites that offer various recipes for cream cheese sage. You can also make this butter dish the same way that you make a traditional shepherd's pie, just substitute the milk for goat's milk.


Be sure to have some leftovers after your meal, such as toast, eggs, or vegetables. You can top your butter dish off with fresh strawberries or blueberries instead of the chocolate chips. A butter dish makes a great breakfast food or dessert, and the cheese makes it taste even better.