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Different Beer Glasses to Match a Beer's Aroma

There are beer glasses out there to fit every palate. From light lagers to pilsners, and everything in between, there is sure to be a beer glass out there that fits your enjoyment of a good beer. For the novice brew master, there is a specialized beer glass out there just for them. That is why we have created this brief guide on all the different types of beer glasses to help you get started on enjoying your favorite beverage.

Beer Glasses


Glassware made specifically for draft beers is what you would think of as a "craft beer glasses""". These glasses were typically used by the taverns and tavern owners to pour their ales and lagers. They were meant to take the place of the barware, serving as vessels to display the beverage while allowing it to be easily viewed when needed. While there are many different designs and shapes available these days, they all still utilize the same basic design. They are generally clear or frosted, have a small hole in the center, and either have a funnel to allow for the pour of the beer or a siphon to siphon it through the hole.


The next type we are going to cover are those that are called "tavern" beer glasses. This term refers to those that are primarily used in restaurants and bars. These are generally the cheapest beer glasses on the market, being as a result, made of less quality than most other styles of glassware. They are not actually required for drinking beer, but many restaurants and bars will stock them because they appeal to the cheapest beer drinkers possible. This is unfortunate, because their use often results in the "barkeep talk" where someone makes a suggestion that is cheaper (or better) just so they can try it.


Other glasses include tulip-shaped glasses with rings on the rim, beer goblets, and wine flutes. There is also what is known as the cocktail glass, which is a slightly larger version of the table type glasses that we see. The biggest difference between these is that cocktail glasses are intended to be used while drinking a cocktail, and are typically wider at the top than the bottom to allow for easier pouring.


When it comes to the actual glassware that is used to drink the beer, there are two main categories. The first are called the "shot glasses," and these are the smallest beer glasses you will find anywhere. They come in all sizes, but typically do not allow for great air flow due to the small opening. Instead, they are filled with some sort of foam substance that acts like an airlock to keep the aromas inside the glass. This process also tends to make the flavor more highly citric since any air that is present is not exposed to oxygen.


The next style are called "chalice glasses." These are almost identical to the shot glasses, except they have a wider body. However, they still allow some air flow to the beer and are usually less aerated than regular sized glasses. Most aliceries use these to age their beers, along with permitting carbonation to stay within the glass. They also sometimes use these types of glasses with wild-ale or other very delicate beers to showcase the aroma. Some beers actually have a taste of their own in this manner, allowing diners to enjoy the pleasant aromas without the full body of the beer itself.


Finally, we have the "furniture glasses." These are larger than the smaller shot glasses and are typically used with fuller-bodied red and white wines. They fit snugly into the wine bottle and contain the aromas from the wine itself. Furniture glasses also work well with Irish scotch, as well as many other dark and powerful beers. Many people enjoy these large glasses when serving hearty meals, as the aroma will linger long after the meal.


There are several styles of glasses that can be used for beer, each portraying a different aspect of the beer itself. When purchasing glasses, keep in mind what the purpose is for each particular glass, as well as the style you prefer. Once you've decided on that, you'll be ready to choose the perfect pints for your parties!